2008-10-31 François RevolFix build.
2008-10-31 Diego BiurrunInitialize variable to silence the warning:
2008-10-30 Kenan GilletOKed parts of the QCELP decoder
2008-10-30 Kenan GilletFix numbers in Doxygen comments, patch by Kenan Gillet...
2008-10-30 Vitor SessakUse ff_dot_productf() in ra288.c
2008-10-30 Diego BiurrunRemove nonsense @return Doxygen comment for void function.
2008-10-30 Diego Biurruncosmetics: small spelling fixes
2008-10-30 Kenan GilletAdd a LPC filter
2008-10-30 Kenan GilletAdd ff_dot_productf() to celp_math.{c,h}
2008-10-30 Kenan GilletMore OKed parts of QCELP data tables
2008-10-30 Roman Shaposhnikrenaming macro in order to conform with the rest of...
2008-10-30 Diego BiurrunAdd check target to run both tests and checkheaders...
2008-10-30 Diego BiurrunRemove duplicated patch submission checklist entry...
2008-10-30 Art ClarkeRemove unused variable, patch by Art Clarke, aclarke...
2008-10-30 Kostya ShishkovCorrect motion vector scaling in B-frames for RV3/4
2008-10-29 Diego Biurrunasm() --> __asm__() in #warning comment
2008-10-29 Diego BiurrunAdd missing headers to pass 'make checkheaders'.
2008-10-29 Art ClarkeFix av_picture_copy missing pixels on packed planar...
2008-10-29 Diego BiurrunRevert adding controversial 'make checkheaders' item...
2008-10-29 Michael NiedermayerReset state after some frame header is found.
2008-10-29 Diego BiurrunAdd 'make checkheaders' to developer guidelines and...
2008-10-29 Kenan GilletOKed parts of QCELP data tables
2008-10-29 Michael NiedermayerCheck sub_packet_size against 0 to avoid div by zero...
2008-10-28 Andrew WasonFix endless loop when opening corrupt FLV files (issue...
2008-10-28 Diego BiurrunAdd the function declaration of ff_svq1_packet_checksum...
2008-10-28 Michael NiedermayerReplace literally hardcoded max slice number by named...
2008-10-28 Benjamin LarssonFix compilation, remove stray ;
2008-10-28 Benjamin LarssonFix selection of quant step table
2008-10-28 Benjamin LarssonFix huffman coded dca samples.
2008-10-28 Kostya ShishkovDetect split RV30 slices
2008-10-27 Vitor SessakSilence GCC warnings:
2008-10-27 Kostya ShishkovFix chroma motion compensation for RV30
2008-10-27 Diego PettenòRename template included sources from .h to _template.c.
2008-10-27 Aurelien Jacobsset correct number of fractions for multitable
2008-10-27 Michael Niedermayerrgb2rgb.h was not really intended to be a public header...
2008-10-27 Michael NiedermayerRemove rgb2rgb.h dependancy.
2008-10-27 Måns RullgårdARM: move add_pixels_clamped_ARM() to dsputil_arm_s.S
2008-10-27 Måns RullgårdARM: move VFP DSP functions to dsputils_vfp.S
2008-10-27 Måns RullgårdARM: move prefetch_arm to dsputil_arm_s.S
2008-10-27 Måns RullgårdARM: use new macros for assembler function labels
2008-10-27 Måns RullgårdARM: add some assembler convenience macros
2008-10-27 Baptiste Coudurierfix umid base value, use revision 5 and generic materia...
2008-10-27 Baptiste Couduriersvq3 decoder may need zlib
2008-10-26 Baptiste Coudurierfix sound essence compression UL
2008-10-26 Baptiste Coudurierfix start position UL
2008-10-26 Baptiste Couduriersvq3 watermark code now needs zlib
2008-10-26 Baptiste Couduriersvq3 watermark decoding support, based on reverse engin...
