Extend documentation for parse_filter().
[ffmpeg.git] / libavfilter / graphparser.c
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniExtend documentation for parse_filter().
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniRename AVFilterInOut field filter to filter_ctx, more...
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniMake avfilter_graph_parse() always return meaningful...
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniMake parse_outputs() always return meaningful error...
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniAdd missing memory check in parse_inputs(), and fix...
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniMake parse_inputs() return AVERROR(EINVAL) rather than...
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniAdd missing check in link_filter_inouts(), and fix...
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniRename the variable filter to filt_ctx in link_filter_i...
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniMake link_filter_inouts() return meaningful error codes.
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniChange the signature of parse_filter() to make it retur...
2010-11-07 Stefano SabatiniChange the signature of create_filter() to make it...
2010-11-04 Stefano SabatiniRename avfilter_graph_destroy() to avfilter_graph_free().
2010-09-27 Stefano SabatiniMove av_get_token() from libavfilter to libavutil.
2010-08-11 Stefano SabatiniChange avfilter_open() signature, from:
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniDocument create_filter().
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniAdd simple doxy to link_filter().
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniFix documentation for parse_link_name().
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniConsistently use Uppercase for the first character...
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniMake link_filter() propagate the generated error code.
2010-07-22 Stefano SabatiniFix style: "if(" -> "if (".
2010-07-03 Baptiste CoudurierUse default graph swscale opts when no opts are supplied
2010-05-16 Baptiste Coudurieruse filter name when graph parser add filters
2009-12-11 Stefano SabatiniMake parse_filter() parsing more robust.
2009-05-08 Vitor Sessak"[" is a terminating char for the filter name. This...
2009-05-01 Stefano SabatiniMake graphparser.c use av_get_token().
2009-04-21 Stefano SabatiniRemove consume_whitespace() and replace it with direct...
2009-02-26 Stefano SabatiniRename avfilter_parse_graph() to avfilter_graph_parse...
2009-02-26 Stefano SabatiniRename avfilter_destroy_graph() to avfilter_graph_destr...
2009-02-14 Stefano SabatiniFix avfilter_parse_graph() invalid graph description...
2009-01-16 Stefano SabatiniPrint a warning and fail if the graph description cannot be
2008-12-27 Stefano SabatiniChange thisIsAVar variable names to this_is_a_var style...
2008-12-26 Stefano SabatiniFix typo: ommitted -> omitted.
2008-12-26 Stefano SabatiniChoose better names for the variables in create_filter().
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakSplit openLinks linked list into openInputs and openOutputs
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakOne more memory leak
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetical: move statement
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakPlug some memory leaks
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMerge variable initialization and declaration
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakRemove unnused var
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakSimplify
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakUse av_mallocz instead of av_malloc to simplify some...
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakFactor linked list insertion in its own function
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakRemove comment redundant with those in graphparser.h
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakThese error messages should print the filter name,...
2008-05-24 Vitor Sessak10l: fix previous commit
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakSimplify
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakRemove senseless comments
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics: split setting a var and checking for error
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakFix doxy comment
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMake parse_link_name() return a pointer to the name...
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics: more function reordering
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMake consume_whitespace() return a number of bytes...
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics: change function order
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakSimplify
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakPass the inputs and outputs of avfilter_parse_graph...
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics: more indentation consistency
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMore cosmetics: make indentation more consistent
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMore cosmetics
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMove code out of if
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakFactor common code out of if
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakRename another var
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakRename var
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMove var declaration to where it is needed
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakReplace if(!a){B}else{C} by if(a){C}else{B}
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakRemove useless assignment
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakSimplify while(pad){pad--; etc} to while(pad--){etc}
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakSimplify extract_inout() as suggested by Michael
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakChange the parser logic following Michael's review
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakThe name field of AVFilterInOut can be declared const
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakA semi-colon is also a string end
2008-05-24 Vitor Sessak10l: Missed that in one of the last commits
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMove code from handle_link() to the only place the...
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakSimplify
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakUse a user-provided context for av_log()
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakImprove error handling
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakBetter error handling
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakSimplify
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakLink filters in the same pass as the parser
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics: if(x != NULL) -> if(x)
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakEven more improvements on whitespaces handling
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMore improvements on the handling of whitespaces
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakProper handling of trailing whitespaces
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakRemove unneeded var
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics: alignment
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMake two variables const
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakBetter error messages
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMore simplifying
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakSimplify
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakMerge declaration and initialization
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakUpdate comments to new syntax
2008-05-24 Vitor Sessak10l: Forgot to consider the null byte at the end of...
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakUse '[' and ']' for label naming
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakRename avfilter_graph_parse_chain() to avfilter_parse_g...
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakRename AVFilterInOut.instance to AVFilterInOut.filter
2008-05-24 Vitor SessakCosmetics