2012-03-03 Michael Niedermayerarm: Fix 10l typo
2012-03-03 Petri Hintukainenbluray protocol
2012-03-03 Michael Niedermayerkvmc: Fix out of reference frame reads.
2012-03-03 Michael Niedermayerqpeg: fix overreads.
2012-03-03 Michael Niedermayerqpeg: Fix out of array writes.
2012-03-03 Fabian Greffrathsrtdec: fix a format string vulnerability.
2012-03-02 Dale CurtisRemove duplicate initializers for VDA_VLD and GBR24P.
2012-03-02 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayersimple_idct: idct_4col_put: Fix out of array reads.
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayerrawdec: fix input overread.
2012-03-02 Ronald S. Bultjeamrwb: remove duplicate arguments from extrapolate_isf().
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayertruemotion1: Check input buffer size against header...
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayermjpeg: Check for interlaced progressive frames
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayersnow: check reference frame indices.
2012-03-02 Ronald S. Bultjeamrwb: error out early if mode is invalid.
2012-03-02 Ronald S. Bultjeh264: change underread for 10bit QPEL to overread.
2012-03-02 Ronald S. Bultjematroska: check buffer size for RM-style byte reordering.
2012-03-02 Ronald S. Bultjevp8: disable mmx functions with sse/sse2 counterparts...
2012-03-02 Ronald S. Bultjevp8: change int stride to ptrdiff_t stride.
2012-03-02 Ronald S. Bultjewma: fix invalid buffer size assumptions causing random...
2012-03-02 Mashiat Sarker... Windows Media Audio Lossless decoder
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayerhuffyuv: pad classic huffman tables so as to avoid...
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayervc1: mquant is not allowed to be 0
2012-03-02 Alex Converserv10/20: Fix slice overflow with checked bitstream...
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayerh263dec: Disallow width/height changing with frame...
2012-03-02 Alex Converserv10/20: Fix a buffer overread caused by losing track...
2012-03-02 Alex Conversermdec: Honor .RMF tag size rather than assuming 18.
2012-03-02 Martin Storsjög722: Fix the QMF scaling
2012-03-02 Anton Khirnovr3d: don't set codec timebase.
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayerh263: fix zygo debug printing overreading.
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayerwmadec: fix off by 1 error on the pow_tab index check.
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayertimefilter: better selftest code.
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayerh261: check mtype.
2012-03-02 Anton Khirnovelectronicarts: set timebase for tgv video.
2012-03-02 Anton Khirnovelectronicarts: parse the framerate for cmv video.
2012-03-02 Anton Khirnovogg: don't set codec timebase
2012-03-02 Anton Khirnovelectronicarts: don't set codec timebase
2012-03-02 Anton Khirnovavs: don't set codec timebase
2012-03-02 Derek Buitenhuiswavpack: Fix an integer overflow
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayerlavf: fix update_initial_durations() so it handles...
2012-03-02 Derek Buitenhuiswavpack: Fix an integer overflow
2012-03-02 Derek Buitenhuisfate: Add sunrast regression test
2012-03-02 Michael Niedermayerroqvideodec: improve end of input buffer check
2012-03-02 Diego Biurrunswscale: K&R formatting cosmetics for PowerPC code...
2012-03-01 Ingo Brücklmp3dec: Fix reading file size and frames in VBRI headers
2012-03-01 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-03-01 Diego Biurrunmjpegdec: use correct variable in av_log invocation
2012-03-01 Diego Biurrunrmdec: adjust printf format string specifier to fix...
2012-03-01 Diego BiurrunReplace AVFrame pointer type punning by proper struct...
2012-03-01 Diego BiurrunReplace AVFrame pointer casts by proper struct member...
2012-03-01 Diego BiurrunRemove unnecessary AVFrame pointer casts.
2012-03-01 Diego Biurrunmsmpeg4: Split encoding backend code off from general...
2012-03-01 Anton Khirnovlavc: shrink encoded video packet size after encoding.