2008-10-26 Vitor SessakSilence GCC warning
2008-10-26 Måns Rullgårdcosmetic: align backslashes in makefiles
2008-10-26 Måns RullgårdMerge OBJS-$(FOO) lists with same FOO
2008-10-26 Benjamin LarssonDisable codec downmix when not using simd instead of...
2008-10-26 Benjamin LarssonFix dca decoder with non simd float2int16 conversion
2008-10-26 Benjamin LarssonFix compilation with TRACE
2008-10-25 Carl Eugen... Remove unused code that can't be compiled without svn...
2008-10-25 Måns RullgårdARM: faster ARMv6 FASTDIV()
2008-10-25 Aurelien Jacobsremove useless ifdeffery, tscc won't do anything useful...
2008-10-25 Aurelien Jacobsenable zlib and bzlib only when useful
2008-10-25 Aurelien Jacobssvq3: remove unused include
2008-10-25 Michael NiedermayerDo not attempt to use the unscaled yuv2rgb converter...
2008-10-25 Måns RullgårdUse OBJS variable for all object files
2008-10-25 Måns RullgårdRemove unused SRCS make variable
2008-10-25 Måns RullgårdAdd CONFIG_GOLOMB and auto-select when needed
2008-10-25 Måns RullgårdAuto-enable CONFIG_MDCT when needed
2008-10-25 Måns RullgårdAC3 encoder doesn't need FFT
2008-10-25 Diego BiurrunAdd subtitle format section.
2008-10-25 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Slightly update MP3 support entry.
2008-10-25 Diego BiurrunMark formats requiring external libs with an 'E' in...
2008-10-25 Diego BiurrunAdd GSM into list of supported audio codecs.
2008-10-25 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Uniformize external library comments.
2008-10-25 David ConradDocumentation and changelog update for libspeex decoding
2008-10-25 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Change the order of mlp parser objects to...
2008-10-25 Diego BiurrunMove declaration of mlp decoder dependency on mlp parse...
2008-10-25 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics: ffserver -> FFserver
2008-10-25 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, indentation
2008-10-25 Baptiste Couduriercheck if stream is set, fix potential segv
2008-10-24 Måns RullgårdBuild MMX/SSE FFT only if CONFIG_FFT is set
2008-10-24 Måns RullgårdDCA decoder needs FFT
2008-10-24 Måns Rullgårdconfigure: add foo_suggest facility
2008-10-24 Måns Rullgårdconfigure: add enable_weak and disable_weak
2008-10-24 Måns Rullgårdconfigure: allow recursive foo_select options
2008-10-24 Baptiste Couduriersimplify sample rate code, flv_set_audio_codec already...
2008-10-24 Måns RullgårdAuto-enable CONFIG_FFT for codecs that need it
2008-10-24 Måns Rullgårdconfigure: cosmetics
2008-10-24 Måns Rullgårdconfigure: add foo_select facility
2008-10-24 Måns Rullgårdconfigure: fix disabled_any to return false for empty...
2008-10-24 Diego Biurrunprettyprinting cosmetics
2008-10-24 Diego Biurrunspelling cosmetics
2008-10-24 Kenan GilletSplit off celp_filters.[ch] from acelp_filters.[ch...
2008-10-24 Kenan GilletRename acelp_math.[ch] to celp_math.[ch] to prepare...
2008-10-24 Baptiste Coudurierforce sample rate to 16khz for speex in flv, fix speexa...
2008-10-24 Pascal Massiminofix for >2GB flv files
2008-10-24 David ConradSpeex decoding via libspeex
2008-10-24 Kostya ShishkovChoose RV3/4 DC quantizer correctly
2008-10-24 Baptiste Coudurierraw dnxhd de/muxer
2008-10-24 Baptiste Coudurierdnxhd parser
2008-10-23 Vitor SessakCosmetics: alignment
2008-10-23 Vitor SessakFix broken palette8to*.
2008-10-23 Baptiste Coudurierdnxhd codec is intra only
2008-10-23 Baptiste Coudurieradd state64 field to ParseContext storing last 8 bytes...
2008-10-23 Diego Biurruncosmetics: typo fix