2006-08-02 Luca Barbatoavoid possible segfault situations
2006-08-02 Diego BiurrunChange one itemized list to be bulletted, remove non...
2006-08-02 Diego BiurrunSubversion allows renaming files.
2006-08-02 Baptiste Coudurierresolve strong refs in parse_structural_metadata since...
2006-08-02 Luca AbeniMove ffmpeg.c to the swscale interface
2006-08-02 Luca BarbatoCosmetics
2006-08-02 Baptiste Coudurierremove unneeded audio fourcc as well
2006-08-02 Reimar DöffingerMinor resync optimization
2006-08-02 Luca AbeniDo not set the codec's pixel format in the format's...
2006-08-02 Baptiste Coudurierdo not set unneeded fourcc
2006-08-01 Baptiste Coudurierfix ending null entry in table
2006-08-01 Måns Rullgårdchecking compiler output was a bad idea, revert to...
2006-08-01 Baptiste Couduriermore codecs uls
2006-08-01 Baptiste Couduriermove common code from mov.c and movenc.c to isom.c
2006-08-01 Baptiste Coudurieradd some useful debug info
2006-08-01 Reimar DöffingerSupport for seeking, both with and without index and...
2006-08-01 Baptiste Couduriernegative to_pad won't provoke infinite loop
2006-08-01 Baptiste Coudurieravoid reading beyond packet size
2006-08-01 Kostya ShishkovForgot to update LIBAVCODEC_VERSION_INT
2006-08-01 Baptiste Coudurierskip run-in sequence during probe
2006-07-31 Diego Biurrunprettyprinting cosmetics
2006-07-31 Diego BiurrunCreate $(shlibdir), not $(libdir) for shared libs.
2006-07-31 Måns Rullgårdremove libtheora wrapper
2006-07-31 Måns Rullgårdignore explicit #warnings in compiler tests
2006-07-31 Baptiste Couduriersimplify using function table
2006-07-31 Luca AbeniAdd support for ffmpeg's pixel format names in libswscale
2006-07-31 Baptiste Coudurierparse aes3 audio descriptor
2006-07-31 Måns Rullgårdcan't trust the compiler exit status, check for message...
2006-07-31 Kostya ShishkovFix overflows in bicubic interpolation.
2006-07-30 Michael Niedermayervideo filter todo
2006-07-30 Baptiste Coudurieruse parenthesis around value
2006-07-30 Reimar DöffingerFix typo in comment
2006-07-30 Kostya ShishkovUse bicubic MC (should also remove those ringing artifa...
2006-07-30 Kostya ShishkovUse functions from DSPContext in vc1.c
2006-07-30 Kostya ShishkovNew functions in DSPContext for VC-1 decoding
2006-07-29 Diego BiurrunUse LC_ALL instead of LANG since the former overrides...
2006-07-29 Diego BiurrunSet custom SLIBNAME_WITH_MAJOR and SLIBNAME_WITH_VERSIO...
2006-07-29 Diego BiurrunCope with localized Subversion clients.
2006-07-29 Diego BiurrunRemove spurious references to Ogg Theora encoder, such...
2006-07-29 Kohn Emil DanThe reader ignores the size of the ASF data object...
2006-07-29 Baptiste Coudurieradd information about codec uls
2006-07-29 Baptiste Coudurieranother MPEG-2 long gop codec ul
2006-07-29 Baptiste Coudurieranother MPEG-2 long gop codec ul
2006-07-29 Baptiste Coudurieradd uncompressed picture support
2006-07-29 Baptiste Coudurierparse rgba descriptor (jpeg2000, uncompressed)
2006-07-29 Baptiste Coudurieradd common codecs uls
2006-07-29 Baptiste Couduriersimplify PRINT_KEY
2006-07-29 Baptiste Coudurieradd some debug infos
2006-07-29 Baptiste Coudurierget rid of DECLARED_ALIGNED
2006-07-29 Stefan Gehreradd new tag 'CAVS' for Chinese AVS codec
2006-07-29 Stefan Gehrersome MMX optimizations for the CAVS decoder
2006-07-29 Kostya ShishkovSet MpegEncContext->mspel flag (here it indicates that...
