2010-07-19 Ronald S. BultjeChange function prototypes for width=8 inner and mbedge...
2010-07-19 Alex Converseaacenc: Convert if () abort() to assert().
2010-07-19 Josh Allmannrtpdec_xiph: Avoid extra memcpy in Xiph RTP depacketizer
2010-07-19 Alex ConverseCosmetics: Whitespace
2010-07-19 Nathan Caldwellaacenc: Adjust array offsets for the current channel...
2010-07-19 Nathan Caldwellaacenc: Refactor apply_window_and_mdct() so it no longe...
2010-07-19 Måns RullgårdFix lavfi pixdesc test
2010-07-19 Måns RullgårdGenerate list of lavfi tests in configure
2010-07-19 Måns Rullgårdfate: echo fate-run command with V=1
2010-07-19 Aurelien Jacobsfix av_seek_frame_binary() documentation
2010-07-19 Peter RossAdd doxygen @file comment block
2010-07-19 Martin Storsjörtpdec_asf: Include lavu headers using quotes instead...
2010-07-19 Diego BiurrunRemove outdated entries about bt8x8 capture on Linux...
2010-07-19 Diego BiurrunMark URL as such with texinfo markup.
2010-07-19 Diego BiurrunClarify bug reporting policy with regard to releases.
2010-07-19 Diego BiurrunMark file references as such with texinfo markup.
2010-07-19 Diego BiurrunRemove duplicate RTP depacketization entry.
2010-07-19 Martin StorsjöCosmetics: reindent and unify whitespace
2010-07-19 Martin StorsjöDo planar copy with a single memcpy only if the stride...
2010-07-18 Stefano SabatiniMake avfilter.c dprintf* functions internal and declare...
2010-07-18 Anton MitrofanovAnother try at fixing swscale on win64, as per r31153.
2010-07-18 Måns Rullgårdfate: ensure all imported rules are handled by helpers
2010-07-18 Måns Rullgårdfate: simplify test runner slightly
2010-07-18 Måns Rullgårdfate: use helper functions in test rules
2010-07-18 Martin StorsjöInclude lavu headers using quotes instead of angle...
2010-07-18 Måns Rullgårdfate: add some helper functions to simplify test rules
2010-07-18 Måns Rullgårdfate: apply TARGET_EXEC only to commands starting with...
2010-07-18 Måns Rullgårdfate: use our variable names in test rules imported...
2010-07-18 Måns Rullgårdfate-run: rename some variables consistently with other...
2010-07-18 Måns Rullgårdfate: do not delete ref files when updating tests from db
2010-07-18 Måns RullgårdAdd MD5 protocol
2010-07-18 Loren Merrittmore credits to D. J. Bernstein for fft
2010-07-18 flybird2k@gmail.comFix memleak when using mp*float decoder.
2010-07-18 Måns RullgårdAllow all valid (and only valid) characters in URL...
2010-07-18 Jai MenonFFmpeg : Replace some av_exit calls in av_transcode...
2010-07-18 Diego BiurrunFix URL for ffv1, msmpeg4, asv1, 4xm docs.
2010-07-18 Peter RossRemove trailing linefeed
2010-07-18 Peter RossUse correct doxygen syntax
2010-07-18 Peter RossTele-typewriter demuxer
2010-07-18 Peter RossAdd ff_sauce_read()
2010-07-18 Peter RossASCII/ANSI art decoder
2010-07-18 Peter RossAdd @file documentation tag
2010-07-18 Peter Ross8088flex TMV video decoder now uses ff_draw_pc_font()
2010-07-18 Peter RossAdd ff_draw_pc_font()
2010-07-18 Peter RossAdd ff_vga16_font
2010-07-17 S.N. Hemanth... Move the AV_PERM_* flags definition outside the AVFilte...
2010-07-17 Stefano SabatiniClarify AVFilterBuffer documentation, make it clear...
2010-07-17 Stefano SabatiniAdd APIchanges entry after AVFilterBuffer w and h field...
2010-07-17 S.N. Hemanth... Remove AVFilterBuffer w and h fields.
2010-07-17 Carl Eugen... Use attribute force_align_arg_pointer only on x86_32.
