2006-07-14 Stefan Gehrerchange partition flags SYM -> FWD|SYM
2006-07-14 Stefan Gehrerset mvP2 also in PSKIP macroblock
2006-07-14 Michael Niedermayeroptionally (use_lpc=2) support Cholesky factorization...
2006-07-14 Stefan Gehreravoid overflows of qp and pic_type
2006-07-14 Diego BiurrunProperly handle vhook build flags for platforms that...
2006-07-14 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Reorder some entries for more consistency...
2006-07-14 Michael Niedermayerunneeded #include
2006-07-14 Diego Biurrun10l: the ${prefix} variable should not be expanded...
2006-07-14 Michael Niedermayeradding a \ so we can add more lines without having...
2006-07-14 Michael Niedermayerlinear least squares solver using cholesky factorization
2006-07-14 Måns Rullgårdindent
2006-07-14 Måns Rullgårdsimplify
2006-07-14 Måns Rullgårdsimplify
2006-07-14 Måns Rullgårdremove impossible #ifdef case
2006-07-13 Måns Rullgårdremove old msvc cruft
2006-07-13 Måns Rullgårdremove redundant #include <math.h>
2006-07-13 Måns Rullgårdreplace -D_GNU_SOURCE with -D_ISOC9X_SOURCE to avoid...
2006-07-13 Måns Rullgårdcleanup suggested by Michael Niedermayer
2006-07-13 Måns Rullgårdmove adler32 to libavutil
2006-07-13 Diego BiurrunSimplify the setting of some defaults.
2006-07-13 Víctor Paesaadd loop_input to AVFormatContext, getting rid of old...
2006-07-13 Guillaume PoirierAdd/improve PPC64 support. On such machines, "uname...
2006-07-13 Michael Niedermayerdither lpc cpeffs
2006-07-13 Måns Rullgårdadd lost raw pcm input/output formats
2006-07-12 Måns Rullgårdrename AMR config variables to CONFIG_AMR*
2006-07-12 Måns Rullgårdstatic libvorbis needs -logg
2006-07-12 Diego BiurrunRemove MPlayer-specific include option hacks.
2006-07-12 Måns Rullgårdsplit compile and link in check_ld
2006-07-12 Måns Rullgårdnut needs crc.o
2006-07-12 Måns Rullgårdmove common stuff from avienc.c and wav.c to new file...
2006-07-11 Diego BiurrunAlso remove versioned .so files on make clean.
2006-07-11 Diego BiurrunCONFIG_WIN32 implies MinGW and Cygwin and possibly...
2006-07-11 Måns Rullgårdsimplify list processing
2006-07-11 Måns Rullgårdtidy up option parsing
2006-07-11 Måns Rullgårdanother round of cola, please
2006-07-11 Måns Rullgårdlog stderr of test programs in check_exec()
2006-07-11 Måns Rullgårdfind all codecs, even the ones with numbers
2006-07-11 Måns Rullgård10l to Diego for disabling all codecs
2006-07-11 Diego BiurrunSplit CODEC_LIST into ENCODER_LIST AND DECODER_LIST.
2006-07-11 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Fix indentation after last commit.
2006-07-11 Diego BiurrunRemove old MSVC remnants.
2006-07-11 Diego BiurrunCONFIG_AIFF_DEMUXER vs CONFIG_AIFF_MUXER typo
2006-07-10 Måns Rullgårdallow individual selection of muxers and demuxers
2006-07-10 Diego BiurrunNot every 64 bit SPARC is an UltraSPARC so optimize...
2006-07-10 Luca Abenimake libswscale build system similar to the libav* one
2006-07-10 Baptiste Coudurierassign exact codec id, needed when stream copy
2006-07-10 Diego Biurrun100l: Add missing quotes to FFLDFLAGS in the MinGW...
2006-07-10 Diego BiurrunMinGW should set FFLDFLAGS and not LDFLAGS so that...
2006-07-10 Diego BiurrunMove MinGW section before the combination of FFLDFLAGS...
2006-07-10 Diego BiurrunMove gprof compiler flag handling to configure.
