2010-07-23 Jason Garrett... VP8: eliminate redundant code in r24458
2010-07-23 Jason Garrett... VP8: shave a few clocks off check_intra_pred_mode
2010-07-23 Vitor SessakAdd VP8 sign bias code regtest. Not tested by the offic...
2010-07-23 Jason Garrett... VP8: fix broken sign bias code in MV pred
2010-07-23 Jason Garrett... VP8: optimize DC-only chroma case in the same way as...
2010-07-23 Jason Garrett... VP8: Clean up some variable shadowing.
2010-07-23 Jason Garrett... VP8 asm: cosmetics (spacing)
2010-07-23 Jason Garrett... VP8: 30% faster idct_mb
2010-07-23 Jason Garrett... VP8: smarter prefetching
2010-07-23 Baptiste CoudurierIn h264 parser, return immediately if buf_size is 0...
2010-07-23 Baptiste CoudurierIn mpegts muxer, fix rbsp trailing bits in AUD nal...
2010-07-23 Jason Garrett... VP8: clear DCT blocks in iDCT instead of using clear_bl...
2010-07-23 Jason Garrett... VP8: avoid a memset for non-i4x4 blocks with no coeffic...
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Get rid of more unnecessary dereferences in VP8 deblocking
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Shut up an uninitialized variable GCC warning in VP8.
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Smarter VP8 prefetching
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniPrefer impersonal form over third person, for consisten...
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Fix stupid bug in VP8 prefetching code
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniAdd an APIchanges entry after the M_PHI addition.
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Eliminate a LUT in escape decoding in VP8 decode_block_...
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniRemove dependency on avcodec_get_chroma_sub_sample...
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniAdd the M_PHI constant, contains an approximation of...
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Eliminate some repeated dereferences in VP8 inter_predict
2010-07-22 Ronald S. BultjeUse pextrw for SSE4 mbedge filter result writing, speed...
2010-07-22 Ramiro Pollaswscale-test: use only 3 characters to print width...
2010-07-22 Ramiro Pollaswscale-test: print test name before running test,...
2010-07-22 Måns RullgårdDo not automatically run configure
2010-07-22 Ramiro Pollaswscale-test: allocate more memory to prevent scalers...
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniFactorize indent definition in PRINT_LIB_INFO().
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniMerge maybe_print_config() and PRINT_LIB_CONFIG() in...
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniRename:
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniReindent.
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniIncrease flexibility of PRINT_LIB_VERSION(), make it...
2010-07-22 James ZernMap settings for 2-pass libvpx encoding.
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Eliminate a pointless memset for intra blocks in P...
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... VP8: Don't store segment in macroblock struct anymore.
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Convert VP8 macroblock structures to a ring buffer.
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniAdd APIchanges entry for the libavfilter media format...
2010-07-22 S.N. Hemanth... Generalize pixel format enum fields to int formats.
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniDocument create_filter().
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniAdd simple doxy to link_filter().
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniFix documentation for parse_link_name().
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniConsistently use Uppercase for the first character...
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniMake link_filter() propagate the generated error code.
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniFix style: "if(" -> "if (".
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Calculate deblock strength per-MB instead of per-row
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Avoid tracking i4x4 modes in P-frames in VP8
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Avoid useless fill_rectangle in P-frames in VP8
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Optimize partition mv decoding in VP8
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Take shortcuts for mv0 case in VP8 MC
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Much faster VP8 mv and mode prediction
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Convert vp56_mv to 16-bit.
2010-07-22 Jason Garrett... Add prefetching to VP8 decoder
2010-07-22 Ronald S. BultjeFix and enable horizontal >=SSE2 mbedge loopfilter.
2010-07-22 Loren Merrittrelicense h264 deblock sse2 to lgpl
2010-07-21 Stefano SabatiniAdd APIchanges entry after libavcore addition.
2010-07-21 Loren Merrittsync yasm macros from x264
2010-07-21 Jason Garrett... Eliminate one instruction in VP8 dc_add_sse4
2010-07-21 Vitor SessakAdd WMAPro regtests
2010-07-21 Jason Garrett... Various VP8 x86 deblocking speedups
2010-07-21 Aurelien Jacobsuse return value of ff_get_line()
2010-07-21 Aurelien Jacobsdocument ff_get_line()
2010-07-21 Aurelien Jacobsimprove ff_get_line to return line length
2010-07-21 Aurelien Jacobsmove ff_get_line to aviobuf.c
2010-07-21 Aurelien Jacobsrename get_line to ff_get_line
2010-07-21 Jason Garrett... Make mmx VP8 WHT faster
2010-07-21 Måns Rullgårdregtest: simplify cleanup after each test
2010-07-21 Måns Rullgårdfate: delete useless artifacts after running each test
2010-07-21 Måns Rullgårdfate: keep stderr from failing tests
2010-07-21 Stefano SabatiniAdd libavcore.
2010-07-21 Víctor PaesaTypo.
2010-07-21 Axel HolzingerZero-initialize structs/arrays with {0} instead of...
2010-07-21 Martin StorsjöReindent, rewrap long comment lines to keep line length...
2010-07-21 Martin Storsjörtpdec_asf: Handle RTSP-MS packet splitting
2010-07-21 Stefano SabatiniDocument the buffer source.
2010-07-21 Stefano SabatiniExtend buffer source syntax.
2010-07-21 Stefano SabatiniAdd an informational trace in init().
2010-07-21 Stefano SabatiniClarify logic and feedback of the init() function.
2010-07-21 Stefano SabatiniAdd description to the buffer source.
2010-07-21 Ramiro Polladarwin: allow 64-bit darwin to allocate executable...
2010-07-21 Diego PettenòMake ff_inverse stay with libavutil, and optional copy...
2010-07-21 Måns RullgårdEnable lavfi test in "make test"
2010-07-21 David ConradAdd header declarations for mmx/sse constants missing...
2010-07-21 David ConradMove ff_pw_* from vc1dsp_mmx.c to dsputil_mmx.c
2010-07-21 Thierry Foucugxfenc: Fix ES name in the UMF media description, by...
2010-07-20 Ronald S. BultjeVP8 MBedge loopfilter MMX/MMX2/SSE2 functions for both...
2010-07-20 Ramiro Pollaswscale-test: use av_pix_fmt_descriptors[].name directly
2010-07-20 Ronald S. BultjeChroma (width=8) inner loopfilter MMX/MMX2/SSE2 for...
2010-07-20 Måns Rullgårdconfigure: make sh_quote() more robust
2010-07-20 Pascal Massiminoremove an unneeded av_realloc()
2010-07-20 Vitor SessakWMAVoice regtests
2010-07-20 Måns Rullgårdconfigure: create .config file where I intended
2010-07-20 Måns Rullgårdconfigure: create .config file in configure to avoid...
2010-07-20 Måns RullgårdRerun configure when all*.c files have changed
2010-07-20 Måns RullgårdChange message tag for tests to simply TEST
2010-07-20 Måns Rullgårdvp8: indent
2010-07-20 Måns Rullgårdvp8: add do { } while(0) around XCHG() macro to avoid...
2010-07-20 Diego BiurrunAdd some braces to silence the warning:
2010-07-20 Stefano SabatiniApply misc cosmetical style fixes.
2010-07-20 Stefano SabatiniAdd @file doxy.