2012-10-26 Diego Biurrundoxygen: Drop some pointless entries from PREDEFINED...
2012-10-26 Janne Grunauh263: avoid memcpys over array bound in motion vector...
2012-10-26 Mans Rullgardconfigure: sanitise sparc vis check
2012-10-26 Michael Kostylevconfigure: recognise more sparc variants as --cpu argument
2012-10-25 Martin Storsjöbuild: Include HEADERS-yes in the HEADERS variable
2012-10-25 Luca Barbatopcm: change references to raw to pcm
2001-01-01 Luca Barbatoffv1: set the range coder state in decode_slice_header
2012-10-25 Janne Grunaupcmdec: change default of channels parameter to 1
2012-10-25 Janne Grunauavconv: fix bitrate report when writing to /dev/null
2012-10-25 Janne Grunauavfilter: fix graphparser memleaks on error paths
2012-10-25 Luca Barbatorawdec: remove ff_raw_read_header
2012-10-25 Luca Barbatopcmdec: remove dependency from rawdec
2012-10-25 Luca Barbatog722: refactor out of rawdec.c
2012-10-25 Luca Barbatorawvideo: use a specific read_header
2012-10-25 Diego Biurrunavutil: Make LZO decoder code configure-time selectable
2012-10-25 Diego Biurrunavutil: Move memcpy_backptr() to mem.c
2012-10-24 Mans Rullgardconfigure: detect parisc64 automatically
2012-10-24 Mans Rullgardconfigure: detect ppc64 automatically
2012-10-24 Mans Rullgardconfigure: detect mips64 automatically
2012-10-24 Mans Rullgardconfigure: generalise 64-bit test
2012-10-24 Martin Storsjösmoothstreamingenc: Don't assume streams start from...
2012-10-24 Anton Khirnovasfdec: cosmetics, reformat ff_asf_parse_packet()
2012-10-24 Anton Khirnovg.723.1: add missing CODEC_CAP_DR1
2012-10-24 Anton Khirnovavconv: remove now unneeded calls to avcodec_get_frame_...
2012-10-24 Anton Khirnovlavc: initialize output AVFrame before decoding.
2012-10-23 Justin Ruggleslavc: fix documentation for AVCodecContext.delay
2012-10-23 Justin Rugglesatrac3: return an error if extradata_size is not a...
2012-10-23 Justin Ruggleslavc: use the correct API version guard macro for avcod...
2012-10-23 Diego BiurrunMove Doxyfile into the doc/ subdirectory
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrundoxygen: Build Doxygen documentation in the doc/ subdir...
2012-10-23 Mans Rullgarddfa: use av_memcpy_backptr() where previously impossible
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrunav_memcpy_backptr: Drop no longer necessary malloc...
2012-10-23 Mans RullgardRemove need for padding in av_memcpy_backptr()
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrunlzo: Use AV_COPY*U macros where appropriate
2012-10-23 Reinhard Tartlerprepare 9_beta2 release
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrundsputil: Replace AV_WNxx(AV_RNxx()) combinations by...
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrunintreadwrite: Add AV_COPYxxU macros for copying to...
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrundxtory: Replace AV_WN16A(AV_RN16A()) combination by...
2012-10-23 Luca Barbatomp3: properly forward mp_decode_frame errors
2012-10-23 Luca Barbatomp3: exit on parsing error in mp_decode_frame
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrunrtmppkt: Avoid unescaped backslash in Doxygen comment
2012-10-23 Mans Rullgardfate-lavfi: replace sed/grep/cut combos with awk
2012-10-23 Mans Rullgardbuild: Plan 9 support
2012-10-23 Mans Rullgardbuild: allow targets to specify extra objects to link...
2012-10-23 Mans Rullgardswscale: avoid pointless use of compound literals
2012-10-23 Mans Rullgardlibm: add fallbacks for various single-precision functions
2012-10-23 Mans Rullgardnetwork: use getservbyport() only if available
2012-10-23 Mans Rullgardnetwork: add fallbacks for INADDR_LOOPBACK and INET_ADD...