2006-07-10 Diego BiurrunRemove silly TEST variable that is used in one line...
2006-07-10 Diego BiurrunMove MinGW LDFLAGS setting to configure.
2006-07-10 Diego BiurrunMove UltraSparc CFLAG addition to configure.
2006-07-09 Måns Rullgårdgive AVInput/OutputFormat structs consistent names
2006-07-09 Michael Niedermayersimplify
2006-07-09 Michael Niedermayeravoid redundant local variables
2006-07-09 Michael Niedermayersimplify
2006-07-09 Diego BiurrunFastUVMV vs FastUVMC typo, noticed by bond
2006-07-09 Måns Rullgårdmake some tables const
2006-07-09 Måns Rullgård--enable/disable parsers. Warning: some combinations...
2006-07-09 Michael Niedermayercosmetic
2006-07-09 Michael Niedermayerremove STATS code (probably hasnt been used for years...
2006-07-09 Kostya ShishkovCheck if 4-MV MB should not be decoded.
2006-07-09 Kostya ShishkovMVRANGE may occur in all frames and RESPIC in all but...
2006-07-09 Kostya ShishkovFix mquant selection for ALL_MBS mode
2006-07-09 Kostya ShishkovUse overlap filter instead of loop filter.
2006-07-09 Kostya ShishkovUse s->first_slice_line in checks instead of s->mb_y
2006-07-09 Måns Rullgård10l: make disabling all pcm/adpcm codecs work
2006-07-08 Baptiste Couduriersimplify, use LE_32, BE_32 macros
2006-07-08 Måns Rullgårdonly build dpcm.o if its codecs are enabled
2006-07-08 Måns Rullgårdforgot to remove adx.o from objs always built
2006-07-08 Måns Rullgårdmake the adx adpcm codec available
2006-07-08 Måns Rullgårdenable/disable pcm and adpcm codecs
2006-07-08 Michael Niedermayerset CONFIG_SMALL if user wants small ffmpeg
2006-07-08 Michael Niedermayerput the code which is specific for the large crc table...
2006-07-08 Måns Rullgårdcosmetic: sort codec list alphabetically
2006-07-08 Justin Rugglesallows user-settable block size and fixes related typo
2006-07-08 Måns Rullgårdrewrite kconfig-style
2006-07-08 Måns RullgårdSun mlib works fine. Remove comment stating otherwise.
2006-07-08 Nico SabbiEtsi identifies DTS audio with stream_private+descripto...
2006-07-08 Diego BiurrunRemove bogus IPP section that is not referenced anywhere.
2006-07-08 Baptiste Coudurierclean up useless code
2006-07-08 Baptiste Coudurierbetter handling of partial files
2006-07-08 Baptiste Couduriernew mov_read_packet, mov_read_seek, fix seeking in...
2006-07-08 Aurelien Jacobsset proper bits_per_sample value for ADPCM codecs
2006-07-07 Måns Rullgårdremove -fforce-addr as it to generate slightly slower...
2006-07-07 Michael Niedermayermoving utf8 reading function to libavutil
2006-07-07 Aurelien Jacobssimplify the voc demuxer using av_get_bits_per_sample()
2006-07-07 Michael Niedermayerseems i forgot to commit this simplification ...
2006-07-07 Baptiste Coudurierav_get_bits_per_sample and due simplifications
2006-07-07 Emiliano ParasassiFix compilation with --disable-decoders.
2006-07-07 Diego BiurrunChinese AVS decoder
2006-07-07 Michael Niedermayertable contains vlc with 19 bits and 8*2 < 19
2006-07-07 Diego Biurrunspelling/grammar
2006-07-07 Michael Niedermayerunresponsive maintainer policy (its pretty much what...
2006-07-07 Baptiste Coudurieradd MS ADPCM fourcc
2006-07-07 Baptiste Coudurierskip others fourcc, if present
2006-07-07 Baptiste Coudurierclean
2006-07-07 Kostya ShishkovImprove chroma MC: correct case for FASTUVMC=1, use...
2006-07-07 Kostya ShishkovEnable coefficient scaling