2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayerremove useless #ifdef
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayerremove inline from non speed critical functions
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayervertical align
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayerindention
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayerremove unneeded {}
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayeradd {} to make the else look a little more normal
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayerindention
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayerindention
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayerremove debug variable
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayerremove #if 0 code
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayercosmetic
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayerfactorize
2007-11-09 Michael Niedermayerintrax8 decoder patch by "someone"
2007-11-09 Diego BiurrunClarify Visual Studio FAQ.
2007-11-09 Luca AbeniAdd support for some more audio formats
2007-11-09 Diego BiurrunDisable unused function, fixes the warning:
2007-11-08 Måns RullgårdImprove Sofdec file detection
2007-11-08 Aurelien Jacobsfix potential buffer over-read
2007-11-08 Aurelien Jacobsfix negative fseek
2007-11-08 Ronald S. BultjeSplit ac3 byte swapping into a separate function.
2007-11-08 Ronald S. BultjeIsolate caching of audio frames in its own function.
2007-11-08 Ronald S. BultjeChange a stream indexer.
2007-11-08 Ronald S. BultjeSplit out the packet parsing from the main function...
2007-11-08 Ronald S. BultjeChange parse indexer.
2007-11-08 Aurelien Jacobsfix libogg muxer dependency checking
2007-11-08 Luca AbeniReindent the code after last commit
2007-11-08 Luca AbeniRemove redundant "if(len)"
2007-11-08 Diego BiurrunGive Ogg muxer a lib prefix in the name like we do...
2007-11-08 Martin LindheMove 2 defines from mpegaudiodec.c to mpegaudiodata...
2007-11-08 Benoit FouetChange ff_rm_read_mdpr_codecdata to get back to old...
2007-11-07 Aurelien Jacobscorrectly set audio codec when demuxing sofdec files
2007-11-07 Aurelien Jacobscosmetics: indentation
2007-11-07 Aurelien Jacobssplit wmv2 in its own file
2007-11-07 Jeff DownsFix deblocking filter for field pictures by properly...
2007-11-07 Aurelien Jacobsrename some msmpeg4 symbols and make them non-static
2007-11-07 Diego BiurrunFix make checkheaders by adding missing #include.
2007-11-07 Aurelien Jacobsprobe more kind of electronic arts files
2007-11-07 Aurelien Jacobssplit definition of PCM_CODEC into PCM_ENCODER and...
2007-11-07 Diego BiurrunMove external library registrations into a separate...
2007-11-07 Diego BiurrunAdd some explanatory comments.
2007-11-07 Diego BiurrunRename ogg2.[ch] to oggdec.[ch].
2007-11-07 Diego BiurrunRemove disabled muxer skeleton, blessed by Mans.
2007-11-07 Diego BiurrunGive the libnut muxer a lib prefix in its name so it...
2007-11-07 Ronald S. BultjeSpecify the server address when opening an rtp:// URL...
2007-11-07 Thorsten JordanCheck context before accessing its field.
2007-11-07 Kostya ShishkovMusepack SV8 demuxer and decoder
2007-11-06 Jeff DownsFix poc for field pictures. Prior to this, the poc...
2007-11-06 Björn Axelssonffplay currently needs special handling for pausing...
2007-11-06 Björn AxelssonAllow propagation of stream selection through the ASF...
2007-11-06 Ronald S. BultjeSplit out the MDPR chunk reading into its own function.
2007-11-06 Timofei V.... fix predictor initialization for adpcm-ima encoder...
2007-11-06 Diego BiurrunKeep -lvorbis in libvorbis linker flags even when only...
2007-11-05 Jeff DownsCorrect assignment of interlaced_frame; was being set...
2007-11-05 Luca AbeniDo not send too many RTCP packets (according to RFC...
2007-11-05 Luca AbeniUse a symbolic name for the payload size of an RTCP...
2007-11-05 Benoit FouetFix mov checksums following r10852.
2007-11-04 Diego BiurrunQuote paths in uninstall commands where necessary.
2007-11-04 Diego BiurrunAdd some parentheses to clarify operator precedence...
2007-11-04 Andreas Ömanmake sure the mpeg audio header is valid before passing...
2007-11-04 Diego BiurrunRemove libvorbis Vorbis decoding support. Our native...
2007-11-04 Diego BiurrunEnable debug variable only when debug code is enabled...
2007-11-04 Diego BiurrunThe function names of [rgb|bgr]1[56]to[UV|Y] had rgb...
2007-11-04 Benjamin LarssonRemove unused variable
2007-11-04 Ramiro PollaList enabled code in configure output
2007-11-04 Ramiro PollaSpeed up show_list
2007-11-04 Ramiro PollaWarn user if bitrate parameter is too low
2007-11-04 Ramiro PollaThe Windows Help Forum is not ffmpeg-user for Windows
2007-11-04 Diego BiurrunMove external library codec registration to a separate...
2007-11-04 Josh CoalsonAdd decoding support for variable block size FLAC files...
2007-11-03 Josh CoalsonAdd support for FLAC's new RICE2 entropy coding method...
2007-11-03 Aurelien Jacobsadd support for demuxing Electronic Arts .cdata files
2007-11-03 Aurelien Jacobsadd Electronic Arts XAS ADPCM decoder
2007-11-03 Kostya ShishkovAdd ff_ prefix to get_v()
2007-11-03 Kostya ShishkovMake get_v() available to the other demuxers
2007-11-03 Michael Niedermayertypo
2007-11-03 Fabrice BellardUse the ffmpeg mdct function, patch by Fabrice Bellard...
2007-11-03 Michael Niedermayerfix misdetection of mp3could_not_find_codec_parameters.mp3
2007-11-03 Kostya ShishkovSeek regression for RM demuxer fix
2007-11-02 Stefano SabatiniDoxyfication, patch by Stefano Sabatini %stefano P...
2007-11-02 Kostya ShishkovSplit Musepack decoder into SV7 decoder and synth core
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobsmove adx.c to adxdec.c
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobssplit adx encoder in its own file
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobsremove useless debug func
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobsrevert part of r10899 which was not intended
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobscleanup and simplify adx_decode_header()
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobsremove useless initialization to 0 of adx context
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobssimplify dpcm decoders declaration using a macro
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobsremove useless #undef
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobsremove unreachable code
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobscosmetics: alignment
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobsdon't register adpcm encoders which are not implemented
2007-11-01 Stefano Sabatinidoxy/cosmetics fixes. Patch by Stefano Sabatini %stefan...
2007-11-01 Kostya ShishkovRevert get_num() to old behaviour in order to handle
2007-11-01 Michael Niedermayercheck av_interleaved_write_frame() return
2007-11-01 Aurelien Jacobscosmetics: sort
2007-10-31 Michael Niedermayerprefer our native vorbis decoder over libvorbis
2007-10-31 Michael Niedermayerfix issue130
2007-10-31 Michael Niedermayersupport flv with invalid header
2007-10-31 Michael Niedermayerfactorize stream creation
2007-10-31 Diego BiurrunRemove redundant -DHAVE_AV_CONFIG_H from tests/seek_tes...