2015-10-12 Rostislav Pehlivanovfate: increase fuzz on fate-aac-tns-encode test
2015-10-12 Rostislav Pehlivanovaacenc_utils: fit find_form_factor() below 80 chars...
2015-10-12 Rostislav Pehlivanovaacenc: add support for changing options based on a...
2015-10-12 Alex Agranovskyavfilter/drawtext: allow to format pts with strftime
2015-10-12 Bela Bodecslavf/tee: allow multiple stream specifiers in select.
2015-10-12 Rostislav Pehlivanovaacenc: add support for encoding 7.1 channel audio
2015-10-12 Rostislav Pehlivanovaacenc_quantization: fix header description
2015-10-12 Claudio FreireAAC encoder: memoize quantize_band_cost
2015-10-12 Michael Niedermayeravformat/flvdec: set broken_sizes for "metadatacreator...
2015-10-12 Claudio FreireAAC encoder: fix assertion error re SF differences
2015-10-12 Rostislav Pehlivanovaaccoder_twoloop.h: simplify and comment ff_pns_bits()
2015-10-12 Rostislav Pehlivanovaacenc_utils: add 'inline' flag to find_form_factor...
2015-10-11 James Almerx86/vf_w3fdif: use aligned loads in w3fdif_simple_high
2015-10-11 James Almerx86/vf_w3fdif: simplify w3fdif_simple_high
2015-10-11 Andreas Cadhalpunavcodec: remove leftover iff_byterun1 decoder
2015-10-11 Marton Balintffplay: eliminate stream_component_close forward declar...
2015-10-11 Marton Balintffplay: close streams and AVFormatContext in the main...
2015-10-11 Ronald S. Bultjeintmath: remove av_ctz.
2015-10-11 Claudio FreireAAC encoder tests: increase fuzz for pred test
2015-10-11 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeffmpeg: modify tty state when stderr is redirected
2015-10-11 Claudio FreireAAC encoder: cosmetics from last commit
2015-10-11 Claudio FreireAAC encoder: Extensive improvements
2015-10-11 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavfilter/buffersrc: add av_warn_unused_result attributes
2015-10-11 Jean-Yves Avenardconfigure: fix configure when using gcc
2015-10-11 James Almerx86/vf_w3fdif: move pxor outside the loop in w3fdif_com...
2015-10-11 Paul B Maholavcodec/sipr: use AVERROR return code instead of -1
2015-10-11 Paul B Maholavformat/rsd: support XADP tag
2015-10-11 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/pngdec: Use av_malloc_array()
2015-10-11 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/jpeg2000dec: Check that step_x/y are valid...
2015-10-11 Clément Bœschavfilter: add selectivecolor filter
2015-10-11 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/pngdec: Alloc buffer after blend_op check in...
2015-10-11 Michael NiedermayerRevert "Merge commit '8b830ee9a26d47b138f12a82085cdb372...
2015-10-11 Michael Niedermayeravutil/intmath: Change debruijn_ctz64 to use 8bit elements
2015-10-11 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavutil/mathematics: speed up av_gcd by using Stein...
2015-10-11 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/pngdec: Check blend_op.
2015-10-10 Ganesh Ajjanagaddedoc/resampler, swresample/options: use proper capitaliz...
2015-10-10 Ganesh Ajjanagaddegitignore: ignore object file temporaries
2015-10-10 Ganesh Ajjanagaddedoc/scaler, swscale/options: use proper capitalization
2015-10-10 Zhang Ruifate/async: test error code from underlying protocol
2015-10-10 Zhang Ruiavformat/async: pass internal I/O error
2015-10-10 Paul B Maholavfilter/x86/vf_w3fdif: add colons after labels
2015-10-10 Rodger Combslavc: move bitstream filter args to the bsf ctx
2015-10-10 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_w3fdif: add x86 SIMD
2015-10-10 Ganesh Ajjanagaddedoc/developer: minor typo and consistency fixes
2015-10-10 Ganesh Ajjanagaddedoc/build_system: miscellaneous typo and consistency...
2015-10-10 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavcodec/ac3enc: fix undefined negative left shift
2015-10-10 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit 'c3e5c47bdae2bb8219fea62d91b7455650b22c60'
2015-10-10 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '00cc10aee380f882507bac994ac469d8358d12e8'
2015-10-10 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit 'a8956eca1ff3b5b7f9aadbe6eb46536efeb2f828'
2015-10-10 Anton Khirnovcabac: Make cabac starts hardcoded
2015-10-10 Derek BuitenhuisRevert "cabac: Allow hardcoding CABAC table."
