avcodec: Add librav1e encoder
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / Makefile
2019-11-10 Derek Buitenhuisavcodec: Add librav1e encoder
2019-11-06 Lou Loganavcodec/Makefile: add missing msmpeg4* dependencies...
2019-11-06 Lou Loganavcodec/Makefile: add missing h263data dependency to...
2019-11-06 Lou Loganavcodec/Makefile: add missing vorbis_data dependency...
2019-11-04 Lou Loganavcodec/Makefile: add missing ass dependency to ccaptio...
2019-11-03 Zhong Lilavc/qsvenc: enable vp9 encoder
2019-10-26 ManojGuptaBondaAdd support for VP9 VDPAU hwaccel decode
2019-09-16 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/g729dec: Support decoding Sipro ACELP.KELVIN.
2019-09-02 Nick Renierislavc/tiff: Decode embedded JPEGs in DNG images
2019-08-29 Paul B Maholavcodec: add IMM5 decoder
2019-08-20 Zhong Lilavc/qsvdec: Add mjpeg decoder support
2019-07-07 Mark Thompsonlavc/h265_profile_level: Add unit test
2019-07-07 Mark Thompsonh265_metadata: Add option to set the level of the stream
2019-05-07 James Almeravcodec/mlp_parser: split off shared code to its own...
2019-04-13 Paul B Maholavcodec: add LSCR decoder
2019-04-11 James Almeravcodec: add an AV1 frame split bitstream filter
2019-04-11 Paul B Maholavcodec: add ADPCM AGM decoder
2019-03-31 Lynneopusdsp: create and move deemphasis and postfiltering...
2019-03-31 Paul B Maholavcodec: add Amuse Graphics decoder
2019-02-14 Timo Rothenpieleravutil/cuda_check: avoid pointlessly exporting same...
2019-02-10 Jan Ekströmadd libaribb24 ARIB STD-B24 caption decoder
2019-01-27 Paul B Maholavcodec: add ARBC decoder
2019-01-15 Paul B Maholavcodec: add HCOM decoder
2018-12-31 Paul B Maholavcodec: add HYMT decoder
2018-12-23 Paul B Maholavcodec: add g732_1 parser
2018-12-10 Paul B Maholavcodec: add gif parser
2018-12-01 Paul B Maholavcodec: add PCM-DVD encoder
2018-11-23 Paul B Maholavcodec: add truehd_core bitstream filter
2018-11-15 Philip Langdaleavutil/hwcontext_cuda: Define and use common CHECK_CU()
2018-11-11 Martin Vignaliavcodec : add prores_metadata bsf for set the color...
2018-11-06 James Almeravcodec: libdav1d AV1 decoder wrapper.
2018-10-26 Cameron Cawleyavcodec: Implement Archimedes VIDC encoder/decoder
2018-10-18 Martin Vignaliavcodec/proresenc_aw : use scan table from prores_data...
2018-10-03 James Almeravcodec: add an AV1 parser
2018-09-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add AV1 metadata bitstream filter
2018-09-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add coded bitstream read/write support for AV1
2018-09-23 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode_h265: Set level based on stream if not...
2018-09-23 Mark Thompsonvaapi_encode_h264: Set level based on stream if not...
2018-09-23 Mark Thompsonlavc/h264: Add common code for level handling
2018-09-23 Mark Thompsonlavc/cbs: Add JPEG support
2018-09-23 Paul B Maholavcodec: add native iLBC decoder
2018-09-15 James Almeravcodec: add missing mpegvideo dependencies to SpeedHQ...
2018-09-11 hwrenlavc, doc, configure: add libxavs2 video encoder wrapper
2018-09-08 Paul B Maholavcodec: add RemotelyAnywhere Screen Capture decoder
2018-08-27 Paul B Maholavcodec: add WinCAM Motion Video decoder
2018-08-27 Paul B Maholavcodec: add MatchWare Screen Capture Codec
2018-08-24 Paul B Maholavcodec: add Brooktree ProSumer Video decoder
2018-08-21 Paul B Maholavcodec: add IMM4 decoder
2018-07-27 hwrenlavc, doc, configure: add avs2 video decoder wrapper
2018-07-27 hwrenlavc: add AVS2/IEEE 1857.4 parser
2018-07-21 James Almeravcodec/parser: move parsers list and related API to...
