Store aspect ratio in avis.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavformat / avienc.c
2008-03-02 Michael NiedermayerStore aspect ratio in avis.
2007-11-21 Björn AxelssonUse dynamically allocated ByteIOContext in AVFormatContext
2007-07-08 Måns Rullgårdremove redundant codec_get_bmp_tag() call in avi_write_...
2007-01-21 Michael Niedermayerget rid of the [4] limitation of codec tag lists
2007-01-21 Michael Niedermayeradd codec_id <-> codec_tag tables to AVIn/OutputFormat
2007-01-20 Michael Niedermayerfix indention (dunno why it was messed up ...)
2006-12-06 Måns Rullgårduse the standard INT64_C() macro for 64-bit constants
2006-11-01 Steve L'HommeReplace most of the %lld and %llx by their (cleaner...
2006-10-23 Aurelien Jacobsreplace coder/decoder file description in libavformat...
2006-10-07 Diego BiurrunChange license headers to say 'FFmpeg' instead of ...
2006-09-27 Måns Rullgårdfix some signedness warnings
2006-09-07 Panagiotis IssarisAllow to store the the track number though the IPRT...
2006-08-24 Brian Bricefix ODML AVI Duration for files > 2GB
2006-08-18 David ConradAVI tag reading and writing patch by David Conrad.
2006-07-12 Måns Rullgårdmove common stuff from avienc.c and wav.c to new file...
2006-07-10 Måns Rullgårdallow individual selection of muxers and demuxers
2006-07-09 Måns Rullgårdgive AVInput/OutputFormat structs consistent names
2006-06-01 Benjamin LarssonFlash Screen Video decoder (fourcc:FSV1)
2006-05-17 Diego BiurrunAdd MPEG FourCC for MPEG-2 video.
2006-04-07 Kostya ShishkovKMVC (used in Worms games) decoder. Works fine with...
2006-03-02 Michael Niedermayerfixing total_frames
2006-03-02 Michael Niedermayerindention
2006-03-01 Benjamin LarssonSet 'MJLS' FOURCC for JPEG-LS in AVI and documentation...
2006-03-01 Michael Niedermayerreplace if by assert as it should never by true
2006-02-21 Alex Beregszaszicheck for CODEC_ID_NONE instead 0, tobe compatible...
2006-02-19 Michael NiedermayerRMP4 ("xvid fork") decoding support
2006-02-12 Mike Melansondosbox native ZMBV decoder, courtesy of Kostya
2006-01-26 Fabien CosseAdd fourcc "SEDG" for MPEG-4 files produced by Samsung...
2006-01-25 Michael Niedermayeravoid using non constant fields of AVCodecContext in...
2006-01-12 Diego BiurrunUpdate licensing information: The FSF changed postal...
2006-01-09 Reimar DöffingerCamStudio decoder, only 32 bit lzo mode is tested
2005-12-22 Diego BiurrunCOSMETICS: tabs --> spaces, some prettyprinting
2005-12-17 Diego BiurrunCOSMETICS: Remove all trailing whitespace.
2005-11-30 Guillaume Poirieradd some h.264 fourccs to codec_bmp_tags[]
2005-11-13 Alex BeregszasziSupport for streaming: dont write indexes and dont...
2005-10-13 Mike MelansonDuck TrueMotion 2 video decoder, courtesy of Konstantin...
2005-09-23 Diego BiurrunReplace CONFIG_ENCODERS/CONFIG_DECODERS with CONFIG_MUX...
2005-09-06 Michael Niedermayera few more raw yuv fourccs
2005-07-17 Michael Niedermayerchanging AVCodecContext codec -> *codec in AVStream...
2005-06-26 Roberto TogniTheora fourcc
2005-06-09 Ronald S. Bultjenon-avc h264 stream problems patch by ("Ronald S. Bultj...
2005-06-03 Michael Niedermayera step toward CODEC_TYPE_DATA support
2005-05-17 Mike MelansonFraps FPS1 video decoder (v1 & v2), courtesy of Roine...
2005-05-16 Måns Rullgårdadd VP30 fourcc
2005-04-30 Michael Niedermayerswitch to native time bases
2005-04-20 Michael NiedermayerIndeo 2 decoder by (Kostya <> kostya.shishkov gmail...