2010-07-17 Måns Rullgårdfate: add stddev comparator
2010-07-17 Måns Rullgårdfate: whitespace cosmetics
2010-07-17 Stefano SabatiniFix documentation syntax for the color source, the...
2010-07-17 Vitor SessakUndo my revert at r24260.
2010-07-17 Stefano SabatiniAdd APIchanges entry for AVFilterPic -> AVFilterBuffer...
2010-07-17 S.N. Hemanth... Rename AVFilterPic to AVFilterBuffer.
2010-07-17 Diego BiurrunFix Doxygen @param command attribute syntax.
2010-07-17 Stefano SabatiniAdd color source.
2010-07-17 Jai Menonavidec : Free packet if dv_produce_packet fails.
2010-07-17 Martin Storsjöaviobuf: Do short seeks forward by reading and skipping...
2010-07-17 Jai Menonavidec : Free codec context before initializing the...
2010-07-16 Martin StorsjöBump minor and add APIchanges entry for url_fskip retur...
2010-07-16 Martin Storsjöurl_fskip: Return an error code if the url_fseek failed
2010-07-16 Baptiste CoudurierIn ogg muxer, free dyn allocated buffer, fix memleak
2010-07-16 Ronald S. BultjeAttempt to fix x86-64 testsuite on fate.
2010-07-16 Alex Converse10l: Add a missing const.
2010-07-16 Alex Converseaacenc: Template quantize_and_encode_band_cost().
2010-07-16 Ronald S. BultjeRemove duplicate define.
2010-07-16 Ronald S. BultjeRevert 24270, it contained some stuff that shouldn...
2010-07-16 Ronald S. BultjeRemove duplicate define.
2010-07-16 Ronald S. BultjeGive x86 r%d registers names, this will simplify implem...
2010-07-16 Ronald S. BultjeChange return statement, the REP_RET is a mistake since...
2010-07-16 Martin StorsjöIn planarCopyWrapper, Only copy length, not stride...
2010-07-16 Vitor SessakMake Intel Music Coder output SAMPLE_FMT_FLT
2010-07-16 Martin Storsjöhttp: Log a warning when receiving an error code
2010-07-16 Martin StorsjöMove SPACE_CHARS back to libavformat/internal.h
2010-07-16 Peter RossUse designated initialisers for pcm codec struct
2010-07-16 Måns Rullgårdfate: update vc1 reference
2010-07-16 Vitor SessakVorbis regtests
2010-07-16 Måns RullgårdFix dependencies for msmpeg4v3 regression test
2010-07-16 Vitor SessakRevert r24258:
2010-07-16 Vitor SessakNit: fix alphabetical order
2010-07-16 Vitor SessakAdd msmpeg4v1 regtest
2010-07-16 Vitor SessakAdd MS-GSM regtest
2010-07-16 Vitor SessakATRAC3 regtests
2010-07-16 Vitor SessakAdd ATRAC1 regtest
2010-07-16 Vitor SessakAdd EAC3 regtests
2010-07-16 Vitor SessakAdd AC3 regtests
2010-07-16 David Conradvp8: Save mb border needed for intra prediction so...
2010-07-16 David Conradvp8: Check for malloc failure
2010-07-15 Ronald S. BultjeVP8 H/V inner loopfilter MMX/MMXEXT/SSE2 optimizations.
2010-07-15 Måns RullgårdARM: NEON H264 chroma loop filter 3 cycles faster
2010-07-15 Rafaël Carrégrep Changelog entry from unified diffs
2010-07-15 Jai MenonFFmpeg : Close input file and free any related memory if
2010-07-15 Peter Rossremove redundant text and whitespaces from iff demuxer...
2010-07-15 Vitor SessakFix obviously missing dependency of float DCT.
2010-07-15 Martin StorsjöUpdate maintainers list according to renames made in...
2010-07-15 Måns RullgårdARM: remove two insns from NEON chroma loop filter
2010-07-14 Baptiste CoudurierIn ogg muxer, use dyn buffer to compute crc of the...
2010-07-14 Diego BiurrunRestore mistakenly removed [in]/[out] Doxygen parameter...