* Many, many changes to make it work (mostly). Information snagged from
[ffmpeg.git] / libav /
2002-05-09 Philip Gladstone* Many, many changes to make it work (mostly). Informat...
2002-05-02 Juanjo- Changed FOURCC for H263.
2002-04-29 Gert Vervoortmore msmpeg4 fourccs patch by Gert Vervoort <Gert.Vervo...
2002-04-26 Zdenek Kabelac* cleanup
2002-04-15 Juanjo- Versions defined for libav/libavcodec.
2002-04-09 Juanjo- Fixed AC3 decoding for 5:1 AC3 streams. Now when...
2002-04-08 Philip Gladstone* patch by Philip Gladstone
2002-04-08 Zdenek Kabelac* some minor modification by Philip Gladston
2002-04-08 Zdenek Kabelac* more warning cleanups
2002-04-08 Zdenek Kabelac* fixing some warnings
2002-04-08 Zdenek Kabelac* support for .au .gif .mov .mp4 by Fran├žois Revol...
2002-04-08 Zdenek Kabelac* encoding of AC3 with more than 2 channels
2002-04-07 Juanjo- Added force_pts to av_write_packet() to be able to...
2002-04-02 Juanjo- Fix memory leak and others bugs for ppmpipe. Thanks...
2002-03-20 Juanjo- Fix pts calculation on mpeg mux (A/V sync) - Thanks...
2002-03-17 Juanjo- Fixes on MPEG demuxer to handle VOBs without System...
2002-03-16 Juanjo- Bug fix MPEG-2 decoder to handle "repeat_first_field...
2002-03-10 Juanjo- Added MP3 encoding through libmp3lame contributed...
2002-03-01 Juanjo- Fix on AVI and WAV headers based on Nikolai Zhubr...
2002-02-18 Zdenek Kabelac* Also include time.h for nanosleep()
2002-02-12 Michael Niedermayeralternative bitstream writer (disabled by default,...
2001-09-24 Fabrice Bellardchanged audio and video grab interface (simpler now)
2001-09-24 Fabrice Bellardcorrect pcm audio format handling
2001-09-24 Fabrice Bellardchanged av_open_input_file() prototype
2001-09-23 Fabrice Bellardadded pcm formats
2001-09-23 Fabrice Bellardwmv format is asf format
2001-09-16 Fabrice Bellardfixed image number syntax problems
2001-09-16 Fabrice Bellardrestore audio settings - use all the frame buffers...
2001-09-16 Fabrice Bellardimage number handling
2001-09-15 Fabrice Bellardfixed raw read for eof
2001-08-27 JuanjoAdded CODEC_ID_H263P to fourcc tables.
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardwin32 fixes
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardchanged opendivx to mpeg4
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardfixed wav riff tag size
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardadded raw mjpeg
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardadded static
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardadded raw mjpeg format - added jpeg image format
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardchanged jpegenc.c to jpeg.c
2001-08-15 Fabrice Bellardadded jpeg image read/write
2001-08-13 Fabrice Bellardwin32 fixes
2001-08-11 Fabrice Bellardadded PPM read/write support - added pgmyuvpipe format...
2001-08-08 Fabrice Bellardfixed avi RIFF header size
2001-07-30 Fabrice Bellardadded HAVE_AV_CONFIG_H
2001-07-23 Fabrice Bellardadded CONFIG_AC3, CONFIG_MPGLIB, CONFIG_DECODERS and...
2001-07-23 Fabrice Bellardfixed config for direct mplayer build compatibility
2001-07-22 Fabrice Bellardmerge
2001-07-22 Fabrice BellardInitial revision
2001-07-19 Fabrice Bellardremoving old files
2000-12-20 Fabrice BellardInitial revision