avcodec/hevc: new idct + asm
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / x86 / Makefile
2014-06-17 plepereavcodec/hevc: new idct + asm
2014-06-05 Christophe Gisquetapedsp: move to llauddsp
2014-05-30 James Almerbuild: fix compilation of svq1enc_mmx.c with --disable-mmx
2014-05-30 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '368f50359eb328b0b9d67451f56fda20b3255f9a'
2014-05-29 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '054013a0fc6f2b52c60cee3e051be8cc7f82cef3'
2014-05-29 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '65d5d5865845f057cc6530a8d0f34db952d9009c'
2014-05-29 Diego Biurrundsputil: Split off quarterpel bits into their own context
2014-05-29 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move APE-specific bits into apedsp
2014-05-29 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move SVQ1 encoding specific bits into svq1enc
2014-05-27 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '512f3ffe9b4bb86767c2b1176554407c75fe1a5c'
2014-05-27 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '0d439fbede03854eac8a978cccf21a3425a3c82d'
2014-05-27 Diego Biurrundsputil: Split off HuffYUV encoding bits into their...
2014-05-27 Diego Biurrundsputil: Split off HuffYUV decoding bits into their...
2014-05-22 Christophe Gisquetx86: hpeldsp: kill hpeldsp_mmx.c
2014-05-21 Christophe Gisquetx86: kill fpel_mmx.c
2014-05-16 plepereavcodec/x86/hevc: added DBF assembly functions
2014-05-06 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/x86/Makefile: remove duplicate line
2014-05-06 plepereHEVC : added assembly MC functions
2014-04-11 Timothy GuDNxHD: convert inline asm to yasm
2014-04-04 Peter RossOn2 VP7 decoder
2014-03-27 Timothy Gux86: convert DNxHDenc inline asm to yasm
2014-03-26 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2014-03-26 Diego Biurrunx86: hpeldsp: Keep all rnd_template instantiations...
2014-03-25 Peter RossOn2 VP7 decoder
2014-03-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '0e083d7e43805db1a978cb57bfa25fda62e8ff18'
2014-03-20 Diego Biurrunbuild: Group general components separate from de/encode...
2014-02-17 James Almertta/x86: add ff_ttafilter_process_dec_{ssse3, sse4}
2014-02-17 Ronald S. Bultjevp9/x86: intra prediction SIMD.
2014-02-13 James Darnleylavc: fix flac encoder and decoder dependencies
2014-02-08 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '5b59a9fc6152169599561f04b4f66370edda5c9c'
2014-02-07 Christophe Gisquetx86: dcadsp: implement int8x8_fmul_int32
2014-02-06 Loren Merrittflac/x86: add ff_flac_lpc_32_sse4()
2014-01-20 Michael NiedermayerMove add/diff_int16 to lossless_videodsp
2014-01-12 Clément Bœschvp9/x86: add ff_vp9_loop_filter_[vh]_16_16_ssse3().
2013-12-07 Ronald S. Bultjevp9: split x86 assembly in two files.
2013-11-15 Ronald S. Bultjelavc: VP9 decoder
2013-11-08 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '0338c396987c82b41d322630ea9712fe5f9561d6'
2013-11-08 Diego Biurrundsputil: Split off H.263 bits into their own H263DSPContext
2013-11-02 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '1700b4e678ed329611a16b20d11e64b7abda4839'
2013-11-01 Diego Biurrunx86: vp8dsp: Split loopfilter code into a separate...
2013-10-06 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '2ddb35b91131115c094d90e04031451023441b4d'
2013-10-05 Diego Biurrunx86: dsputil: Separate ff_add_hfyu_median_prediction_cm...
2013-10-04 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2013-10-04 Diego Biurrunx86: fdct: Only build fdct code if encoders have been...
2013-10-03 Ronald S. BultjeVP9 MC (ssse3) optimizations.
2013-08-29 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'a64f6a04ac5773aeff2003897455dadb9609f18b'
2013-08-28 Diego Biurrundsputil: x86: Hide arch-specific initialization details
2013-08-24 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '8506ff97c9ea4a1f52983497ecf8d4ef193403a9'
2013-08-23 Diego Biurrunvp56: Mark VP6-only optimizations as such.
2013-08-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2013-08-21 Diego Biurrunx86: Split DCT and FFT initialization into separate...
