configure: fix enable-libopus help string
[ffmpeg.git] / configure
2014-05-15 Tristan Matthewsconfigure: fix enable-libopus help string
2014-05-15 Anton Khirnovlavc: add a native Opus decoder.
2014-05-13 Janne Grunaubuild: handle library dependencies in configure
2014-05-11 Anton Khirnovlavc: Add new VDA hwaccel
2014-05-01 Alessandro Ghedinilavfi: add Bauer stereo-to-binaural audio filter
2014-04-28 Anton Khirnovconfigure: rework dxva in avconv handling
2014-04-28 Hendrik Leppkesavconv: add support for DXVA2 decoding
2014-04-23 Kostya ShishkovOn2 AVC decoder
2014-04-21 Kostya Shishkovfic: use correct IDCT
2014-04-19 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Handle armcc 5.0
2014-04-16 Luca Barbatodrawtext: Add fontconfig support
2014-04-07 Paul B Mahollibtwolame MP2 encoding support
2014-04-06 Janne Grunauaarch64: add armv8 CPU flag
2014-04-04 Peter RossOn2 VP7 decoder
2014-03-31 Jimmy ChristensenOpenEXR decoder
2014-03-31 Derek Buitenhuislibx265: Bump version requirement
2014-03-24 Diego Biurrunbuild: Add config option for CABAC code
2014-03-24 Peter Kreftingconfigure: Remove dcbzl check for e500v1 and e500v2...
2014-03-23 Luca Barbatobuild: h264 parser depends on full h264 decoder
2014-03-23 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Always use -DOPJ_STATIC when checking for...
2014-03-22 Diego Biurrundsputil: Move thirdpel-related bits into their own...
2014-03-19 Diego Biurrunconfigure: ppc: Disable ldbrx instruction by default
2014-03-16 Vittorio Giovarampegvideo: move ff_draw_horiz_band() to mpegutils.c
2014-03-14 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Split some logical blocks off from HAVE_LIST
2014-03-14 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Split some logical blocks off from CONFIG_LIST
2014-03-14 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Group and sort function/struct/type checks
2014-03-13 Diego BiurrunRemove all SPARC architecture optimizations
2014-03-13 Diego Biurrunbuild: Record dependency of eatqi decoder on dsputil
2014-03-13 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Add explicit dsputil dependency to mpegvideoenc
2014-03-13 Diego Biurrunffv1: Drop bogus dependency on dsputil
2014-03-13 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop stray LPC dependency on dsputil
2014-03-13 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop stray MJPEG encoder dependency on dsputil
2014-03-13 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop stray MLP decoder dependency on dsputil
2014-03-13 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop stray PNG decoder dependency on dsputil
2014-03-13 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop stray mpc8 decoder dependency on dsputil
2014-03-12 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Support older version of openjpeg1
2014-03-12 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Group toolchain options together in help...
2014-03-11 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Provide --pkg-config-flags
2014-03-11 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Document --pkg-config option
2014-03-10 Diego Biurrunconfigure: miscellaneous cosmetics
2014-03-10 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Use the right pkgconf file for openjpeg
2014-03-10 Anton KhirnovWork around broken floating point limits on some systems.
2014-03-08 Janne Grunautimer: use mach_absolute_time as high resolution clock...
2014-03-08 Pierre Lejeunebuild: Use pkg-config for openjpeg
2014-03-06 Derek Buitenhuislibx265: Support API version 9
2014-03-06 Diego Biurrunbuild: Let the SVQ3 decoder depend on the H.264 decoder
2014-03-06 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Split x86 SIMD architecture extensions into...
2014-03-05 Reinhard Tartlerconfigure: enable PIC on s390(x)
2014-03-04 Vittorio Giovaravf_frei0r: refactor library loading from env variable
2014-02-28 Anton Khirnovaf_compand: replace strtok_r() with av_get_token()
2014-02-28 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Set the thread type after resolving dependencies
2014-02-28 Diego Biurrunbuild: Let the ffvhuff decoder/encoder depend on the...
2014-02-28 Diego Biurrunbuild: Let the iac decoder depend on the imc decoder
2014-02-28 Diego Biurrunbuild: Let all MJPEG-related decoders depend on the...
2014-02-28 Diego Biurrunbuild: Let AMV decoder depend on the SP5X decoder
2014-02-28 Christophe Gisquetdcadec: simplify decoding of VQ high frequencies
2014-02-26 Anton Khirnovaf_compand: add a dependency on strtok_r
2014-02-25 Anton Khirnovlibavfilter: example audio filtering program
2014-02-24 Derek Buitenhuislibx265: Update API usage
2014-02-23 James Almerx86: add detection for FMA3 instruction set
2014-02-23 James Almerx86: add missing XOP checks and macros
2014-02-23 Janne Grunauconfigure: disable cpunop if the check fails
2014-02-20 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Add usan to the toolchain presets
2014-02-20 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Move cpunop into ARCH_EXT_LIST_X86
2014-02-20 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Move inet_aton check into network function...
2014-02-20 Diego Biurrunbuild: The MPEG-4 video parser depends on h263dsp
2014-02-19 Diego Biurrunthreads: Check w32threads dependencies at the configure...
2014-02-16 Diego BiurrunMove all example programs to doc/examples
2014-02-13 Janne Grunauconfigure: do not link libraries against program-specif...
2014-02-12 Janne Grunauconfigure: avserver does not need $ldl
2014-02-12 Derek BuitenhuisAdd libx265 encoder
2014-02-08 Kostya ShishkovMirillis FIC video decoder
2014-02-08 Janne Grunauconfigure: clang: add -Qunused-arguments to as|ld_flags...
2014-01-25 Janne Grunauconfigure: clang: explicitly state dep file and rule...
2014-01-25 Janne Grunauconfigure: add missing x86 dependency for i686
2014-01-22 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Set default HOSTCFLAGS/HOSTCPPFLAGS after...
2014-01-15 Diego Biurrunbuild: Add separate hidden config option for the intrax...
2014-01-15 Janne Grunauaarch64: add cpuflags support for NEON and VFP
2014-01-14 Janne Grunauaarch64: configure: set arch dependent features
2014-01-13 Robert Krügervf_yadif: Relicense from GPL to LGPL
2014-01-13 Martin Storsjöx86/arm: Add clobber tests to libavresample
2014-01-10 Martin Storsjöarm: Add an option for making sure NEON registers aren...
2014-01-09 Maxim PolijakowskiATRAC3+ decoder
2014-01-06 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Disable networking if winsock2.h is availabl...
2014-01-06 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Update freetype check to follow upstream
2014-01-05 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Support preprocessor macros as header names
2013-12-25 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Explicitly disable w32threads if the test...
2013-12-21 Justin RugglesAdd a libwebp encoder
2013-12-19 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Express atomics/thread deps through the...
2013-12-16 Diego Biurrunbuild: Define __printf__ to __gnu_printf__ on MinGW...
2013-12-14 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Detect Solaris libc in an OpenIndiana/illumo...
2013-12-13 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Reorder pthreads checks
2013-12-13 Luca Barbatoconfigure: Move the bz2 and zlib checks below phtreads
2013-12-13 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Add -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO=1 to CPPFLAGS...
2013-12-13 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Detect newer (>=4.1) versions of MinGW32
2013-12-13 Diego Biurrunbuild: Do not add -g to HOSTCFLAGS
2013-12-11 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Add -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO=1 to CPPFLAGS...
2013-12-10 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Move log2 dependency declaration to a place...
2013-12-09 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Split host and target libc detection
2013-12-09 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Move toolchain dependency declarations to...