2012-02-23 Nicolas Georgesbgdec: read_seek was undeprecated.
2012-02-23 Nicolas Georgeavfiltergraph: avoid harmful auto audio conversions.
2012-02-23 Nicolas Georgeconfigure: add lavfi dependencies to .pc files.
2012-02-23 Compnriff: IPJ2 decodes with j2k decoder. samples can be...
2012-02-23 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-02-22 Michael Niedermayereval: support 3 parameter functions.
2012-02-22 Michael Niedermayereval: Add taylor series evaluation support.
2012-02-22 Rafaël Carrédxva2: don't check for DXVA_PictureParameters->wDecoded...
2012-02-22 Paul B Maholimg2: split muxer and demuxer into separate files
2012-02-22 Ronald S. Bultjerm: prevent infinite loops for index parsing.
2012-02-22 Alex Converseaac: fix infinite loop on end-of-frame with sequence...
2012-02-22 Alex Conversemov: Add more HDV and XDCAM FourCCs.
2012-02-22 Anton Khirnovlavf: don't set AVCodecContext.has_b_frames in compute_...
2012-02-22 Ronald S. Bultjermdec: when using INT4 deinterleaving, error out if...
2012-02-22 Paul B Maholcdxl: correctly synchronize video timestamps to audio
2012-02-22 Tim Walkermlpdec_parser: fix a few channel layouts.
2012-02-22 Tim WalkerAdd channel names to channel_names[] array for channels...
2012-02-22 Nicolas Georgelavu: document av_reverse.
2012-02-22 Nicolas Georgelavd/lavfi: support all sample formats.
2012-02-22 Nicolas Georgelavc: introduce av_get_pcm_codec.
2012-02-22 Martin Storsjömovenc: Buffer the mdat for the initial moov fragment...
2012-02-22 Martin Storsjöflvdec: Ignore the index if the ignidx flag is set
2012-02-22 Martin Storsjöflvdec: Fix indentation
2012-02-22 Nicolas Georgeaf_pan: remove dual double/int storage of gain.
2012-02-22 Martin Storsjömovdec: Don't parse all fragments if ignidx is set
2012-02-22 Martin Storsjömovdec: Restart parsing root-level atoms at the right...
2012-02-22 Christophe... prores: use natural integer type for the codebook index
2012-02-22 Paul B Maholr210enc and y41penc: don't set same pkt->size twice
2012-02-22 Michael Niedermayerpngdec: Print error if signature is wrong.
2012-02-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-02-21 Michael Niedermayerlavf: Reimplement new seek API emulation
2012-02-21 Michael Niedermayeravidec: Reduce log level for out of index error message.
2012-02-21 Michael Niedermayerdoxy: Disable the main index page.
2012-02-21 Alex Conversemov: Add support for MPEG2 HDV 720p24 (hdv4)
2012-02-21 Diego Biurrunswscale: K&R formatting cosmetics (part I)
2012-02-21 Diego Biurrunswscale: variable declaration and placement cosmetics
2012-02-21 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo_enc: only allocate output packet when we...
2012-02-21 Clément Bœschdoc/examples: rename filtering.c into filtering_video.c.
2012-02-21 Tim WAdd names for more channel layouts to the channel layou...
2012-02-21 Aneesh Dograsunrast: Add a sample request for RMP_RAW colormap.
2012-02-21 Justin Rugglesavcodec: do not override pts or duration from the audio...
2012-02-21 Reimar DöffingerAdd prores regression test.
2012-02-21 Reimar DöffingerEnable already existing rso regression test.
2012-02-21 Reimar DöffingerAdd regression test for "sox" format muxer/demuxer.
2012-02-21 Carl Eugen... Add dpx encoding regression test.
2012-02-21 Diego Biurrunswscale: K&R formatting cosmetics for PowerPC code...
2012-02-21 Diego Biurrunimg2: Use ff_guess_image2_codec(filename) shorthand...
