2007-08-07 Vitor SessakRename function
2007-08-07 Ramiro PollaRemove duplication of imlib2 vhook documentation.
2007-08-07 Ramiro PollaCorrect misleading comment and typo
2007-08-07 Ramiro PollaIndent
2007-08-07 Ramiro PollaIndent
2007-08-07 Ramiro PollaSimplify configure's output
2007-08-07 Ramiro PollaIndent
2007-08-07 Michael Niedermayermake dts_delta_threshold float so values <1 can be...
2007-08-07 Michael Niedermayeraudio drift threshold
2007-08-07 Justin Rugglesenable the native AC-3 decoder
2007-08-06 Michael Niedermayermake output buffer larger so drift compensation can...
2007-08-06 Diego Biurrunspelling/grammar
2007-08-06 Michael Niedermayerensure that the codec_id detection in av_find_stream_in...
2007-08-06 Michael Niedermayermore verbose error
2007-08-06 Michael Niedermayerignore preroll, it is generally not what AVStream.start...
2007-08-06 Benjamin LarssonDon't encode the first sample twice.
2007-08-06 Víctor PaesaRevert r9952, as per discussion at
2007-08-06 Baptiste Couduriercosmetic, indentation
2007-08-06 Diego BiurrunRevert unused fixedpoint declaration.
2007-08-06 Michael Niedermayervbv related questions
2007-08-06 Michael Niedermayerget rid of nonsense "tolerance" and mention VBV
2007-08-05 Michael Niedermayermake it a little harder to find the tracker, this shoul...
2007-08-05 Justin Rugglescosmetics: blank lines, remove some comments
2007-08-05 Justin Rugglesadd pointer to the parent context for use with av_log()
2007-08-05 Justin Rugglesuse array for dynamic range scaling factors
2007-08-05 Michael Niedermayerthread hijacking
2007-08-05 Michael Niedermayerffmpeg forum
2007-08-05 Michael Niedermayermake wmv1 and wmv2 playable with M$ DMO decoder
2007-08-05 Michael Niedermayerupdate seek regressions for r9917
2007-08-05 Justin Rugglesadd dialogue normalization
2007-08-05 Luca AbeniChange avf_sdp_create() to get a pre-allocated buffer...
2007-08-05 Baptiste Coudurierfix decoding of adpcm swf big frames, fix RamboMJPEGAVP...
2007-08-05 Luca AbeniFix linking when RTP is disabled and libraries are...
2007-08-05 Reimar DöffingerAdd proper license header
2007-08-05 Reimar DöffingerRemove AVCodecContext parameter from parse_timecode...
2007-08-05 Reimar DöffingerFix deinterlacing for odd height
2007-08-05 Reimar DöffingerDeinterlace xsub subtitles
2007-08-05 Reimar DöffingerColours except background should not be transparent
2007-08-05 Reimar Döffingerget rid of av_rescale_q, it does not work as intended.
2007-08-05 Reimar Döffingerget rid of xsubdec array and calculate value instead
2007-08-05 Reimar Döffinger10l, runbits order was reversed
2007-08-05 Reimar DöffingerHack to support XSUB subtitles in AVI
2007-08-05 Reimar Döffinger100l, wrong argument to av_freep
2007-08-05 Reimar DöffingerAdd forgotten xsub timecode parsing
2007-08-05 Reimar DöffingerFirst version of xsub decoder, not yet tested
2007-08-05 David BryantAdd the handling of the INT32INFO block to the WavPack...
2007-08-05 Justin Ruggles10l to me. Revert recent changes to ac3_probe() which...
2007-08-05 Michael Niedermayerfix misdetection of out.ac3
2007-08-05 Michael Niedermayer//more debug info
2007-08-05 Baptiste Coudurierremove now useless vars
2007-08-05 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, braces/parenthesis style
2007-08-05 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, indentation
2007-08-05 Baptiste Coudurieradd streams on the fly, swf is a streaming format and...
2007-08-05 Baptiste Coudurierdo not write id3v2 header when writing .mp2 files
2007-08-05 Baptiste Coudurierremove useless raw_write_header
2007-08-05 Justin Rugglesadditional tweaks to AC3 probe function. give a higher...
2007-08-05 Loren Merrittprevent huffyuv from generating codewords of length...
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesincrease the maximum AC3 probe buffer size and reduce...
2007-08-04 Michael Niedermayerset the previous tag size correctly in flv files
2007-08-04 Michael Niedermayerset a more reasonable start_time if the first timestamp...
2007-08-04 Michael Niedermayercorrect initial timestamps which have AV_NOPTS_VALUE
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesadd support for downmixing to stereo or mono
2007-08-04 Michael Niedermayertopic explanations
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesuse dsputil for float to signed 16-bit sample conversion
2007-08-04 Sam HocevarAdd support for grayscale MJPEG streams sent by Axis...
2007-08-04 Michael Niedermayerflashsv regression test
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglescosmetics: indentation
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesconsolidate decoding of lfe and coupling channels with...
2007-08-04 Michael Niedermayerbe slightly more careful with copying the codec_tag...
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesthere are only 4 rematrixing bands
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglescosmetics: use more appropriate names for iterator...
2007-08-04 Baptiste Couduriermove dnxhd data tables to separate file
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesmove some variables to a more local scope.
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesmake exponent decoding consistent (prepare for merging...
2007-08-04 Baptiste Coudurierdnxhd 120 progressive support
2007-08-04 Baptiste Coudurierindentation
2007-08-04 Baptiste Coudurierdnxhd 185 interlaced support
2007-08-04 Baptiste Couduriercosmetic
2007-08-04 Baptiste Coudurierno need to duplicate cid table vars in context
2007-08-04 Baptiste Coudurier10l, use correct cid table
2007-08-04 Baptiste Coudurieradd coding unit size for interlaced decoding
2007-08-04 Baptiste Couduriershould be more correct
2007-08-04 Baptiste Coudurierset block align to stsd audio v2 bytes per frame for...
2007-08-04 Michael Niedermayerindent
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglescosmetics: use braces when it makes the code easier...
2007-08-04 Justin Ruggleschange AC3DecodeContext variable to local variable
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesuse array instead of bitmask
2007-08-04 Michael NiedermayerMake MPEG-1/2 decoder work with the libmpeg2-style...
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesuse table for converting dynamic range codes to scale...
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesuse floating-point mantissa dequantization tables
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglescosmetics: indentation
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesdither zero-bit mantissas by default. remove dithering...
2007-08-04 Michael Niedermayerdetect MS wav codecs
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglessimplify coefficient decoding
2007-08-04 Justin Rugglesmerge decoding of coupling channel coefficients and...
2007-08-03 Justin Rugglessplit out coupling coefficient reconstruction into...
2007-08-03 Michael Niedermayerdrop non keyframes before the first keyframe for stream...
2007-08-03 Michael Niedermayerfix block_align for mp3 stream copy
2007-08-03 Michael NiedermayerURL of the webinterface
2007-08-03 Michael Niedermayerget rid of some double timebase convertion