Add metadata support. Patch by Michael Karcher.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavformat / oma.c
2010-06-17 Michael KarcherAdd metadata support. Patch by Michael Karcher.
2010-04-20 Diego BiurrunRemove explicit filename from Doxygen @file commands.
2010-03-30 Stefano SabatiniDefine AVMediaType enum, and use it instead of enum...
2010-01-17 Carl Eugen HoyosFix indentation after r21257.
2010-01-17 Michael KarcherSupport demuxing of Sony OpenMG files without metadata...
2009-06-22 Daniel VerkampAdd ff_ prefixes to exported symbols in libavformat...
2009-05-16 Måns Rullgårdoma: fix build if memcmp() is a macro
2009-02-01 Diego BiurrunUse full internal pathname in doxygen @file directives.
2008-08-24 Reimar DöffingerMark several libavformat arrays const
2008-08-24 Reimar DöffingerChange codec_tag type from const struct AVCodecTag...
2008-06-25 Benjamin LarssonAdd support for mp3 contained in oma
2008-06-25 Benjamin LarssonRearrange parameter logic
2008-06-25 Benjamin LarssonAdd more codec IDs and tags.
2008-06-08 Benjamin LarssonOma demuxer