2015-10-10 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '2830bce47e2eb29c76202f19017031ddc1f95dd3'
2015-10-10 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit 'b22693b06d1e5d73454a65c203b4d31c1ca5b69a'
2015-10-10 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '8b830ee9a26d47b138f12a82085cdb372f407f1e'
2015-10-10 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit 'd7a5a178c252b625537adc046392624ad543dea7'
2015-10-10 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '58b42345b38b46d11c32e11d9c57517f99d6a601'
2015-10-10 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '3a4d369ea4ded91b1178ae6e2ff0ab9ea470e344'
2015-10-10 James Almerx86/takdsp: use arithmetic shift instructions
2015-10-10 Rodger Combslavf/mov: add support for sidx fragment indexes
2015-10-09 赵宇龙h264_mp4toannexb: fix the pps offset when there are...
2015-10-09 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/h264_mp4toannexb_bsf: Use av_freep() to free...
2015-10-09 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavcodec/xvmc: apply attribute_deprecated correctly
2015-10-09 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavcodec/mpegvideoenc: fix undefined negative left shift
2015-10-09 Christophe... fate: add DNxHD/HR tests
2015-10-09 Andreas Cadhalpundoc: fix spelling errors
2015-10-09 Paul B Maholavcodec/takdec: add x86 SIMD for rest of decorrelation...
2015-10-09 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeffmpeg: avoid possible undefined behavior
2015-10-09 Carl Eugen... lavc/mjpegenc: Add an option to force outputting chroma...
2015-10-09 Mario Gasparonilibopenh264enc: Added max_nal_size option
2015-10-09 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeavcodec/pthread_frame: update doxygen for update_contex...
2015-10-09 Christophe... build system: fix dependency generation
2015-10-09 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_blend: fix normal mode with opacity != 1
2015-10-09 Rodger Combslavf/hls: don't convert NULL options to empty strings...
2015-10-09 Rodger Combslavu/opt: add flag to return NULL when applicable in...
2015-10-09 Rodger Combslavu/opt: switch AV_OPT flags to shift-based formatting
2015-10-09 Clément Bœschbuild: restore videotoolbox compilation on iOS
2015-10-09 Clément Bœschavformat/srtdec: make sure we probe a number
2015-10-09 Rodger Combslavf/matroskadec: drop indexes that appear broken
2015-10-08 wm4avcodec/ass: fix doxygen typo
2015-10-08 Ganesh Ajjanagaddedoc/faq: use https instead of http
2015-10-08 Justin Greeravfilter/af_afade: fix start of fade out
2015-10-08 Alexandra Hájkováasfdec: do not skip padding if offset is above packet...
2015-10-08 Anton Khirnovcabac: Make CABAC states hardcoded
2015-10-08 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeconfigure: add message to avoid manual modification...
2015-10-08 Ganesh Ajjanagaddedoc/writing_filters: miscellaneous grammar and typo...
2015-10-08 Stefano Sabatinitests: update fate-filter-delogo test reference after...
2015-10-08 Jean Delvareavfilter/delogo: Set default band to 1
2015-10-07 Christophe... dnxhdenc: mark CID 1260 encoder experimental
2015-10-07 Christophe... dnxhddata: introduce and use MBAFF flag
2015-10-07 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_w3fdif: scale down coefficiends by 2
2015-10-07 Christophe... dnxhddec: better support for 4:4:4
2015-10-07 Paul B Maholavfilter/x86/vf_blend.asm: hardmix: do same with two...
2015-10-07 Paul B Maholavfilter/x86/vf_blend.asm: 11th register is used, updat...
2015-10-07 Paul B Maholavfilter/x86/vf_blend.asm: add hardmix and phoenix...
2015-10-07 Nicolas Georgelavfi/vf_yadif: reindent after last commit.
2015-10-07 Nicolas Georgelavfi/vf_thumbnail: reindent after last commit.
2015-10-07 Nicolas Georgelavfi/vf_w3fdif: reindent after last commit.
2015-10-07 Nicolas Georgelavfi/vf_alphamerge: reindent after last commit.
2015-10-07 Nicolas Georgelavfi/avf_showspectrum: reindent after last commit.
2015-10-07 Nicolas Georgelavfi/vf_yadif: remove looping on request_frame().