2011-11-20 Clément Bœschswr: change minimum I/O channel count to zero.
2011-11-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'shariman/wmall'
2011-11-20 Michael Niedermayeravopts: Fix random values being printed in error messages:
2011-11-20 Reimar DöffingerFix compilation with YASM.
2011-11-20 Reimar DöffingerHACK: fix compilation with NASM.
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Clean-up
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... dump_int_buffer() to dump samples from a buffer
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Implement revert_cdlms()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Doxy for reset_codec()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Store transient state and position of transient area
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Implement use_high_update_speed() and use_normal_update...
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Initialize num_logged_tiles and remove unnecessary...
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Log index for each line of output
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Log tile size
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Output decoded residues
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Replace placeholders with actual calls to clear_codec_b...
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Implement lms_update()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Implement lms_predict()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Implement reset_codec()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Add missing syntax elements to WmallDecodeCtx
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Add .recent syntax element to cdlms struct
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Implement clear_codec_buffers()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Add buffers to context necessary for reverting cdmls...
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Use avpriv_copy_bits() instead of ff_copy_bits()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Cosmetics
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker... Add missing ff_ before the AVCodec struct for wmalossless
2011-11-20 Andreas Ömanwmall: Working bitstream parser
2011-11-20 John Stebbinshttpproxy: Fix dependencies
2011-11-20 Martin Storsjöhttpproxy: Specify the object files needed in the Makefile
2011-11-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: increase maxiter to 7189
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: Use threshold to detect cycles.
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: detect edges in interpol()
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: avoid a | in interpol()
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayerlavc: translate FF_ER_EXPLODE to AV_EF_EXPLODE|COMPLIANT
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: increase default zoom speed by a facto...
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: spatial interpolation
2011-11-19 John Stebbinsswscale: Fix stack alignment for SSE
2011-11-19 Justin Rugglesavcodec: move some AVCodecContext fields to an internal...
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: always store values for periodicity...
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: simplify second bailout search by...
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: increase zyklus array size so that...
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: check bailout only once every 8 iterat...
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: factorize periodicity checking too.
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayervsrc_mandelbrot: factorize main calculation out into...
2011-11-19 Justin Rugglesavcodec: use av_opt_set() instead of deprecated av_set_...
2011-11-19 Justin Rugglesavcodec: fix some const warnings
2011-11-19 Justin Rugglesavcodec: remove pointless AVOption, internal_buffer_count
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayerh261dec: correct AV_EF flags.
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayermpeg12dec: correct AV_EF flags.
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayerlavc: remove incorrect mapping between semantically...
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayermpegaudeiodec: correct AV_EF flags.
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayerlavc: Add AV_EF flags to restore support for the error_...
2011-11-19 Thierry Foucuimgutils: Fix illegal read.
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayerudp: update to new interrupt callback API
2011-11-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-11-19 Michael Niedermayerlavf: cdg has large non keyframe segments and should...
2011-11-18 Janne Grunauconfigure: add check for w32threads to enable it automa...
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayerrawdec: use a default sample rate if none is specified.
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayersws: fix:
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayersws: Fix:
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayersws: Fix:
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayersws: Fix warning: ‘abase’ may be used uninitialized...
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayersws: update copyright dates
2011-11-18 Joakim PlateDon't fill in frame gaps with copied refs after flush
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayerqdm2dec: check remaining input bits in the mainloop...
2011-11-18 Clément Bœschlavfi: reimplement MPlayer's af_pan filter for libavfilter.
2011-11-18 Tomas Härdinmxfdec: Add hack that adjusts the n_delta calculation...
2011-11-18 Tomas Härdinmxfdec: Parse IndexTableSegments and convert them into...
2011-11-18 Josh Allmannrtmp: do not hardcode invoke numbers
2011-11-18 Luca Barbatocinepack: return non-generic errors
2011-11-18 Anton Khirnovfate-lavf-ts: use -mpegts_transport_stream_id option.
2011-11-18 Anton KhirnovAdd an APIchanges entry and a minor bump for avio changes.
2011-11-18 Martin Storsjöavio: Mark the old interrupt callback mechanism as...
2011-11-18 Martin Storsjöavplay: Set the new interrupt callback
2011-11-18 Martin Storsjöavconv: Set new interrupt callbacks for all AVFormatCon...
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak: remove redundant coordinate checks
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak: check strip_size
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak, simplify, use AV_RB24()
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak: simplify, use FFMIN()
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak: Fix division by zero, ask for sample if encode...
2011-11-18 Panagiotis... applehttp: Fix seeking in streams not starting at DTS=0
2011-11-18 Stefano Sabatiniffprobe: make writer_print_integer support long long...
2011-11-18 Martin Storsjöhttp: Don't use the normal http proxy mechanism for...
2011-11-18 Martin Storsjötls: Handle connection via a http proxy
2011-11-18 Martin Storsjöhttp: Reorder two code blocks
2011-11-18 Martin Storsjöhttp: Add a new protocol for opening connections via...
2011-11-18 Martin Storsjöhttp: Split out the non-chunked buffer reading part...
2011-11-18 Matthew Hoopssegafilm: add support for raw videos
2011-11-18 John Brooksrtpdec: only use RTCP for PTS when synchronizing multip...
2011-11-18 John Brooksrtpdec: unwrap RTP timestamps for PTS calculation
2011-11-18 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayerj2kdec: fix 10l typo in initializing sgnd.
2011-11-18 Michael BradshawAdded support for J2K encoding with libopenjpeg
2011-11-17 Michael Niedermayervf_scale: Fix slice position assert to take vertical...
2011-11-17 Michael Niedermayersws: handle jpeg pixel formats in sws_init_context()
2011-11-17 Clément Bœschlibutvideo: use K&R style.
2011-11-17 Alex Conversevp5: Fix illegal read.
2011-11-17 Thierry Foucuvp6: Fix illegal read.
2011-11-17 Michael Niedermayerac3probe: Detect Sonic Foundry Soft Encode AC3 as raw...