Reindent a line.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / alsdec.c
2010-02-13 Thilo BorgmannReindent a line.
2010-02-13 Thilo BorgmannSupport arithmetic decoding in ALS.
2010-02-01 Thilo BorgmannRemove unnecessary fields in ALSSpecificConfig.
2010-01-12 Thilo BorgmannReindent after last commit.
2010-01-12 Thilo BorgmannReplace variable length array with an allocated buffer
2010-01-08 Thilo BorgmannChange local variable type from unsigned int to int...
2010-01-07 Thilo BorgmannAdd multi-channel correlation support for ALS.
2010-01-07 Thilo BorgmannOptimize short-term prediction by reducing index arithm...
2010-01-05 Thilo BorgmannReplace array operator [] with direct access via pointer.
2009-12-13 Thilo BorgmannRead and decode block data in separate functions to...
2009-11-16 Ronald S. BultjeUse get_bits_left() instead of size_in_bits - get_bits_...
2009-11-14 Thilo BorgmannMerge data tables from als_data.h with the decoder...
2009-11-14 Thilo BorgmannAdd long-term prediction to the ALS decoder.
2009-11-12 Alex ConverseCosmetics: Re-indent
2009-11-12 Alex ConverseFix a __warn_memset_zero_len gcc-4.4 warning.
2009-11-11 Thilo BorgmannAdd MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS) decoder.