2005-04-03 Mike MelansonAutodesk Animator Studio Codec (AASC) video decoder...
2005-04-01 Michael Niedermayerfix vorbis in avi
2005-03-26 Mike MelansonWinnov WNV1 video decoder, courtesy of Konstantin Shishkov
2005-03-23 Calcium29_vtag_in_ASF_not_effective.patch by (Calcium | calciu...
2005-03-15 Michael Niedermayersample_size fix
2005-03-01 Mike Melansongo LOCO, courtesy of Kostya Shishkov
2005-02-22 Michael Niedermayerswitch MPEG4 fourcc to FMP4
2005-01-23 Michael Niedermayerwmv3
2005-01-13 Wolfram Gloger10l (a level of indirection too much) patch by (Wolfram...
2005-01-12 Michael Niedermayertimestamp truncation fix?
2005-01-01 Michael NiedermayerWV1F support
2004-11-28 Loren Merrittsplit ffhuffyuv into 2 codecs:
2004-11-17 Mike Melansonnative QPEG video decoder, courtesy of Konstantin Shishkov
2004-11-06 Michael Niedermayercbr audio muxing fix
2004-10-27 Mike MelansonMiro VideoXL (VIXL) decoder, courtesy of Konstantin...
2004-10-24 Michael Niedermayerdvr-ms video decoding support
2004-10-06 Zdenek Kabelac* fixing a few of gcc 'clean-code' warnings
2004-10-01 Michael Niedermayerdo not call (av_)abort()
2004-09-16 Mike MelansonIBM Ultimotion video decoder, courtesy of Konstantin...
2004-08-22 Roberto Tognih261
2004-08-14 Mike MelansonTechSmith Camtasia (TSCC) video decoder, courtesy of...
2004-07-25 Michael Niedermayermy experimental wavelet codec
2004-07-21 Michael Niedermayerraw rgb support
2004-06-17 Michael Niedermayer10l fix by (Bohdan Horst <nexus at irc dot pl>)
2004-06-15 Michael Niedermayerpass timestamps correctly for -sync 0
2004-06-10 Michael Niedermayermore fourccs
2004-05-29 Michael Niedermayerpass AVPacket into av_write_frame()
2004-05-07 Mike Melansonsupport SVQ1 in AVI files, just for fun
2004-04-11 Michael Niedermayercodec tag for FLV
2004-04-11 Michael Niedermayer4xm codec tag
2004-04-11 Michael Niedermayersome tag for mpeg2, so looking MPEG2VIDEO up works
2004-01-12 Roberto TogniMSZH and ZLIB decoder support
2003-12-03 Mike MelansonDUCK codec
2003-11-29 Laurent AimarH264 fourcc patch by (Laurent Aimar <fenrir at via...
2003-10-14 Mike Melansondisable encoders where appropriate (patch courtesy...
2003-10-01 Mike MelansonNew demuxers: Sega FILM/CPK, Westwood VQA & AUD; new...
2003-09-29 Michael Niedermayer10l
2003-09-10 Fabrice Bellard64 bit pts for writing - more const usage
2003-09-08 Fabrice BellardCODEC_ID_MP3LAME is obsolete
2003-09-08 Mike Melansonhacks to support Xan AVI files
2003-09-05 Alex Beregszasziinitial nut muxer and demuxer (demuxer is not fail...
2003-09-04 Michael Niedermayercase insensitive codec_get_id()
2003-09-01 Michael Niedermayerasv2 regression test
2003-07-24 Michael NiedermayerATI VCR2
2003-07-24 Michael NiedermayerATI VCR1 decoder
2003-07-12 Michael Niedermayer10l
2003-06-20 Alex Beregszaszilossless jpeg support
2003-06-09 Michael Niedermayer10l
2003-05-27 Michael Niedermayerasv1 regression test
2003-05-07 Roman Shaposhnik * introducing new public interface in imgconvert.c
2003-05-05 Mike Melansonfirst pass at a new VP3 video decoder
2003-04-24 Roman Shaposhnik * Making AVI encoding predictable (all JUNK chunks...
2003-04-23 Zdenek Kabelac* keeping compiler happy and quiet
2003-04-23 Zdenek Kabelac* more strict types