2018-07-20 James Almeravcodec/extract_extradata: add support for AV1
2018-07-03 Rostislav Pehlivanovlavc: implement an ATRAC9 decoder
2018-05-05 Rostislav Pehlivanovmpegvideo: remove support for libxvid's RC system
2018-05-02 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add VP9 metadata bitstream filter
2018-05-02 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add coded bitstream read/write support for VP9
2018-04-28 Paul B Maholavcodec: remove duplicate prores decoder
2018-03-29 Paul B Maholavcodec: add eac3_core bitstream filter
2018-03-29 James AlmerMerge commit '43778a501f1bfbceeddc8eaeea2ea2b3506beeda'
2018-03-28 James AlmerMerge commit 'c438899a706422b8362a13714580e988be4d638b'
2018-03-18 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add filter_units bitstream filter
2018-03-17 James Almeravformat/codec2: don't include avcodec objects
2018-03-13 Martin Vignaliavcodec/hapqa_extract_bsf : add new bsf filter
2018-03-12 Luca BarbatoSupport AV1 encoding using libaom
2018-03-12 Luca BarbatoAdd AV1 video decoding support through libaom
2018-03-07 Aurelien Jacobssbc: implement SBC encoder (low-complexity subband...
2018-03-07 Aurelien Jacobssbc: add parser for SBC
2018-03-07 Aurelien Jacobssbc: implement SBC decoder (low-complexity subband...
2018-02-27 James Almeravcodec/Makefile: skip nvdec.h header when nvdec is...
2018-02-24 Tomas HärdinAdd libcodec2 en/decoder
2018-02-24 James Almeravcodec/Makefile: add missing dependencies for some...
2018-02-21 Philip Langdaleavcodec/nvdec: Implement mjpeg nvdec hwaccel
2018-02-21 Mark Thompsonvaapi: Add MJPEG decode hwaccel
2018-02-11 Muhammad Faizfate/libavcodec: add codec_desc test
2018-02-09 Aurelien Jacobsaptx: implement the aptX HD bluetooth codec
2018-01-30 James Almeravcodec/Makefile: add missing opus.c dependency to...
2018-01-04 Michael WoottonAdd support for H.264 and HEVC hardware encoding for...
2018-01-01 Rostislav Pehlivanovlavc/Makefile: fix opus_parser dependencies
2017-12-09 Jacob Trimbleavcodec/Makefile: Fix opus parser dependency.
2017-11-28 Mikhail MironovAdd HW H.264 and HEVC encoding for AMD GPUs based on...
2017-11-26 Philip Langdaleavcodec/nvdec: Implement vp8 hwaccel
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonvaapi: Add VP8 decode hwaccel
2017-11-20 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement mpeg4 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-20 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement mpeg1 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-18 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement mpeg2 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-15 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement vc1 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-13 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec: implement vp9 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-12 James Almeravcodec/Makefile: build libxvid_rc.o only if libxvid_en...
2017-11-10 James AlmerMerge commit 'b90fdb2c7199cc8b0e8d994fafba1fb4dc181d88'
2017-11-10 Anton Khirnovh264dec: add a NVDEC hwaccel
2017-11-10 wm4avcodec/cuvid: rename cuvid.c to cuviddec.c
2017-11-10 Aurelien Jacobsaptx: implement the aptX bluetooth codec
2017-11-08 James AlmerMerge commit '2fd6e7d077f590e4d7195356f9baeb271f8b9ae2'
2017-10-30 James AlmerMerge commit 'b5f19f7478492307e4b4763aeac3180faf50e17f'
2017-10-28 Paul B Maholavcodec: add MagicYUV encoder
2017-10-27 James AlmerMerge commit '50a1c66cf6ab7eb683daaa9e2da3869fa3a54609'
2017-10-23 Clément Bœschlavc: drop VDA
2017-10-22 James Almeravcodec: Drop deprecated audio convert API
2017-10-22 James Almeravcodec: Drop deprecated audio resample API
2017-10-17 Mark Thompsonvaapi_h265: Convert to use coded bitstream infrastructure