Extract the pure plaintext from mov text subtitles.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavformat / mov.c
2008-01-26 Reimar DöffingerExtract the pure plaintext from mov text subtitles.
2008-01-26 Michael NiedermayerSet correct codec type and id for text subtitles.
2008-01-26 Michael Niedermayerindent
2008-01-26 Michael NiedermayerOnly export packets which belong to the existing AVStream.
2008-01-26 Michael NiedermayerSelect non jpeg if there are multiple substreams.
2008-01-06 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, split overly long lines
2007-12-19 Baptiste Couduriersupports glbl atom containing generic extradata for...
2007-12-16 Baptiste Coudurieruseless 0L here
2007-12-16 Baptiste Coudurierremove now useless fields
2007-12-16 Baptiste Coudurierdo not retain useless pointers to avstream priv_data...
2007-12-16 Baptiste Coudurierremove duplicate field
2007-12-16 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics: func -> parse, remove useless parenthesis
2007-12-16 Baptiste Coudurierremove useless declaration
2007-12-16 Baptiste Couduriersave pointer to parse table, it is unlikely to change
2007-12-16 Baptiste Coudurierremove useless seek
2007-12-16 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics
2007-12-16 Baptiste Couduriersupport streamed mov/mp4
2007-12-15 Baptiste Coudurierchoose next sample by sample position
2007-12-05 Mike Melansonadjust indentation on latest patch
2007-12-05 Mike MelansonCheck sanity in the palette loading operation. The...
2007-12-03 Baptiste Coudurierreturn error if malloc failed, found by takis, fix...
2007-12-03 Panagiotis Issarischeck mov_read_default return value where appropriate...
2007-12-02 Reimar DöffingerMake ff_qt_default_palette_* arrays "static const"
2007-11-21 Björn AxelssonUse dynamically allocated ByteIOContext in AVFormatContext
2007-11-10 Diego Biurruncomment typo
2007-10-23 Baptiste Coudurieruse FFMIN
2007-10-22 Baptiste Coudurierfix issue 225, instead of stoping when wrong atom size...
2007-10-08 Baptiste Coudurierappend extradata atoms when parsing, fix OLOCOONS_O3.mov
2007-09-12 Baptiste Coudurierstop parsing udta if size is wrong/garbage, fix issue...
2007-08-04 Baptiste Coudurierset block align to stsd audio v2 bytes per frame for...
2007-08-04 Michael Niedermayerdetect MS wav codecs
2007-07-31 Benoit Fouetfill title, author, copyright and comment fields by...
2007-06-12 Diego Biurrunmisc spelling fixes
2007-05-12 Baptiste Couduriersimplify, no need for a function
2007-05-12 Baptiste Coudurierfix ctts index computation when seeking, check must...
2007-04-26 Baptiste Coudurierremove no more true comment
2007-04-26 Baptiste Couduriercosmectics, use consistant and homogeneous type names...
2007-04-26 Baptiste Coudurieruse dprintf with AVFormatContext and simplify
2007-04-26 Baptiste Coudurierremove now obsolete and no more true comments
2007-04-25 Baptiste Coudurieradd 'wide' reversed tag in probe, detect broken xdcam...
2007-04-21 Baptiste Coudurierlong -> int
2007-04-21 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics: mov_mp4 -> mp4
2007-04-21 Baptiste Coudurierclean and simplify esds reading function
2007-04-21 Baptiste Coudurierremove broken ctab code
2007-04-21 Baptiste Coudurieruse INT64_MAX
2007-04-15 Aurelien Jacobsadd an enum for need_parsing
2007-04-08 Nicholas TungGet rid of unnecessary pointer casts.
2007-04-08 Michael Niedermayerallocate 32 extra bytes at the end of the probe buffer...
2007-03-29 Baptiste Couduriermove atom size check before parsing function search
2007-03-29 Baptiste Coudurierunset sample count to disable track when is broken
2007-03-29 Baptiste Coudurierbreak if atom size is more than size left in container...
