fixing msmpeg4v3 dc-scale for quantizers 24-31
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / mpegvideo.c
2002-04-30 Michael Niedermayerfixing msmpeg4v3 dc-scale for quantizers 24-31
2002-04-27 Michael Niedermayerexport mbskip_table for direct rendering
2002-04-27 Michael Niedermayerfixed msmpeg4 infinite loop if buggy stream
2002-04-24 Michael Niedermayeravcodec_flush_buffers()
2002-04-22 Michael Niedermayersegfault fix
2002-04-22 Michael Niedermayerexport delay info
2002-04-22 Michael Niedermayerdivx 5.01 support
2002-04-21 Michael Niedermayerfixed ratecontrol & b-frames
2002-04-19 Michael Niedermayermuch better ME for b frames (a bit slow though)
2002-04-17 Michael Niedermayerfixing hq mode with mpeg1 and 2-pass
2002-04-17 Michael Niedermayermpeg2/mpeg4 dequantizer support (c & mmx)
2002-04-17 Michael Niedermayerfixed mpeg4 time stuff on encoding
2002-04-14 Juanjo- ME method compatibility with legacy apps.
2002-04-14 Juanjo- ME setting moved to AVCodecContext/MpegEncContext...
2002-04-08 Zdenek Kabelac* using pixtype as enum - by Philip Gladstone
2002-04-07 Michael Niedermayermpeg4 mpeg quantizer support
2002-04-06 Michael Niedermayerwmv1 header parser (unfinished)
2002-04-05 Michael Niedermayermsmpeg4v2 decoding (no encoding yet)
2002-03-30 Michael Niedermayerfixing 1/0
2002-03-28 Arpiusing Juanjo's way to pass forced type - especially...
2002-03-28 Michael Niedermayerforce frame type for 2-pass encoding
2002-03-28 Michael Niedermayermpeg4 4MV encoding
2002-03-27 Michael Niedermayer4MV motion estimation (not finished yet)
2002-03-24 Michael Niedermayerfcode_tables where too small, found by Klaas-Pieter...
2002-03-24 Michael Niedermayer10l (motion_val was uninitilized)
2002-03-23 Michael Niedermayerfixing motion estimation with h263p hopefully
2002-03-23 Michael Niedermayerstatistics for 2-pass encoding
2002-03-22 Michael Niedermayermpeg4 aspect_ratio_info in AVCodecContext (requested...
2002-03-22 Michael Niedermayerfixing epzs & mpeg1 (hopefully now really ...)
2002-03-22 Michael Niedermayermpeg1 & epzs fix
2002-03-22 Michael Niedermayernew motion estimation (epzs) not complete yet but allre...
2002-03-17 Michael Niedermayerscene change detection
2002-03-17 Michael Niedermayer10l
2002-03-17 Michael Niedermayerhopefully better bitrate controll
2002-03-15 Michael Niedermayeroptimization
2002-03-15 Michael Niedermayeruse ac prediction in mpeg4 encoding (5% smaller intra...
2002-03-12 Michael Niedermayermpeg4 b-frames :)
2002-03-10 Michael Niedermayerdivx5 draw_edges bugfix
2002-03-09 Michael Niedermayerdivx5-gmc support
2002-02-26 Juanjo- Added PSNR feature to libavcodec and ffmpeg. By now...
2002-02-22 Michael Niedermayerfixing msmpeg4 decoding if fps < 16 (i thought it was...
2002-02-19 Juanjo- Bug fixes in H.263+ Advanced INTRA Coding decoder.
2002-02-18 Juanjo- H.263+ decoder support for Advanded INTRA Coding...
2002-02-18 Zdenek Kabelac* eliminating duplicated code from MPV_common_end
2002-02-15 Juanjo- Minor changes on bitrate control
2002-02-12 Michael Niedermayeralternative bitstream writer (disabled by default,...
2002-02-10 Juanjo- More work on preliminary bit rate control, just to...
2002-02-10 Juanjo- Now the ME is done for the entire picture when encond...
2002-02-09 Juanjo- Fixes on RTP and GOB headers for H.263.
2002-02-09 ArpiPATCH by Rik Snel <>
2002-02-09 ArpiPATCH by Rik Snel <>
2002-02-07 Michael Niedermayeravoid copying input when encoding non intra stuff too
2002-01-27 Michael Niedermayer(commit by michael)
2002-01-24 Michael Niedermayer(commit by michael)
2002-01-24 Michael Niedermayer(commit by michael)
2002-01-15 Michael Niedermayer(commit by michael)
2002-01-15 Michael Niedermayer(commit by michael)
2002-01-15 Michael Niedermayer(commit by michael)
2002-01-13 Michael Niedermayer(commit by michael)
2002-01-12 Arpirv10 sig11 fix by Michael Niedermayer <>
2002-01-11 Michael Niedermayerdifferent fix, s->mbintra_table used only if h263_pred...
2002-01-11 Vladimir DergachevThis fixes segfaults because of uninitialized s->mbintr...
2002-01-11 Arpimpeg4 encoder fix by Michael Niedermayer <michaelni...
2002-01-10 Michael NiedermayerAC table reset (memset) optimization - patch by Michael...
2002-01-10 Michael Niedermayerfix different UMV handling for mpeg4 vs. h263 - patch...
2002-01-08 Stephen Daviesqscale estimate fix, diff extended to 64bit wide. patch...
2001-12-26 Arpiinformal msg
2001-12-16 Arpiunrestricted MC fixed - thanks to Michael Niedermayer...
2001-11-19 Juanjo- Preliminary RTP friendly mode for H.263.
2001-10-16 Arpiexporting qscale data for postprocessing (for MPlayer)
2001-08-31 JuanjoMoved some H.263+ variables to MpegEncContext to be...
2001-08-28 JuanjoAdded support to Unrestricted Motion Vectors (UMV)
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardchanged opendivx to mpeg4
2001-08-13 Fabrice Bellardwin32 fixes
2001-08-12 Fabrice Bellardmoved matrix init away from MPV_common_init()
2001-08-11 Fabrice Bellardfixed mpeg2 interlaced DCT
2001-08-08 Fabrice Bellardfixed mpeg1 first block bug (pb with black picture...
2001-08-07 Fabrice Bellardfixed block permutation in encoder (not optimal - shoul...
2001-08-03 ArpiMMX/MMXEXT iDCT support, using external functions curre...
2001-08-02 Arpi- removed #include ../config.h, because it's included...
2001-08-02 Nick KurshevAdding fastmemcpy stuff to speedup mplayer project
2001-07-30 Fabrice Bellarduse block[] in structure to have it aligned on 8 bytes...
2001-07-30 Nick KurshevSync with mplayer's stuff
2001-07-24 Fabrice Bellardadded skip macroblock optimization (big perf win on...
2001-07-22 Fabrice BellardInitial revision