2008-03-21 Michael NiedermayerDocument get_*_buffer()
2008-03-21 Baptiste Couduriersample size to 1 might happen for data, fix GMCMidiaASX...
2008-03-21 Sascha Sommerrl2 documentation update
2008-03-21 Sascha Sommerrl2 demuxer
2008-03-21 Baptiste Coudurieryet again another hdv fourcc
2008-03-21 Sascha Sommerrl2 decoder
2008-03-21 Baptiste Couduriersupport fragments when non streamable
2008-03-21 Baptiste Couduriermp4 fragments support
2008-03-21 Zuxy MengAdd missed call to ff_cavsdsp_init_3dnow() in dsputil_i...
2008-03-21 Michael NiedermayerDocument AVCodec.flush()
2008-03-21 Michael NiedermayerDocument AVCodec.capabilities.
2008-03-21 Michael NiedermayerDocument a few url_* functions.
2008-03-21 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, split or move too long lines
2008-03-21 Panagiotis... Show the "--disable-mmx2" and "--disable-ssse3" options...
2008-03-21 Baptiste Couduriersimplify, and only stop parsing when non streamable
2008-03-21 Baptiste Coudurierremove ms audio tags from table, they will be chosen...
2008-03-21 Baptiste Coudurieratoms are not mp4 only, and yes probe is sufficient
2008-03-21 Baptiste Coudurierupdate description
2008-03-21 Baptiste Coudurierreturn ENOMEM
2008-03-21 Baptiste Couduriercannot free AVStream like this, and return ENOMEM
2008-03-21 Baptiste Coudurierindentation
2008-03-21 Zuxy MengApply 'alloc_size' attribute to ff_realloc_static()
2008-03-21 Zuxy MengApply 'alloc_size' and 'malloc' attributes to av_malloc...
2008-03-21 Zuxy MengApply 'cold' attribute to init/uninit functions in...
2008-03-20 Diego Biurruntwo more typos spotted by Mike
2008-03-20 Dave YeoCreate object files in a.out (aout-emx) format on OS...
2008-03-20 Diego Biurrunbritish_english--;
2008-03-20 Diego BiurrunOnly #include sys/mman.h if configure set HAVE_SYS_MMAN_H.
2008-03-20 Baptiste Coudurierfix mpeg2 muxing, replace seq header if contained in...
2008-03-20 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, move case up
2008-03-20 Michael NiedermayerMore complete documentation for AVFrame.reference.
2008-03-20 Michael NiedermayerOne non functional AVPalette chunk less, one heap overf...
2008-03-20 Baptiste Coudurierremove useless debug print since now mov_build_index...
2008-03-20 Baptiste Coudurierfree track data asap
2008-03-20 Baptiste Couduriermove mov_build_index before mov_read_trak to avoid...
2008-03-20 Baptiste Couduriermove specific end treatment when trak is detected,...
2008-03-20 Michael NiedermayerHardcode register to prevent aparent miscompilation.
2008-03-20 Michael Niedermayerremove unused temp
2008-03-20 Pascal Massimino Additional checks for strange num_val in FLV...
2008-03-20 Baptiste Coudurieromg, fix compilation
2008-03-20 Baptiste Couduriercorrectly set avctx->frame_size for mp3on4 and mp3adu
2008-03-19 Ramiro PollaAdd Mimic and MSN TCP Webcam streams to documentation.
2008-03-19 Ronald S. BultjeReindent after rtsp-alternate-protocol* patches.
2008-03-19 Ronald S. BultjeChange protocol_mask into protocol, since we always...
2008-03-19 Ronald S. BultjeAllow cycling between different protocols (TCP, UDP...
2008-03-19 Alexander StrangeCheck for sys/mman.h and set appropriate definitions.
2008-03-19 Måns Rullgårdadd missing #include "common.h" to libavutil headers
2008-03-19 Zuxy MengCosmetic change: remove the whitespace after 'defined'
2008-03-19 Zuxy Meng'malloc' attribute isn't supported in old gcc.
2008-03-19 Zuxy MengApply "alloc_size" attribute to av_alloc, av_realloc...
2008-03-19 Zuxy MengReapply r12489: Add pure, const and malloc attributes...
