2007-06-17 Måns Rullgårdindent
2007-06-17 Måns Rullgårdsimplify simd extension checking
2007-06-17 Guillaume Poirierre-enable use of h264_v_loop_filter_luma_altivec and...
2007-06-17 Graham Bookerpart 2/2 of fixing Altivec-accelerated H264 luma inloop...
2007-06-17 Guillaume Poirierconvert h264_deblock_q1 to an inline function.
2007-06-17 Ramiro PollaIndentation
2007-06-17 Måns Rullgårdadd "checkheaders" target
2007-06-17 Måns Rullgårdadd multiple inclusion guards to headers
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdinclude all prerequisites in header files
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdmove a couple of macros and structs to mpegaudio.h
2007-06-16 Ramiro PollaAdd expression evaluation parameters for colors in...
2007-06-16 Andreas ÖmanFactor out init_scan_tables(), patch by Andreas Öman...
2007-06-16 Graham BookerUse a faster way to compute 255-val: Instead of creatin...
2007-06-16 Reimar DöffingerMissing libswscale part of TARGET_ -> HAVE_ change
2007-06-16 Reimar DöffingerCopile fix: missing libswscale part of ffmpeg r9322...
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdmove definition of MB_TYPE_H261_FIL to h261.h so h261...
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdcorrect type of qsort() comparison callback
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdcorrect type for h263_parse()
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdfix indentation
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdreplace endian detection hack with #ifdef WORDS_BIGENDIAN
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdfix some printf format specifiers
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdcorrect type for {put,avg}_h264_chroma_mc2_mmx2
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdkill some "defined but not used" warnings
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdkill a warning on 64-bit machines
2007-06-16 Måns Rullgårdmove dsputil_init_foo() out from #ifdef
2007-06-16 Ramiro PollaTypo
2007-06-15 Måns Rullgårdtest whether linker supports --warn-common
2007-06-15 Ramiro PollaIndentation for previous commit
2007-06-15 Ramiro PollaAllow user to specify rgb.txt for imlib2 vhook
2007-06-15 Måns Rullgårdmerge print_config_enable() and print_config() as only...
2007-06-15 Måns Rullgårdreplace TARGET_* with HAVE_* simplifying lists in confi...
2007-06-15 Måns Rullgårdadd x86 to ARCH_LIST simplifying config file generation
2007-06-15 Måns Rullgårdreplace TARGET_ARCH_* to ARCH_* for consistency
2007-06-15 Aurelien Jacobsgenerate ENABLE_* defines also for ARCH_*
2007-06-15 Aurelien Jacobsuse if() instead of #ifdef and ensure all possible...
2007-06-15 Aurelien Jacobsgenerate ENABLE_* defines also for all the HAVE_* values
2007-06-15 Patrice BensoussanAdd support for track numbers when they are set via...
2007-06-15 Guillaume Poiriersome samples aren't decoded correctly such as
2007-06-15 Panagiotis... Remove unneeded semicolon.
2007-06-15 Panagiotis... Correct signature of just_return().
2007-06-14 Aurelien Jacobsuse get_bits_long() where needed
2007-06-14 Ramiro PollaVhooks require special cflags and ldflags for Windows...
2007-06-14 Ramiro PollaMake ppm vhook depend on fork()
2007-06-14 Ramiro PollaPrint static vhook warning for Cygwin and MinGW
2007-06-14 Ramiro PollaPrint static vhook warning for Cygwin only when both...
2007-06-14 Panagiotis... Remove an unreferenced variable from qpeg_decode_inter().
2007-06-14 Benoit Fouetadd and remove some parentheses
2007-06-14 Albert LeeSimplify init preprocessor statements.
2007-06-14 Guillaume Poirierthis file credits authors of non-trivial code, which...
2007-06-14 Nicolas GeorgeMore detailed documentation
2007-06-13 Guillaume PoirierList myself in CREDITS as I did have some of code commi...