2013-05-30 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '186599ffe0a94d587434e5e46e190e038357ed99'
2013-05-29 Diego Biurrunbuild: cosmetics: Place unconditional before conditiona...
2013-05-14 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '245b76a108585b6fb52eebc2626c472d6fa530dc'
2013-05-12 Diego Biurrunx86: dsputil: Split inline assembly from init code
2013-05-08 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '92f8e06ecb431a427ea13d794e5a6bc927a034d2'
2013-05-07 Diego Biurrunx86: dsputil hpeldsp: Move shared template functions...
2013-05-06 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '110796739ab32854dc0b6b0a1c95e6ae98889062'
2013-05-06 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'dc1b328d0df6e5ad5ff0ca4ae031e08466624f9c'
2013-05-06 Diego Biurrunx86: hpeldsp: Move avg_pixels8_x2_mmx() out of hpeldsp_...
2013-05-06 Diego Biurrunx86: hpeldsp: Only compile MMX hpeldsp code if MMX...
2013-05-03 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '9b3a04d30691e85b77e63f75f5f26a93c3a000cd'
2013-05-02 Diego Biurrunx86: Move duplicated put_pixels{8|16}_mmx functions...
2013-05-01 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '6b110d3a739c31602b59887ad65c67025df3f49d'
2013-04-30 Diego Biurrunmpegaudiosp: More consistent names for ppc/x86 optimiza...
2013-04-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '8db00081a37d5b7e23918ee500bb16bc59b57197'
2013-04-19 Ronald S. Bultjex86: hpeldsp: Move half-pel assembly from dsputil to...
2013-04-11 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2013-04-10 Ronald S. Bultjedsputil: Make dsputil selectable
2013-04-08 Ronald S. Bultjex86: qpel: Move fullpel and l2 functions to a separate...
2013-03-30 Carl Eugen HoyosFix compilation with --enable-decoder=webp --disable...
2013-03-13 Ronald S. BultjeMove x86 half-pel assembly from dsputil to hpeldsp.
2013-03-13 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'de27d2b92fa97deb2856d18e9f5f19586ce45a0f'
2013-03-12 Ronald S. Bultjedsputil: make selectable.
2013-03-09 Ronald S. Bultjex86/qpel: move fullpel and l2 functions to separate...
2013-02-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2013-02-18 Daniel Kangx86: dsputil: Fix h263 loop filter link error in some...
2013-02-07 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'a846dccb29d2bb0798af1d47d06100eda9ca87cc'
2013-02-07 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '79dad2a932534d1155079f937649e099f9e5cc27'
2013-02-06 Martin Storsjöh264chroma: x86: Fix building with yasm disabled
2013-02-06 Diego Biurrundsputil: Separate h264chroma
2013-01-27 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '71155d7b4157fee44c0d3d0fc1b660ebfb9ccf46'
2013-01-27 Daniel Kangdsputil: x86: Convert mpeg4 qpel and dsputil avg to...
2013-01-24 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2013-01-24 Mans Rullgarddsputil: Separate h264 qpel
2013-01-23 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '2e4bb99f4df7052b3e147ee898fcb4013a34d904'
2013-01-23 Ronald S. Bultjevorbisdsp: convert x86 simd functions from inline asm...
2013-01-20 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'fef906c77c09940a2fdad155b2adc05080e17eda'
2013-01-20 Ronald S. BultjeMove vorbis_inverse_coupling from dsputil to vorbisdspc...
2013-01-14 Michael Niedermayerx86/Makefile: move dirac_dwt to right type
2013-01-14 Michael Niedermayerlavc: split snow and dirac DWTs
2013-01-06 Diego BiurrunDrop Snow codec
2012-12-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '6906b19346ae8a330bfaa1c16ce535be10789723'
2012-12-20 Ronald S. Bultjelavc: introduce VideoDSPContext
2012-12-11 Clément Bœschbuild: fix prores decoder dependencies.
2012-11-26 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-11-25 Daniel Kangx86: h264: Convert 8-bit QPEL inline assembly to YASM
2012-10-08 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-10-08 Janne Grunaux86: vc1: call ff_vc1dsp_init_x86() under if (ARCH_X86)
2012-10-08 Janne Grunaux86: cavs: call ff_cavsdsp_init_x86() under if (ARCH_X86)