2012-02-21 Diego BiurrunClarify licensing information about files borrowed...
2012-02-21 Alex ConverseMark mutable static data const where appropriate.
2012-02-21 Clément Bœschdoc/examples: add audio decoding/filtering example.
2012-02-21 Janne Grunauavplay: fix -threads option
2012-02-21 Clément Bœschlavfi/abuffer: init the data planes with NULL pointers.
2012-02-21 Janne Grunaudvbsubdec: avoid undefined signed left shift in RGBA...
2012-02-21 Paul B Maholmlpdec: use av_log_ask_for_sample()
2012-02-21 Aneesh Dogragif: K&R formatting cosmetics
2012-02-21 Paul B Maholpng: make .long_name more descriptive
2012-02-21 Martin Storsjömovdec: Adjust keyframe flagging in fragmented files
2012-02-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-02-20 Ronald S. Bultjerv34: change most "int stride" into "ptrdiff_t stride".
2012-02-20 Nicolas Georgeaf_pan: move query_format before config_props.
2012-02-20 Nicolas Georgeaf_pan: remove the indirect function call.
2012-02-20 Justin Rugglesadpcmenc: Use correct frame_size for Yamaha ADPCM.
2012-02-20 Reimar DöffingerAdd missing av_free_packet.
2012-02-20 Justin Rugglesavcodec: add ff_samples_to_time_base() convenience...
2012-02-20 Justin Rugglesadx parser: set duration
2012-02-20 Justin Rugglesmlp parser: set duration instead of frame_size
2012-02-20 Justin Rugglesgsm parser: set duration
2012-02-20 Justin Rugglesmpegaudio parser: set duration instead of frame_size
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggles(e)ac3 parser: set duration instead of frame_size
2012-02-20 Justin Rugglesflac parser: set duration instead of frame_size
2012-02-20 Justin Rugglesavcodec: add duration field to AVCodecParserContext
2012-02-20 Justin Rugglesavutil: add av_rescale_q_rnd() to allow different rounding
2012-02-20 Nicolas Georgeaf_pan: reindent after last commit.
2012-02-20 Nicolas Georgeaf_pan: use libswr for rematrixing.
2012-02-20 Nicolas Georgelibswr: allow to set custom matrices.
2012-02-20 Reimar Döffingermatroskadec: remove H.264 special-case that disabled...
2012-02-20 Paul B Maholpnmdec: remove useless .pix_fmts
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: support float and s32 sample formats
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: renaming, rearrangement, alignment, and...
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: use the LAME default bit rate
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: use avpriv_mpegaudio_decode_header() for...
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: cosmetics: remove some pointless comments
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: convert some debugging code to av_dlog()
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: remove outdated comment.
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: do not set coded_frame->key_frame.
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: improve error handling in MP3lame_encode_init()
2012-02-20 Justin Ruggleslibmp3lame: remove unneeded 'stereo' field from Mp3Audi...
2012-02-20 Matthieu Bouronffprobe: report bit rate in stream description
2012-02-20 Stefano Sabatinilavc: set bit_rate in the decoder context, just after...
2012-02-20 Martin Storsjöhls: Reset the AVIOContext when seeking
2012-02-20 Clément Bœschdoc: fix channel layout value in abuffer example.
2012-02-20 Anton Khirnovpcxenc: switch to encode2().
2012-02-20 Anton Khirnovsgienc: switch to encode2().
2012-02-20 Anton Khirnovtargaenc: switch to encode2().
2012-02-20 Anton Khirnovtargaenc: don't modify input frame.
2012-02-20 Anton Khirnovroqvideoenc: switch to encode2().
2012-02-20 Anton Khirnovroqvideoenc: add const qualifier to the input frame.
2012-02-20 Anton Khirnovpnmenc: switch to encode2().
2012-02-20 Anton Khirnovhuffyuv: switch to encode2().
2012-02-20 Anton Khirnovv410enc: switch to encode2().