avio: deprecate url_fileno
[ffmpeg.git] / libavformat / avio.h
2011-03-21 Anton Khirnovavio: deprecate url_fileno
2011-03-19 Mans RullgardReplace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers
2011-03-17 Anton Khirnovavio: rename put_flush_packet -> avio_flush
2011-03-17 Anton Khirnovavio: deprecate url_close_buf
2011-03-17 Anton Khirnovavio: deprecate url_open_buf
2011-03-17 Anton Khirnovavio: avio_ prefix for url_fprintf
2011-03-17 Anton Khirnovavio: change avio_tell/skip from macros to inline functions
2011-03-17 Anton Khirnovavio: make url_setbufsize internal.
2011-03-17 Anton Khirnovlavf: move ff_get_v from avio.h to avio_internal.h
2011-03-15 Nicolas GeorgeUse AVERROR_EXIT with url_interrupt_cb.
2011-03-15 Anton Khirnovavio: deprecate url_ferror
2011-03-07 Anton Khirnovavio: deprecate url_feof
2011-03-07 Anton Khirnovavio: move ff_rewind_with_probe_data from avio.h to...
2011-03-07 Anton Khirnovavio: deprecate url_fget_max_packet_size
2011-03-07 Anton Khirnovavio: avio_ prefix for url_fsize
2011-03-07 Anton Khirnovavio: deprecate url_fgetc and remove all it uses
2011-03-07 Anton Khirnovavio: deprecate url_fgets
2011-03-07 Peter Rossavio: add avio_skip macro
2011-03-06 Martin StorsjöURLProtocol: Add URL_PROTOCOL_FLAG_NESTED_SCHEME
2011-03-06 Martin StorsjöURLProtocol: Add a flags field
2011-03-04 Anton Khirnovavio: add avio_tell macro as a replacement for url_ftell
2011-03-04 Anton Khirnovlavf: deprecate get_strz() in favor of avio_get_str
2011-03-04 Reimar Döffingeravio: add avio_get_str()
2011-03-01 Anton Khirnovavio: deprecate url_fskip
2011-03-01 Anton Khirnovavio: avio_ prefix for url_fseek
2011-02-25 Anton Khirnovavio: deprecate put_tag
2011-02-23 Anton Khirnovavio: rename url_fopen/fclose -> avio_open/close.
2011-02-21 Anton Khirnovavio: make put_nbyte internal.
2011-02-21 Anton Khirnovavio: avio: avio_ prefixes for put_* functions
2011-02-21 Anton Khirnovavio: make get_partial_buffer internal.
2011-02-21 Anton Khirnovavio: avio_ prefixes for get_* functions
2011-02-21 Anton Khirnovavio: rename av_alloc_put_byte -> avio_alloc_context...
2011-02-20 Anton Khirnovavio: move init_put_byte() to a new private header...
2011-02-20 Anton Khirnovavio: rename ByteIOContext to AVIOContext.
2011-02-06 Nicolas GeorgeNon-blocking protocol: core wrapper functions
2011-02-06 Nicolas GeorgeNon-blocking protocols: flag and documentation
2011-01-25 Anton Khirnovlavf: make a variant of ff_get_str16_nolen public
2011-01-21 Anton Khirnovlavf: move ff_put_str16_nolen from asf to avio and...
2011-01-21 Anton Khirnovavio: add av_put_str and deprecate put_strz in favor...
2011-01-21 Anton Khirnovlavf: move the version macros to a new header
2011-01-02 Anssi HannulaAdd function put_nbyte() to speed up padding in SPDIF...
2010-10-31 Stefano SabatiniDocument url_write().
2010-10-23 Aurelien Jacobsdrop rtp_get_file_handles() which is not part of public...
2010-10-15 Aurelien Jacobsadd FF_API_UDP_GET_FILE define to disable the deprecate...
2010-10-06 Stefano SabatiniMove the definitions of AVSEEK_SIZE to make it appear...
2010-10-02 Stefano SabatiniDocument url_get_filename().
2010-09-30 Stefano SabatiniDocument url_filesize().
2010-08-19 Aurelien Jacobsadd FF_API_URL_RESETBUF define to disable the deprecate...
