2007-10-01 Diego BiurrunRemove const vector macro indirection that is useless...
2007-10-01 Diego BiurrunRemove Metrowerks compiler workaround.
2007-10-01 Diego BiurrunRemove Metrowerks compiler workaround.
2007-10-01 Loren Merrittdiv -> mul
2007-09-30 Stefano SabatiniRemove redundant banner output from ffserver.
2007-09-30 Loren Merrittsimplify lpc
2007-09-30 Loren Merritt20% faster lpc, 6% overall flac decoding
2007-09-30 Loren Merrittreplace FIR with finite differences.
2007-09-29 Loren Merrittunroll finite differences to avoid swapping registers.
2007-09-29 Loren Merrittencode_residual_fixed(): replace FIR with finite differ...
2007-09-29 Vladimir VoroshilovAdd support for AMV variants of AVI files.
2007-09-29 Diego BiurrunMention SPARC optimizations.
2007-09-29 Loren Merrittsse2 version of compute_autocorr().
2007-09-29 Måns Rullgårdfix -lm check
2007-09-29 Ronald S. Bultjecmdutils.c uses FFMPEG_CONFIGURATION from config.h...
2007-09-29 Diego Biurruntypo
2007-09-29 Vladimir VoroshilovAMV video decoder.
2007-09-29 Ronald S. BultjeUse emms_c() instead of ifdef
2007-09-29 Ronald S. BultjeAdd IPv6 support to url_split()
2007-09-29 Vladimir VoroshilovAdd variables to prepare to the AMV decoder patch.
2007-09-29 Loren Merrittwas computing one more autocorrelation coefficient...
2007-09-29 Loren Merrittreplace brute force find_optimal_param() with a closed...
2007-09-29 Loren Merrittgcc isn't smart enough to factor out duplicate stores
2007-09-28 Ivan KalvachevOn bitstream error is_intra_more_likely() could use...
2007-09-28 Vitor SessakDocumentation update for AMV audio decoder
2007-09-28 Björn AxelssonDocumentation fix for url_f(d)open()
2007-09-28 Stefano SabatiniMake ffserver show a banner at startup.
2007-09-28 Loren Merritt2.5x faster compute_autocorr()
2007-09-27 Ronald S. Bultjerefactor url_split(), preparing for IPv6 support
2007-09-27 Stefano SabatiniRemove unnecessary copyright notice from ffplay.c:show_...
2007-09-27 Stefano SabatiniMake ffplay show a banner at startup.
2007-09-27 Panagiotis... cosmetics: typos
2007-09-27 Panagiotis... Remove redundant test.
2007-09-27 Diego BiurrunRevert wrong ARCH_BFIN --> HAVE_BFIN change.
2007-09-27 Stefano SabatiniImplement common show version and banner.
2007-09-27 Luca AbeniAdd myself as a maintainer for the RTP muxer and for...
2007-09-27 Vitor SessakAMV audio decoder
2007-09-27 Loren Merrittoops, revert unrelated change
2007-09-27 Loren Merrittunroll encode_residual_lpc(). speedup varies between...
2007-09-26 Måns Rullgårdset -mcpu for ARM
2007-09-26 Ramiro PollaFix avisynth compilation after allformats.h was removed
2007-09-26 Ramiro PollaLet the dependency checker deal with winsock2's extralibs.
2007-09-26 Jeff Downsh264/PAFF preparation: use DELAYED_PIC_REF to mark...
2007-09-26 Aurelien Jacobsadd support for AVI files with On2 header
2007-09-26 Aurelien Jacobsuse a table to parse AVI file header
2007-09-26 Benoit FouetIndentation
2007-09-26 Benoit FouetCheck read_packet before using it.
2007-09-25 Loren Merrittoops, potential overflow on really large blocks
2007-09-25 Loren Merrittoptimize decode_subframe_lpc()
2007-09-25 Loren Merrittoptimize encode_residual_lpc()
2007-09-25 Aurelien Jacobssimplify
2007-09-25 Aurelien Jacobsrename one variable to be consistent with the rest...