2007-06-13 Diego Biurrunmisc spelling fixes
2007-06-13 Marc Hoffmanremoving underscores from block profiling renaming...
2007-06-13 Marc HoffmanBlackfin - read_time primitive
2007-06-13 Carl Eugen... Improve understanding ofavcodec_find_decoder()
2007-06-13 LordWorkaround adjustments for DivX 6.1 and later
2007-06-13 Ronald S. Bultjeremove decode_be32/64 and replace them by AV_RB32/64
2007-06-12 Guillaume Poiriercosmetics
2007-06-12 Ramiro PollaRemove unused declarations
2007-06-12 Sigbjorn Skjaeretkill one vector constant value load by the right combin...
2007-06-12 Sigbjorn Skjaeretrestore GCC2/3 support, patch by Sigbjorn Skjaeret...
2007-06-12 Marc Hoffmanintegrating MPV_common_init_bfin into the build system...
2007-06-12 Marc HoffmanBlackfin dct_quantize_bfin routine
2007-06-12 Marc HoffmanBlackfin IDCT has no special permutation it uses normal...
2007-06-12 Diego Biurrunmisc typo fixes
2007-06-12 Kostya ShishkovTypo
2007-06-12 Diego Biurrunmisc spelling fixes
2007-06-12 Stefano SabatiniMove the video size and rate abbreviations system from...
2007-06-12 Diego BiurrunAdd some explanatory comments to #endif directives.
2007-06-12 Michael Donaghyfix 8- and 24-bit FLAC decoding
2007-06-12 Diego BiurrunRemove unused static function.
2007-06-11 Michael Niedermayerdont attach huge samplesto mails
2007-06-11 Aurelien Jacobsmove codecs declarations from avcodec.h to allcodecs.h
2007-06-11 Diego BiurrunThe video hooks do not depend on the libav* libraries.
2007-06-11 Guillaume Poirierone step closer to restoring GCC-3.3 support: kills...
2007-06-11 Eric LasotaCygwin compatibility workaround
2007-06-10 Diego BiurrunWe do not create .d files, thus no need to remove them.
2007-06-10 Diego BiurrunMove libpostproc-specific uninstallation command to...
2007-06-10 Diego BiurrunUse consistent paths for adding values to LDFLAGS.
2007-06-10 Ronald S. BultjeAdd a bounds check on AVProbeData input.
2007-06-10 Diego BiurrunMove HAVE_AV_CONFIG_H definition to the Makefile like...
2007-06-10 Diego Biurrunwhitespace cosmetics
2007-06-10 Diego BiurrunSimplify ffplay.o CFLAGS handling.
2007-06-10 Diego BiurrunCompile all binaries with default CFLAGS.
2007-06-10 Diego BiurrunMake main() return 0 at the end and mark as int.
2007-06-10 Diego BiurrunAdd appropriate headers for exit and printf.
2007-06-10 Diego BiurrunSimplify command with automatic variable.
2007-06-10 Ronald S. BultjeAdapt to API changes, fix compilation.
2007-06-09 Guillaume Poirierminor GCC3 compile fix
2007-06-09 Graham BookerAltivec version of h264_(h|v)_loop_filter_luma
2007-06-09 Ronald S. BultjeAdd some #includes to allow compilation without HAVE_AV...
2007-06-09 Diego BiurrunRemove unused variable.
2007-06-09 Diego BiurrunRemove redundant #include, avformat.h indirectly includ...
2007-06-08 Graham Bookerwork around issues with the old version of Gnu Assemble...
2007-06-08 Diego BiurrunRemove stray commented out line, fix individual regress...
2007-06-08 Michael Niedermayersimplify
2007-06-08 Michael Niedermayerremove now unused "global" pcr_pid
2007-06-08 Michael Niedermayerproper per stream pcr_pid support by (Wolfram Gloger...
2007-06-08 Reimar DöffingerFix yuv2rgb C functions to work for widths divisible...
2007-06-07 Diego BiurrunMerge tests Makefile into the top-level Makefile.