2012-04-24 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: do not report EOF as an error.
2012-04-24 Michael Niedermayermpc8: print error messages on maxband(s) errors
2012-04-24 Michael Niedermayermpc8: make maxband check less picky.
2012-04-24 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgeavfiltergraph: free the sink_links heap.
2012-04-23 Reimar DöffingerGet rid of tests/data/asynth-%.sw rule.
2012-04-23 Michael Niedermayerindeo4: check quant_mat more fully.
2012-04-23 Reimar DöffingerSimplify asynth sample generation.
2012-04-23 Dale Curtismatroska: Clear prev_pkt between seeks.
2012-04-23 Justin Rugglesavutil: change default buffer size alignment for sample...
2012-04-23 Michael Niedermayerh264: some fields in SEIs are longer than 25 bits thus...
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgeprint_options: warn that the files are generated.
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgeparseutils: add av_parse_time() test.
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgeparseutils: make av_parse_time() check for failure.
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgeparseutils: add FATE test.
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: directly request frames from filters.
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgebuffersink: add AV_BUFFERSINK_FLAG_NO_REQUEST.
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgevsrc_buffer: count the number of failed requests.
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgevsrc_buffer: return EAGAIN if no frame is available.
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgeavfiltergraph: add avfilter_graph_request_oldest().
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgeavfilter: add a pointer from links to graph.
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgeavfilter: document request_frame return codes.
2012-04-23 Nicolas Georgelavf: print a warning if probesize seems not enough.
2012-04-23 Michael Niedermayervp8: fix crash due to skiped update_dimensions().
2012-04-23 Michael Niedermayeraudemux: Add a sanity check for the number of channels
2012-04-23 Diego BiurrunRemove libdirac decoder.
2012-04-23 Dale Curtismatroska: Add incremental parsing of clusters.
2012-04-23 Luca Barbatoavconv: fix off by one check in complex_filter
2012-04-22 Martin Storsjömpegts: Try seeking back even for nonseekable protocols
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayerlowres2 support.
2012-04-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-04-22 Carl Eugen... Support flicvideo with 904 bytes extradata.
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: assert the refcount of decoded frames
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: assert the refcount of allocated frames,
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: assert against creation of cycles in the pools...
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg: stricter refcount check in unref_buffer()
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayermpeg12dec: reset data size after parsing extradata.
2012-04-22 Diego Biurrunswscale: K&R formatting cosmetics (part III)
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayeriff: fix null ptr dereference
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayeraudemux: Fix potential integer overflow leading to...
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayeraudemux: Check channels isnt 0
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayerwtvdec: Check that stream private context has been...
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayermjpegbdec: check SOS/SOF ordering.
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayerffv1dec: Require a valid keyframe for decoding non...
2012-04-22 Mans RullgardARM: allow runtime masking of CPU features
2012-04-22 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: fix validity test for file index.
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayerasv1dec: check extradatasize before reading.
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayerindeo5: check against scaleable frames in non scaleable...
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayersmackerdemux: Allocate padding for extradata
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayersvq1dec: Fix overread on very small input
2012-04-22 Michael Niedermayerwmaprodec: tighter check for num_vec_coeffs
2012-04-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-04-21 Carl Eugen... Support broken v210 files with 64 byte padding.
2012-04-21 Michael Niedermayerdnxhddec: check that the indicated bit depth matches...
2012-04-21 Michael Niedermayerxldec: move buffer size check up, it can be done before...
2012-04-21 Michael Niedermayerxldec: Check that width is a multiple of 4
2012-04-21 Mans Rullgarddsputil: remove unused functions
2012-04-21 Yusuke Nakamuramov: Treat keyframe indexes as 1-origin if starting...
2012-04-21 Yusuke Nakamuramov: Take stps entries into consideration also about...
2012-04-21 Mans RullgardRemove lowres video decoding
2012-04-21 Michael Niedermayerxmvdemux: prefer av_freep() to deallocate audio stream...
2012-04-21 Michael Niedermayerxmvdemux: dont let current_stream become invalid.
2012-04-21 Mans Rullgardavcodec: remove AVCodecContext.dsp_mask
2012-04-21 Michael Niedermayercook: check subacket count
2012-04-21 Jakub Stachowskiwmalossless: Ensure that last frame is not written...
2012-04-21 Nicolas Georgeffprobe: do not try to decode empty packets.
2012-04-21 Stefano Sabatinilavfi/setfield: remove stray argument in av_log()
2012-04-21 Stefano Sabatinilavfi/setfield: rename variable top_field_first to...
2012-04-21 Tim Nicholsonlavfi/setfield: add "progressive" option
2012-04-21 Anton Khirnovavconv: fix a segfault when default encoder for a forma...
2012-04-21 Michael NiedermayerRevert "h264: assembly version of get_cabac for x86_64...
2012-04-20 Andrew Wasonfix swr_convert buffering of packed audio
2012-04-20 Jan Ekströmutvideo: general cosmetics
2012-04-20 Roland Scheideggerh264: assembly version of get_cabac for x86_64 with...
2012-04-20 Alex Converseaac: Handle HE-AACv2 when sniffing a channel order.
2012-04-20 Alex Conversemovenc: Support high sample rates in isomedia formats...
2012-04-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-04-20 Reimar DöffingerFix compilation with NASM.
2012-04-20 Diego Biurrunxxan: Remove write-only variable in xan_decode_frame_ty...
2012-04-20 Diego Biurrunivi_common: Initialize a variable at declaration in...
2012-04-20 Reimar Döffingermxfdec: fix memleak on read error/EOF.
2012-04-20 Michael Niedermayerindeo3: Fix reallocation code so that it doesnt become...
2012-04-20 Justin Rugglesavcodec: add a cook parser to get subpacket duration
2012-04-20 Michael Niedermayerac3dec: Check number of output channels.
2012-04-20 Michael Niedermayeravsdec: Set dimensions instead of relying on the demuxer.
2012-04-20 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: check encoder earlier.
2012-04-20 Justin RugglesFATE: allow lavf tests to alter input parameters
2012-04-20 Justin RugglesFATE: replace the acodec-pcm_s24daud test with an enc_d...
2012-04-20 Justin RugglesFATE: replace the acodec-g726 test with 4 new encode...
2012-04-20 Justin RugglesFATE: replace current g722 encoding tests with an encod...
2012-04-20 Justin RugglesFATE: add a pattern rule for generating asynth wav...
2012-04-20 Justin RugglesFATE: optionally write a WAVE header in audiogen
2012-04-20 Justin Rugglesavutil: add audio fifo buffer
2012-04-20 Michael Niedermayerffv1: add optional per slice CRCs to detect undamaged...
2012-04-20 Michael Niedermayerffv1: move most fields from the frame header to the...
2012-04-20 Michael Niedermayerffv1: refactor slice decoding init loop so that the...
2012-04-20 Michael Niedermayerffv1: clear slice state in decode_slice()
2012-04-20 Michael Niedermayerffv1: split clear_slice_state() out so individual slice...
2012-04-20 Michael Niedermayerffv1: split init_slice_state() out so individual slices...
2012-04-20 Michael Niedermayerffv1: Add a CRC check to the global header with version 1.3