2006-07-29 Kostya ShishkovSupport range reduced frames
2006-07-29 Kostya ShishkovSupport grayscale decoding.
2006-07-28 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics
2006-07-28 Baptiste Coudurieruse ternary
2006-07-28 Baptiste Coudurierremove useless variables
2006-07-28 Baptiste Coudurierrename variables
2006-07-28 Baptiste Coudurieradd error messages
2006-07-28 Baptiste Coudurierdemuxer reworked, more accurate parsing, prepare handli...
2006-07-28 Baptiste Coudurierdeclare and use UID type
2006-07-28 Reimar DöffingerSet duration to AV_NOPTS_VALUE instead of 0 when unknown.
2006-07-28 Diego BiurrunComment some #endif lines.
2006-07-28 Kostya ShishkovAdd rounding for overlap filters
2006-07-28 Diego BiurrunRemove redundant TARGET_OS setting.
2006-07-27 Graham BookerDo not add -fomit-frame-pointer to CFLAGS when optimiza...
2006-07-27 Loren Merritt10l in r5768 (broke mbaff)
2006-07-27 Alan CurryFix compile error due to extra "FF" at beginning of...
2006-07-27 Luca AbeniRemove sws_global_init() from swscaler emulation
2006-07-26 Luca AbeniReplace MIN() and MAX() with FFMIN() and FFMAX()
2006-07-26 Diego BiurrunFix FSF postal address.
2006-07-26 Diego BiurrunFix prefix vs PREFIX handling in pkgconfig files.
2006-07-25 Luca AbeniFix a corner case in sws emulation
2006-07-25 Baptiste CoudurierMXF demuxer
2006-07-25 Baptiste CoudurierChangelog update for GXF muxer
2006-07-25 Víctor PaesaExplain usage of image formats other than GIF.
2006-07-24 Diego Biurrun10l: wrong quoting
2006-07-24 Michael Niedermayera tiny bit of cleanup
2006-07-24 Michael Niedermayervertical scaler with accurate rounding, some people...
2006-07-24 Diego BiurrunRemove unnecessary darwin variable.
2006-07-24 Diego BiurrunSkip the MMX/SSE and memalign() check when running...
2006-07-24 Kostya ShishkovSome B-frames support (parsing and decoding only, no...
2006-07-24 Kostya ShishkovSome fixes for decode_p_mb()
2006-07-24 Diego BiurrunFix --extra-ldflags when cross-compiling for MinGW.
2006-07-24 Diego BiurrunRename FFSLDFLAGS variable to FFSERVERLDFLAGS to lessen...
2006-07-23 Alan CurryFix typo introduced in the memalign->av_malloc conversi...
2006-07-23 Diego BiurrunRemove obsolete and misleading warning.
2006-07-23 Reimar DöffingerDo not crash when the first frame is not a keyframe...
2006-07-23 Reimar DöffingerTry to find out correct start time to make seeking...
2006-07-23 Reimar DöffingerMissing part of the malloc -> av_malloc patch: memalign...
2006-07-23 Kostya ShishkovCorrect edge MC for chroma
2006-07-22 Michael Niedermayerdisable libtheora, this change leaves all the libtheora...
2006-07-22 Kostya ShishkovReplace code for clipping MV vectors (which is wrong...
2006-07-22 Kostya ShishkovDon't do non-uniform quantization on zero coeffs.
2006-07-21 Reimar Döffingerdo not include bswap.h in common.h for external program...
2006-07-21 Kostya Shishkov1000l: scale DC predictors instead of predicted value.
2006-07-21 Kostya ShishkovSet DC = 0 for skipped MB as it interferes DC prediction
2006-07-21 Kostya ShishkovSet correctly quantizer and transform mode when parsing...
2006-07-20 Michael Niedermayerupdate
2006-07-20 Luca AbeniUse libavutil in libswscale, and allow it to be built...