2012-10-23 Mans RullgardInclude sys/time.h before sys/resource.h
2012-10-23 Mans Rullgardfate: check that dependencies actually exist
2012-10-23 Mans Rullgardfate: fix ENCMUX macro
2012-10-23 Michael Niedermayermpegaudiodec: Fix buffer handling on random access
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrunmpegaudio: Refactor mp3on4 flush function
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrunfate: Add dependencies for audio tests
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrunfate: cosmetics: Group idct8x8 test together with all...
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrunfate: More fine-grained dependencies for libavcodec...
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrunfate: Declare avcodec/avformat deps in the respective...
2012-10-23 Diego Biurrunfate: Add dependencies for WMA and WavPack tests
2012-10-23 Diego BiurrunImprove wording and spelling of av_log_missing_feature...
2012-10-23 Anton Khirnovlavu: remove disabled FF_API_AV_FIFO_PEEK cruft
2012-10-23 Anton Khirnovlavu: remove disabled avoptions cruft
2012-10-23 Anton Khirnovlavu: remove disabled FF_API_GET_BITS_PER_SAMPLE_FMT...
2012-10-23 Anton KhirnovRevert "avutil: make some tables visible again"
2012-10-23 Anton KhirnovRevert "avutil: Add a copy of ff_sqrt_tab back into...
2012-10-23 Anton Khirnovlavu: bump major to 52
2012-10-23 Anton Khirnovlavu: postpone recent deprecations until the next major...
2012-10-23 Anton KhirnovAPIchanges: update lavr bump date
2012-10-23 Anton Khirnovavconv: only apply presets when we have an encoder.
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: replace a calculation with FFALIGN()
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: remove unused ATRAC3Context field, sample_rate
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: use sizeof(variable) instead of sizeof(type)
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: simplify MDCT window calculation
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: initialize static tables in AVCodec.init_static...
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: separate window initialization from IMDCT initi...
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: move the 'frame_factor' field from ATRAC3Contex...
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: remove unused ATRAC3Context field, bit_rate
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: move the 'samples_per_frame' field from ATRAC3C...
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: remove unused ATRAC3Context field, samples_per_...
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: use AVCodecContext.block_align instead of keepi...
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: move the 'delay' field from ATRAC3Context to...
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: move the 'version' field from ATRAC3Context...
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: use AVCodecContext.channels instead of keeping...
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: simplify some loop indexing
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesatrac3: cosmetics: pretty-printing and renaming
2012-10-22 Mans Rullgardpcm: define AVCodec instances only for enabled codecs
2012-10-22 Anton Khirnovlibxvid: remove useless doxy comments.
2012-10-22 Anton Khirnovlavc: remove stats_out from the options table.
2012-10-22 Anton Khirnovriff: remove a write-only variable
2012-10-22 Anton Khirnovlavc: extend frame_size doxy.
2012-10-22 Justin Rugglesalacdec: set bits_per_raw_sample
2012-10-21 Martin Storsjörtpdec: Don't pass a non-AVClass pointer as log context
2012-10-21 Martin Storsjörtsp: Update a comment to the current filename scheme
2012-10-21 Nathan Caldwellavcodec: handle AVERROR_EXPERIMENTAL
2012-10-21 Nathan Caldwellavutil: Add AVERROR_EXPERIMENTAL
2012-10-21 Nathan Caldwellavcodec: prefer decoders without CODEC_CAP_EXPERIMENTAL
2012-10-20 Diego Biurrunfate: adpcm: cosmetics: Sort test entries
2012-10-20 Diego Biurrunfate: adpcm: Add dependencies
2012-10-20 Diego Biurrunsvq3: cosmetics: Drop useless parentheses
2012-10-20 Diego Biurrunsvq3: K&R formatting cosmetics
2012-10-20 Diego Biurrunfate: Introduce ENCMUX macro for tests that require...