2007-09-25 Aurelien Jacobsconsistent spelling: plan => plane
2007-09-25 Nico Sabbiadded structures and code to keep track of pids<->progr...
2007-09-25 Nico Sabbireplaced custom tracking of programs/services with...
2007-09-25 Nico SabbiAdded definition and utility functions to handle AVPro...
2007-09-25 Aurelien Jacobsuse the VP6A codec
2007-09-25 Aurelien Jacobsrevert r10527
2007-09-25 Aurelien Jacobssimplify
2007-09-25 Aurelien Jacobscosmetic: indent
2007-09-25 Aurelien Jacobsadd a new vp6a codec (add alpha plan support to vp6)
2007-09-25 Andreas Ömanreindent
2007-09-25 Diego BiurrunReplace HAVE_BFIN with ARCH_BFIN. Blackfin is a CPU...
2007-09-24 Aurelien Jacobsmove all model related tables into their own struct
2007-09-24 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Sort CODEC_ID list.
2007-09-24 Aurelien Jacobsrename vp56_b6to3 to vp56_b2p
2007-09-24 Aurelien Jacobssome simplifications and uniformisation
2007-09-24 Kostya ShishkovRemove check for input buffer size as it does not guara...
2007-09-24 Ramiro PollaOrganize header files and system functions checks
2007-09-24 Aurelien Jacobsadd support for yuva420p colorspace (yuv420p + alpha)
2007-09-24 Aurelien Jacobsadd support for yuva420p colorspace (yuv420p + alpha)
2007-09-24 Andreas Ömanfactor out dequant table lookup outside loops, gives...
2007-09-24 Luca AbeniAdd my name to the copyright header, since rtp_mpv...
2007-09-24 Michael Niedermayerremove done items
2007-09-24 Luca AbeniFix a warning by removing an useless assignment (buf_pt...
2007-09-24 Michael Niedermayercosmetic (get rid of _ at the start of local variable...
2007-09-24 Kostya ShishkovDo not try to decode more data than output buffer may...
2007-09-23 Diego BiurrunVIS-specific code should be enabled conditional to...
2007-09-23 Måns Rullgårdcreate and use check_asm() function
2007-09-23 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Move LDCONFIG variable to a more sensible...
2007-09-23 Michael Niedermayersome experimental iterative quantization code
2007-09-23 Diego BiurrunMove VIS CFLAGS settings into configure.
2007-09-23 Diego BiurrunVIS-specific code should be compiled conditional to...
2007-09-23 Diego BiurrunAdd a proper test for VIS instruction support.
2007-09-23 Kostya ShishkovFix decoding of VMDs representing sprites (Last Dynasty...
2007-09-23 Kostya ShishkovLooks like this APE decoder support versions starting...
2007-09-22 Diego Biurrunspelling
2007-09-22 Reimar DöffingerApply skip_loop_filter before checking if we can parall...
2007-09-22 Kostya ShishkovGuard against output buffer overflows
2007-09-22 Kostya ShishkovDo not decode more data than output buffer may hold
2007-09-22 Michael Niedermayerduplicate note
2007-09-22 Michael Niedermayerindent
2007-09-22 Michael Niedermayerfix segfault with samples.mplayerhq.hu/nsv/nsv_samples...
2007-09-21 Ramiro PollaProper check for --help and -h parameters
2007-09-21 Ramiro PollaLet the dependency checker decide about x11_grab_device...
2007-09-21 Baptiste CoudurierHDYC fourcc, sample hdyc/Test2.avi
2007-09-21 Ramiro PollaReplace one-lined if;elses to && ||
2007-09-21 Baptiste Coudurieradd D-10 NTSC support
2007-09-21 Baptiste Coudurierextract correct d10 aes3 audio channels number
2007-09-21 Andreas ÖmanSimplify H.264 decode_cabac_mb_cbp_luma(), giving a...