Clarify that yuv2rgb_init.c cannot be used under LGPL
[ffmpeg.git] / libswscale / Makefile
2006-12-22 Luca AbeniClarify that yuv2rgb_init.c cannot be used under LGPL
2006-12-20 Luca AbeniAllow to compile swscale's non-SIMD code under the...
2006-11-09 Luca AbeniSynch with ffmpeg's r6938 "allow spaces in source and...
2006-10-23 Luca AbeniProperly set EXTRALIBS
2006-10-11 Diego BiurrunMove CFLAGS handling to common.mak.
2006-10-07 Diego BiurrunReplace -I.. by -I$(BUILD_ROOT).
2006-10-05 Diego BiurrunSimplify test program build.
2006-10-05 Diego BiurrunTest programs depend on $(LIB).
2006-10-04 Diego BiurrunFFmpeg uses -D_ISOC9X_SOURCE and not -D_GNU_SOURCE...
2006-10-04 Diego BiurrunRemove cs_test and swscale-example on clean.
2006-10-04 Diego BiurrunRemove redundant EXTRALIBS declaration.
2006-10-04 Diego BiurrunSimplify compilation call by using $(EXTRALIBS).
2006-08-21 Luca AbeniAllow to compile swscale tests
2006-08-17 Diego BiurrunMove all internal -I parameters to the front of CFLAGS...
2006-08-16 Luca AbeniFix compilation as a win32 shared library (libavutil...
2006-07-10 Luca Abenimake libswscale build system similar to the libav* one
2006-06-30 Luca AbeniMove postproc ---> libswscale