2008-03-18 Ivo van Poortenadd some missing formats: lmlm4, pva, pcx and sun raste...
2008-03-18 Måns Rullgård32/64-bit agnostic x86 bswap
2008-03-18 Diego BiurrunRemove redundant ARCH_POWERPC #ifdef around HAVE_ALTIVEC.
2008-03-18 Diego BiurrunRemove redundant ARCH_POWERPC #ifdef around HAVE_ALTIVEC.
2008-03-18 Måns Rullgårdcosmetics: sanitise asm() statements in bswap.h
2008-03-18 Ramiro PollaRemove useless variable since r8456.
2008-03-18 Ramiro PollaMSN TCP Webcam stream demuxer.
2008-03-18 Ramiro PollaMimic decoder.
2008-03-18 Benoit Fouetrevert r12489.
2008-03-18 Zuxy MengPure, const and malloc attributes to libavutil.
2008-03-18 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, remove superflous comments
2008-03-18 Alexander StrangeCheck for and set HAVE_MMX2, it is used in several...
2008-03-18 Michael Kostylevfix extern prefix detection when cross compiling.
2008-03-18 Måns Rullgårdfix extern prefix detection on mingw
2008-03-18 Måns Rullgårdcheck for prefix on extern symbols in configure
2008-03-17 Måns Rullgårdsimplify ALIGN_MASK definition
2008-03-17 Måns Rullgårdget register names from x86_cpu.h
2008-03-17 Måns Rullgårdadd REGd definition
2008-03-17 Måns Rullgårduse HAVE_FAST_64BIT
2008-03-17 Måns Rullgårdcosmetics: remove useless \-newline escapes
2008-03-17 Måns Rullgårdindentation
2008-03-17 Måns Rullgårdclean up FFT SIMD selection
2008-03-17 Ronald S. BultjeSplit the SETUP request into a separate function, as...
2008-03-17 Diego BiurrunFix previously broken x86_64 check, simplifying it...
2008-03-17 Diego BiurrunFix previously broken xlc checks, simplifying them...
2008-03-17 Diego BiurrunDrop unnecessary subshell invocation from BEINCLUDES...
2008-03-17 Stefano SabatiniProvide a context to parse_time_or_die().
2008-03-17 Diego Biurruncosmetics: indentation
2008-03-17 Diego BiurrunSimplify MANGLE macro preprocessor condition checks.
2008-03-17 Diego BiurrunAdd -q to grep invocation where appropriate.
2008-03-17 İsmail DönmezFix MANGLE macro on Mac OS X.
2008-03-17 Zuxy MengFix a typo that causes an assertion to always fail.
2008-03-17 Måns Rullgårdmpegvideo_armv5te.o belongs to OBJS, not ASM_OBJS
2008-03-17 Måns Rullgårdtypo: add missing \ in multi-line macro
2008-03-17 Måns Rullgårdfix typo ARCH_PPC -> ARCH_POWERPC
2008-03-16 Baptiste Coudurierjust skip klv packet, when no corresponding stream...
2008-03-16 Diego BiurrunMove functions that are only used when libswscale is...
2008-03-16 Diego BiurrunEscape \1 and \2 in sed expressions written to config...
2008-03-16 Diego BiurrunReturn of the living typo II: VHOOKDEPEND_CMD --> VHOOK...
2008-03-16 Baptiste Couduriersimplify, flags is 24bits according to specs
2008-03-16 Baptiste Coudurierfucked up alphabetical order again, sorry
2008-03-16 Baptiste Coudurieripod/iphone compatible mp4 muxer
2008-03-16 Måns Rullgårdimprove precision in mdct.c using double for some tempo...
2008-03-16 Diego Biurrun10l: Fix stupid typo, VHOOKDEPEND_CMD --> VHOOK_DEPEND_CMD.
2008-03-15 Diego BiurrunMerge binary generation rules.
2008-03-15 Måns Rullgårdfix DEPEND_CMD for out of tree builds
2008-03-15 Måns Rullgårdset SRC_DIR in top-leve Makefile
2008-03-15 Måns Rullgårdrename LIBSRC to SRC_DIR, add quotes where SRC_DIR...
2008-03-15 Diego BiurrunUse $< to simplify a few lines.