2010-08-19 Aurelien Jacobsadd FF_API_REGISTER_PROTOCOL define to disable the...
2010-08-19 Aurelien Jacobsadd FF_API_URL_CLASS define to enable usage of URLConte...
2010-07-16 Martin Storsjöurl_fskip: Return an error code if the url_fseek failed
2010-07-01 Josh AllmannPad the buffer in url_close_dyn_buf, for buffers opened...
2010-06-30 Måns RullgårdFix grammar errors in documentation
2010-06-23 Martin StorsjöAdd all required includes to avio.h
2010-06-22 Martin StorsjöAdd priv_data_size and priv_data_class to URLProtocol
2010-06-22 Martin StorsjöSplit url_open and url_open_protocol into url_alloc...
2010-06-22 Martin StorsjöAdd an av_register_protocol2 function that takes a...
2010-06-01 Martin StorsjöDeclare the url_write buffer parameter as const
2010-04-20 Diego BiurrunRemove explicit filename from Doxygen @file commands.
2010-04-08 Tomas HärdinReusing the probe buffer to rewind the ByteIOContext...
2010-03-30 Benoit FouetReplace @returns by @return.
2010-03-29 Stefano SabatiniDocument url_exist().
2010-03-28 Stefano SabatiniDocument url_seek().
2010-03-15 Michael NiedermayerAdd AVSEEK_FORCE flag to indicate that the code should...
2010-02-09 Stefano SabatiniDoxument url_fopen().
2010-02-05 Stefano SabatiniDoxument url_fdopen().
2010-01-27 Stefano SabatiniDocument av_register_protocol(), not that it really...
2010-01-24 Stefano SabatiniDoxument url_open().
2010-01-24 Stefano SabatiniFavor the term "URL" over "filename", as the API deals...
2010-01-24 Stefano SabatiniDoxument url_close().
2010-01-24 Stefano SabatiniDoxument url_open_protocol().
2010-01-24 Stefano SabatiniDoxument url_read().
2010-01-23 Reimar DöffingerMake url_read_complete retry on EAGAIN and return how...
2009-10-20 Benoit FouetMake url_resetbuf() assert on wrong flags passed and...
2009-06-04 Kostya ShishkovMove function for reading whole specified amount of...
2009-05-25 Stefano SabatiniDefine struct URLContext and typedef it to URLContext...
2009-03-03 Ronald S. BultjeAdd url_get_file_handle(), which is used to get the...
2009-02-26 Stefano SabatiniMark as "internal but installed" the avio.h file.
2009-02-26 Stefano SabatiniAdd a @file notice to avio.h.
2009-02-17 Diego BiurrunAdd missing #includes to fix 'make checkheaders'.
2009-02-15 Stefano SabatiniImprove grammar: "X next after Y" -> "next X after Y".
2009-02-15 Stefano SabatiniDo not export to the public the first_protocol symbol...
2009-02-15 Stefano SabatiniDocument av_protocol_next().
2009-02-15 Stefano SabatiniRename register_protocol() to av_register_protocol...
2008-12-13 Diego Biurrunwhitespace cosmetics
2008-10-03 Diego BiurrunRemove offset_t typedef and use int64_t directly instead.
2008-08-31 Stefano SabatiniGlobally rename the header inclusion guard names.
2008-08-19 Ronald S. BultjeImplement url_open_protocol(), which is basiclly the...
2008-03-31 Diego Biurrunminor typo fixes
2008-03-22 Michael Niedermayer1st attempt at correcting the punktuation.
2008-03-21 Michael NiedermayerDocument get_*_buffer()
2008-03-21 Michael NiedermayerDocument a few url_* functions.
2008-03-10 Björn AxelssonAdd AVClass to URLContext at next major version bump
2007-12-22 Reimar DöffingerAdd a av_alloc_put_byte function.
2007-12-21 Diego BiurrunFix Doxygen function parameter name.
2007-12-21 Diego Biurruncomment typo fixes
2007-12-21 Ivo van Poortentypo ;)
2007-12-20 Michael NiedermayerDocument ByteIOContext and URLContext change rules.
2007-12-19 Michael NiedermayerMake recently added and still unused read_seek function...
2007-12-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge recently added and still unused play and pause...