2007-03-25 Baptiste Coudurieractivate parser on MP3 id, fix [A-Destiny]_Konjiki_no_G...
2007-03-25 Baptiste Coudurierdont fail immediately when a somehow broken track is...
2007-03-24 Baptiste Couduriercosmectics, mov -> mp4
2007-03-21 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, sample_size_v1 -> bytes_per_frame / samples_...
2007-03-21 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics
2007-03-21 Baptiste Coudurierset audio frame size based on stts
2007-03-12 Michel BardiauxGive context to dprintf
2007-03-03 Baptiste Coudurieruse common tables for mov muxer and demuxer
2007-03-03 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, cleanup tables, add pcm 24/32 le tags
2007-03-03 Baptiste Coudurierpartial avid meridien uncompressed support
2007-03-02 Baptiste Coudurieravid imx support
2007-03-02 Baptiste Couduriersupport for mjpeg bottom field first in mov
2007-03-02 Baptiste Coudurieruse generic atom to extradata reading function
2007-03-01 Baptiste Coudurierquicktime 'raw ' support
2007-01-24 Baptiste Coudurierremove some printf warnings
2007-01-24 Baptiste Couduriermake vars unsigned
2007-01-24 Baptiste Coudurierstop if current sample is higher than sample count
2007-01-24 Baptiste Coudurierreplace strcpy by memcpy
2007-01-24 Baptiste Coudurierremove useless field
2007-01-24 Baptiste Coudurierremove obsolete comment
2007-01-24 Baptiste Couduriermake some fields unsigned
2007-01-24 Baptiste Coudurieradd sanity checks
2007-01-21 Michael Niedermayeradd codec_id <-> codec_tag tables to AVIn/OutputFormat
2007-01-19 Alex Beregszaszirename BE/LE_8/16/32 to AV_RL/B_8/16/32
2007-01-16 Baptiste Coudurieradd msrle fourcc, quicktime_bmp.mov
2007-01-16 Baptiste Coudurieradd png fourcc
2007-01-10 Baptiste Coudurieradd official VC1 fourcc
2007-01-06 Diego BiurrunRename variables: faad --> libfaad, faac --> libfaac...
2006-11-14 Baptiste Coudurierpartial support for vobsub in mp4, used by nero, unsupp...
2006-11-09 Baptiste Couduriersupport m1a hdlr mpeg elementary audio handler, fix...
2006-11-03 Baptiste Coudurierdo not overwrite codec type if already known, fix confl...
2006-11-03 Baptiste Coudurierindention
2006-11-03 Baptiste Coudurierreintroduce isom field and read version 1 audio stsd...
2006-11-01 Steve L'HommeReplace most of the %lld and %llx by their (cleaner...
2006-11-01 Baptiste Coudurierclean, always write major brand for debug
2006-11-01 Baptiste Coudurierremove useless mp4 field
2006-10-25 Baptiste Coudurierremove mov_read_leaf and remove useless reading functio...
2006-10-23 Aurelien Jacobsreplace coder/decoder file description in libavformat...
2006-10-22 Baptiste Coudurieractivate gif decoder, seems to work fine on showdown2.mov
2006-10-20 Baptiste Coudurierwarn about zlib support needed if file has compressed...
2006-10-20 Michael Niedermayermove memory reading ByteIOContext init from mov.c to...
2006-10-19 Michael Niedermayerdont mess with ByteIOContext internal variables (fixes...
2006-10-14 Dominik MierzejewskiUse proper PRI?64 macros for %ll? format to fix printf...
2006-10-13 Kostya ShishkovTIFF decoder
2006-10-11 Kostya ShishkovTarga image decoder
2006-10-07 Diego BiurrunChange license headers to say 'FFmpeg' instead of ...
2006-10-04 Baptiste Coudurierremove useless casts
2006-09-29 Baptiste Coudurierremove useless casts
2006-09-29 Baptiste Coudurierremove gcc warnings about void * used in arithmetic