matroskaenc: correctly handle h264 streams with 3 bytes nal startcodes
[ffmpeg.git] / libavformat / matroskaenc.c
2009-01-20 Aurelien Jacobsmatroskaenc: correctly handle h264 streams with 3 bytes...
2009-01-17 David ConradCosmetics: indent
2009-01-17 David ConradTreat disposition==0 as undefined and don't write the...
2009-01-17 David ConradFlush the buffer after writing the header and when...
2009-01-15 Luca AbeniReindent after last commit
2009-01-15 Luca AbeniDo not reallocate AVPacket's data when muxing a packet
2009-01-11 Diego BiurrunFix build: Add intreadwrite.h and bswap.h #includes...
2008-10-22 Aurelien Jacobsmatroskaenc: require global header
2008-10-04 Aurelien Jacobsmatroskaenc: correct muxing of ASS packets
2008-10-04 Aurelien Jacobsmatroskaenc: use correct EBML ID for block duration
2008-10-04 Aurelien Jacobsmatroskaenc: pass the packet size directly as parameter...
2008-10-04 Aurelien Jacobsmatroskaenc: remove useless mkv_block_size() function
2008-10-03 Diego BiurrunRemove offset_t typedef and use int64_t directly instead.
2008-09-04 Aurelien Jacobsmatroska: subtitle display duration must be stored...
2008-08-24 Reimar DöffingerChange codec_tag type from const struct AVCodecTag...
2008-08-23 Aurelien Jacobsconvert every muxer/demuxer to write/read sample_aspect...
2008-08-05 Diego Biurrunmisc spelling/grammar fixes
2008-08-05 Aurelien Jacobsmatroska: expand useless define for MS compat codec...
2008-07-27 Aurelien Jacobsmatroska: add support for V_QUICKTIME track type
2008-06-03 Stefano SabatiniMake long_names in lavf/lavdev optional depending on...
2008-05-09 Diego BiurrunUse full path for #includes from another directory.
2008-05-01 Justin Rugglesfix encoding of flac private data
2008-04-02 Aurelien Jacobsuse common aac sample rate tables
2008-03-07 Evgeniy StepanovAdd 'disposition' bitfield to AVStream and use it for...
2008-03-01 Aurelien Jacobssimplification proposed by Rich
2008-02-27 Aurelien Jacobsmakes really sure that no undefined behavior can happen
2008-02-26 Aurelien JacobsAvoid infinite loop.
2008-01-12 Michael NiedermayerWrite 0 instead of seeking forward (and leaving bytes...
2008-01-11 Aurelien Jacobsadd a ff_ prefix to newly exported functions from avc.c
2008-01-11 Aurelien JacobsMatroska muxer needs to format all NAL units, not only...
2008-01-11 Aurelien JacobsUse the isom avcc formatting for h264 extradata in...
2007-11-21 Björn AxelssonUse dynamically allocated ByteIOContext in AVFormatContext
2007-09-05 Diego Biurrunspelling/wording nits in some Doxygen comments
2007-09-05 David ConradGrammar nits
2007-09-05 David ConradAlways use AVFormatContext for av_log messages
2007-09-05 David ConradRename ebml size functions to indicate that they can...
2007-09-05 David ConradWe shouldn't be passing in sizes larger than 2^56-2...
2007-09-05 David ConradIndentation
2007-09-05 David ConradDon't seek when streamed
2007-09-05 David ConradGet rid of useless braces
2007-09-05 David ConradIndent
2007-09-05 David ConradMatch the behaviour betwen the bmp and wav codec tag...
2007-09-05 David ConradWrite codecprivate to a dynamic buffer so that seeking...
2007-09-05 David ConradMove writing codec private element to its own function
2007-09-05 David ConradCosmetics
2007-09-05 David ConradUse num_entries directly rather than mixing it with...
2007-09-05 David ConradDoxygenify comments
2007-09-05 David ConradMake sure that the calculated duration doesn't decrease
2007-09-05 David ConradSplit some really long lines
2007-09-05 David ConradCorrect message
2007-09-05 David ConradAlways check the return of mkv_add_seekhead_entry
2007-09-05 David ConradPass the returned error code of functions up
2007-09-05 David ConradCheck that the seekheads were created
2007-09-05 David ConradReturn AVERROR(ENOMEM) when appropriate
2007-09-05 David ConradIndentation
2007-09-05 David ConradUse assert for conditions that must be true
2007-09-05 David ConradSimplify
2007-09-05 David ConradGrammar nits
2007-09-05 David ConradBreak long comments
2007-09-05 David ConradUse sample format for bit depth if av_get_bits_per_samp...
2007-09-05 David ConradCalculate and store DAR rather than SAR
2007-09-05 David ConradClarify comments
2007-09-05 David ConradUse PRIu64/PRId64
2007-09-05 David ConradCalculate the size of key EBML master elements beforeha...
2007-09-05 David ConradUse cluster_pos when checking cluster position
2007-09-05 David ConradModify put_ebml_size() so that the bytes parameter...
2007-09-05 David ConradSet default subtitle_codec to CODEC_ID_TEXT
2007-09-05 David ConradSimplify
2007-09-05 David ConradMove calculating the bytes needed to represent a size...
2007-09-05 David ConradMake a byte always mean a byte
2007-09-05 David ConradSimplify put_ebml_id()
2007-09-05 David ConradMove ebml_id_size()
2007-09-05 David ConradCorrect handling of smaller unknown sizes
2007-09-05 David ConradUse a MD5 hash of some frames to write the segment uid
2007-09-05 David ConradRevert using the time to generate the segment uid
2007-09-05 David ConradDoxygenize some comments
2007-09-05 David ConradSet the language to undefined if no language specified
2007-09-05 David ConradAdd mka muxer
2007-09-05 David ConradAdd some debug logging
2007-09-05 David ConradWrite the display size elements
2007-09-05 David ConradRevert writing the file creation date
2007-09-05 David ConradCodec Private should be correct for all but Real codecs now
2007-09-05 David ConradWrite FLAC codec private correctly
2007-09-05 David ConradMove writing Xiph-style sizes to its own function
2007-09-05 David ConradWrite segment UID
2007-09-05 David ConradWrite the creation time
2007-09-05 David ConradCosmetics
2007-09-05 David ConradUsing LIBAVFORMAT_IDENT for both muxing and writing...
2007-09-05 David ConradFloats aren't used enough to justify writing any with...
2007-09-05 David ConradSimplify
2007-09-05 David ConradIndentation
2007-09-05 David ConradWrite subtitle tracks
2007-09-05 David ConradMove writing a block to its own function
2007-09-05 David ConradOnly write extradata if it exists
2007-09-05 David ConradDetermine the output sample rate for SBR AAC and write it
2007-09-05 David ConradSimplify
2007-09-05 David ConradKeyframe is the first bit not last
2007-09-05 David ConradSimplify
2007-09-05 David ConradUse av_get_bits_per_sample
2007-09-05 David ConradWrite bit depth for PCM audio