Cosmetics: consistently prefer "size" over "len"/"length" for the
[ffmpeg.git] / libavutil / base64.c
2009-02-08 Stefano SabatiniCosmetics: consistently prefer "size" over "len"/"lengt...
2009-02-08 Stefano SabatiniMake av_base64_encode() do not require the user to...
2009-02-06 Stefano SabatiniAdd a new test program for base64, based on that remove...
2009-02-06 Stefano SabatiniRemove broken test program.
2009-02-01 Diego BiurrunUse full internal pathname in doxygen @file directives.
2009-01-28 Diego Biurrunspelling/grammar/consistency review part II
2009-01-21 Diego BiurrunMake base64 test program compilable as a standard test...
2009-01-21 Diego BiurrunAdd void keyword to parameterless function declaration.
2008-10-21 Aurelien Jacobsuses FF_ARRAY_ELEMS() where appropriate
2008-05-06 Diego BiurrunRemove unnecessary parentheses from return calls.
2008-01-14 Sigbjørn SkjæretAdd a couple of missing consts.
2007-11-08 Luca AbeniReindent the code after last commit
2007-11-08 Luca AbeniRemove redundant "if(len)"
2007-10-30 Luca AbeniMark the source buffer as "const"
2007-03-19 Luca Barbatoexpose av_base64_decode and av_base64_encode
2007-02-28 Luca BarbatoReverting stray commit part II, r8156 had the base64...
2007-02-28 Luca BarbatoReverting stray commit part I
2007-02-28 Luca Barbatoget_packetheader() forgot to read the header_checksum...
2007-02-13 Carl Eugen HoyosMove base64.[ch] to libavutil.