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayervc1: avoid reading beyond the last line in vc1_draw_spr...
2012-03-01 Ronald S. Bultjeh264: error out on invalid bitdepth.
2012-03-01 Christophe... aacsbr: use a swap index for the Y matrix rather than...
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayereatgq: Pass error code from tgq_decode_mb() and let...
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayervc1: fix out of array reads in vc1_inv_trans_4x4_c()
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayervc1: fix out of array reads in vc1_inv_trans_4x8_c()
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayervc1: fix out of array reads in vc1_inv_trans_8x4_c()
2012-03-01 Ronald S. Bultjehuffyuv: do not abort on unknown pix_fmt; instead,...
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayermpc: Fix mpc_CC table and use.
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayermpc: Fix mpc_SCF use and content.
2012-03-01 Ronald S. Bultjelcl: return negative error codes on decode_init() errors.
2012-03-01 Martin Storsjörtpenc: Use MB info side data for splitting H263 packet...
2012-03-01 Martin Storsjöh263enc: Add an option for outputting info about MBs...
2012-03-01 Martin Storsjöavpacket: Add a function for shrinking already allocate...
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayerrv34dsp: avoid use of crop table for idct.
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayermpegaudiodec: Enable checked bitstream reader.
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayermpegaudiodec: change granule skip code to avoid false...
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayersvq3dec: fix overread of the cliping table.
2012-03-01 Michael Niedermayereval: fix infinite loop on opensolaris x86.
2012-03-01 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-02-29 Vitor Sessaknellymoserdec: Saner and faster IMDCT windowing
2012-02-29 Vitor Sessakamrnbdec: check frame size before decoding.
2012-02-29 Ronald S. Bultjecscd: use negative error values to indicate decode_init...
2012-02-29 Ronald S. Bultjeh264: prevent overreads in intra PCM decoding.
2012-02-29 Justin RugglesFATE: do not decode audio in the nuv test.
2012-02-29 Justin Rugglesdxa: set audio stream time base using the sample rate
2012-02-29 Justin Rugglespsx-str: do not allow seeking by bytes
2012-02-29 Justin Rugglesasfdec: Do not set AVCodecContext.frame_size
2012-02-29 Justin Rugglesvqf: set packet parameters after av_new_packet()
2012-02-29 Michael Niedermayerlavc: fix 10l oversight in realloc of avcodec_encode_vi...
2012-02-29 Michael Niedermayerdca: dont overread dca_default_coeffs.
2012-02-29 Michael Niedermayerdca: Check scale_sum.
2012-02-29 Michael Niedermayerdca: Check LFEScaleIndex.
2012-02-29 Vitor Sessakmpegaudiodec: use DSPUtil.butterflies_float().
2012-02-29 Justin RugglesFATE: add mp3 test for sample that exhibited false...
2012-02-29 Paul B Maholfate: add cdxl test for bit line plane arrangement
2012-02-29 Ronald S. Bultjevmnc: return error on decode_init() failure.
2012-02-29 Justin Ruggleslibvorbis: add/update error messages
2012-02-29 Justin Ruggleslibvorbis: use AVFifoBuffer for output packet buffer
2012-02-29 Justin Ruggleslibvorbis: remove unneeded e_o_s check
2012-02-29 Justin Ruggleslibvorbis: check return values for functions that can...
2012-02-29 Justin Ruggleslibvorbis: use float input instead of s16
2012-02-29 Justin Ruggleslibvorbis: do not flush libvorbis analysis if dsp state...
2012-02-29 Justin Ruggleslibvorbis: use VBR by default, with default quality...
2012-02-29 Justin Ruggleslibvorbis: fix use of minrate/maxrate AVOptions
2012-02-29 Justin Ruggleslibvorbis: cosmetics: renaming/pretty-printing/comments...
2012-02-29 Justin Ruggles(e)ac3enc: select a default bit rate based on the chann...