2013-02-09 Vladimir Pantelicasfdec: silence a warning
2013-02-09 Diego Biurrunmss4, ra288: Remove unused DSPContext local codec conte...
2013-02-08 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move fdct function declarations to dct.h
2013-02-08 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move LOCAL_ALIGNED macros to libavutil
2013-02-08 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move WRAPPER8_16_SQ macro to the only place...
2013-02-08 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move rnd_avg inline functions to a separate...
2013-02-08 Diego Biurrundsputil: Remove commented-out, unused function declarations
2013-02-07 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move ff_shrink* function declarations to separ...
2013-02-07 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move ff_svq3 function declarations to a separa...
2013-02-07 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move ff_h264_idct function declarations to...
2013-02-07 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move copy_block functions to a separate header
2013-02-07 Diego Biurrundsputil: Drop unused functions copy_block{2|4|16}
2013-02-07 Mans Rullgardindeo3: replace use of copy_block4 with put_pixels
2013-02-07 Mans Rullgardmjpegdec: use put_pixels instead of copy_block8
2013-02-07 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move get_penalty_factor() to the only place...
2013-02-07 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move ff_block_permute to mpegvideo_enc
2013-02-07 Daniel Kangdsputil: x86: Fix compile error
2013-02-06 Daniel Kangdsputil: x86: Convert h263 loop filter to yasm
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo: remove an unused function parameter
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovrv10: improve buffer size check.
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnoverror_resilience: remove a useless if() and FIXME
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovh264: remove silly macros
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovh263: remove an unused parameter from ff_h263_decode_in...
2013-02-06 Tim Walkerflac: add channel layout masks for streams with 7 or...
2013-02-06 Tim Walkerflac: don't check the number of channels before setting...
2013-02-06 Martin Storsjöh264chroma: x86: Fix building with yasm disabled
2013-02-06 Diego Biurrunrv34: Drop now unnecessary dsputil dependencies
2013-02-06 Diego Biurrundsputil: Separate h264chroma
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo: initialize dummy reference frames.
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovnuv: do not rely on get_buffer() initializing the frame.
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovyop: initialize palette to 0
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovyop: check for input overreads.
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovyop: check that extradata is large enough.
2013-02-06 Kostya Shishkovqtrle: fix the topmost line for 1bit
2013-02-06 Kostya Shishkovxxan: properly handle odd heights.
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovfraps: fix off-by one bug for version 1.
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovaasc: fix output for msrle compression.
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovmsrledec: check bounds before constructing a possibly...
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovcmdutils: remove ansi from the list of broken codecs.
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovcdgraphics: do not rely on get_buffer() initializing...
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovsvq1: replace struct svq1_frame_size with an array.
2013-02-06 Anton Khirnovvf_yadif: silence a warning.
2013-02-06 Diego Biurrunasf: K&R formatting cosmetics
2013-02-06 Vladimir Pantelicvc1dec: use codec_id instead of codec_tag for VC1IMAGE
2013-02-05 Luca Barbatosh4: drop unused functions
2013-02-05 Diego Biurrunsh4: Fix silly type vs. variable name search and replac...
2013-02-05 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Group all hwaccels together in a separate...
2013-02-05 Diego BiurrunAdd av_cold attributes to arch-specific init functions
2013-02-05 Diego BiurrunUse ptrdiff_t instead of int for {avg, put}_pixels...
2013-02-04 Diego Biurrunavfilter: x86: consistent filenames for filter optimiza...
2013-02-04 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo: simplify REBASE_PICTURE
2013-02-01 Diego Biurrunvf_hqdn3d: x86: Add proper arch optimization initialization
2013-02-01 Diego BiurrunUse proper "" quotes for local header #includes
2013-02-01 Diego Biurrunppc: fmtconvert: Drop two unused variables.
2013-02-01 Anton Khirnovbink demuxer: set framerate.
2013-02-01 Anton Khirnovbink demuxer: check malloc return value
2013-02-01 Anton Khirnovbink: fix a check for the first frame.
2013-02-01 Diego Biurrundoc/developer: Drop obsolete MPlayer reference
2013-02-01 Diego Biurrundoc/developer: Add ISC license to list of acceptable...
2013-02-01 Diego Biurrundoc/developer: Add web links for all suggested licenses
2013-01-31 Diego Biurrunx86: hpel: Move {avg,put}_pixels16_sse2 to hpeldsp
2013-01-31 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Add a comment indicating why uclibc is check...
2013-01-31 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Move newlib libc check before mingw libc...
2013-01-31 Diego Biurrunavisynth: Change demuxer name to avoid conflicts with AVS
2013-01-31 Martin Storsjömpegvideo: Do REBASE_PICTURE with byte pointers
2013-01-30 Ronald S. Bultjedsputil: remove unused functions copy_block{2, 4, 8...
2013-01-30 Martin Storsjömovenc: Simplify code by using avio_wb24
2013-01-29 Luca Barbatobfin: unbreak compilation
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovvf_delogo: fix copying the input frame.
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovvf_delogo: fix an uninitialized read.
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovh264: remove obsolete comment.
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo: remove some unused variables from Picture.
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovutvideoenc/v410enc: do not set AVFrame.reference.
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovpthread: make ff_thread_release_buffer idempotent.
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovmvi: set framerate
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovrawdec: use AVPALETTE_SIZE instead of magic constants.
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovmimic: remove a pointless cast.
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovmdec: return meaningful error codes.
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovmdec: cosmetics, reformat
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnovmdec: merge mdec_common_init() into decode_init().
2013-01-29 Anton Khirnoveatgv: use fixed-width types where appropriate.
2013-01-28 Diego Biurrunx86: Simplify some arch conditionals
2013-01-28 Diego Biurrunbfin: Separate VP3 initialization code
2013-01-28 Luca Barbatobfin: update VP3 idct
2013-01-28 Michael Niedermayerx86: hpeldsp: Fix a typo, use the right register
2013-01-28 Luca Barbatoshorten: fix array subscript is below array bounds...
2013-01-28 Daniel Kangdsputil: Fix error by not using redzone and register...
2013-01-27 Michael Niedermayerswscale: GBRP output support
2013-01-27 Martin Storsjöarm: vp8: Fix the plain-armv6 version of vp8_luma_dc_wht
2013-01-27 Daniel Kangdsputil: x86: Correct the number of registers used...
2013-01-27 Daniel Kangdsputil: add missing HAVE_YASM guard
2013-01-27 Rémi Denis... hwaccel: do not offer unsupported pixel formats
2013-01-27 Rémi Denis... vdpau: add missing pixel format for H.264
2013-01-27 Daniel Kangdsputil: x86: Convert mpeg4 qpel and dsputil avg to...
2013-01-27 Ronald S. BultjeMove H264/QPEL specific asm from dsputil.asm to h264_qp...
2013-01-26 Luca Barbatodoc: update the reference for the title
2013-01-26 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo_enc: fix indentation in load_input_picture()
2013-01-26 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo_enc: do not modify the input frame.
2013-01-26 Anton Khirnovmjpegdec: fix indentation
2013-01-26 Anton Khirnovrawdec: cosmetics, reformat