avcodec: fix time reporting for DFPWM streams
[ffmpeg.git] / ffbuild /
2022-05-24 Andreas Rheinhardtffbuild/common: Fix CPPFLAGS applied for compiling...
2022-05-10 Andreas Rheinhardtlib*/version: Move library version functions into files...
2022-03-17 Martin StorsjöFix libversion.sh for split version headers, to unbreak...
2022-01-04 Andreas RheinhardtMakefile: Redo duplicating object files in shared builds
2021-12-20 Zhao Zhilibuild: simplify rules for metal
2021-12-18 Aman Karmanibuild: detect Metal.framework and build .metal files
2021-12-15 Shiyou Yinavutil: [loongarch] Add support for loongarch SIMD.
2021-06-22 Timo Rothenpieleravfilter: compress CUDA PTX code if possible
2021-06-18 Martin Storsjöffbuild: Avoid using the --preprocessor argument to...
2021-04-27 Andreas Rheinhardtlibavresample: Remove deprecated library
2021-02-07 Andreas Rheinhardtffbuild/common: Make deletion of templates possible
2020-07-23 Jiaxun Yangffbuild: Refine MIPS handling
2020-03-21 Carl Eugen Hoyoscommon.mak: Also clean Windows debug files.
2019-08-04 Rodger Combsbuild: add support for building CUDA files with clang
2019-03-10 James AlmerMerge commit '7e5bde93a1e7641e1622814dafac0be3f413d79b'
2017-11-12 James AlmerMerge commit '17b6c7efb471e8ff1b8a7271f6531ba1d52bf69c'
2017-11-12 James AlmerMerge commit '7ebe7e8e7a76c0ce302f4f583ef0d14220031214'
2017-11-12 James AlmerMerge commit 'fbf77b5ac37bf2a807d8336450801d7aecf2e359'
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit 'abf1c058d1bd0ed1b820ea5e501a4484756f00b0'
2017-11-06 James AlmerMerge commit '857e26b655a769e5a56bada1a0d9adb44cc176b7'
2017-11-01 James AlmerMerge commit 'f960fd2fb1218d49866d0bf47cbf839233fb9904'
2017-10-12 James Almerbuild: fix builds configured with a suffix
2017-10-11 James AlmerMerge commit '7cb1d9e2dbbe5bf4652be5d78cdd68e956fa3d63'
2017-10-10 James Almerbuild: prevent SDL2 from polluting global cflags and...
2017-09-10 Diego Biurrunbuild: Skip generating .version files when cleaning
2017-06-21 Diego Biurrunbuild: Allow generating dependencies as a side-effect...
2017-06-21 Diego Biurrunbuild: Generalize yasm/nasm-related variable names
2017-05-18 James Almerbuild: remove --enable-raise-major configure option
2017-05-15 Timo Rothenpielerbuild: add support for building .cu files via nvcc
2017-05-05 James Almerlibrary.mak: fix build rules that depend on pgk-config...
2017-05-04 James AlmerMerge commit '92db5083077a8b0f8e1050507671b456fd155125'
2017-05-03 Clément BœschMerge commit '11a9320de54759340531177c9f2b1e31e6112cc2'