MAINTAINERS: Add myself for videotoolbox.c, remove vda* maintainer
[ffmpeg.git] / MAINTAINERS
2016-06-17 Rick KernMAINTAINERS: Add myself for videotoolbox.c, remove...
2016-06-10 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/cuvid: add cuvid decoder
2016-06-10 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERs cleanup (remove myself from things i de...
2016-06-08 Mark ThompsonMAINTAINERS: Add myself as maintainer for VAAPI encoders
2016-06-02 Derek BuitenhuisMAINTAINERS: Remove myself
2016-05-31 Andrey Turkinavcodec/nvenc: split H264/HEVC encoder definitions...
2016-05-18 Kyle Swansonavfilter: add loudnorm
2016-05-03 Thomas Volkertrtpenc: packetizer for VC-2 HQ RTP payload format ...
2016-04-16 Tobias Rappavfilter: add readvitc filter
2016-03-25 Thilo Borgmannlavfi: Add coreimage filter for GPU based image filteri...
2016-03-07 Matthieu Bouronlavc: add h264 mediacodec decoder
2016-03-07 Matthieu Bouronlavc: add JNI support
2016-03-02 Rick Kernlavc: add VideoToolbox H.264 Encoder
2016-02-26 Lou LoganMAINTAINERS: remove myself as a server maintainer
2016-02-22 Muhammad Faizavfilter: add firequalizer filter
2016-02-15 KO Myung-HunMAINTAINERS: add myself as an OS/2 maintainer
2016-02-14 Carl Eugen HoyosMAINTAINERS: Add myself as libutvideo maintainer.
2016-02-12 Derek BuitenhuisMAINTAINERS: Remove myself as libutvideo maintainer
2016-02-11 Rostislav PehlivanovMAINTAINERS: add my name to the parts I'm maintaining
2016-01-06 Derek Buitenhuisavcodec: Remove libstagefright
2015-12-22 erankorMAINTAINERS: add Eran Kornblau for aes_ctr and movenccenc
2015-11-07 Nicolas Georgelavfi: remove astreamsync.
2015-10-25 Ganesh AjjanagaddeMAINTAINERS: add key fingerprint
2015-10-23 Tom ButterworthAdd myself as maintainer for Hap
2015-09-23 Timo Rothenpieleravfilter/vf_chromakey: Add chromakey video filter
2015-09-22 Jean DelvareUpdate my email address
2015-09-09 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: add 2.8, drop 2.2
2015-08-21 Rostislav PehlivanovMAINTAINERS: add myself as an AAC encoder maintainer
2015-08-21 Vesselin BontchevAdd support for Audible AA files
2015-08-19 Lou LoganMAINTAINERS: add myself as a docs maintainer
2015-08-12 Paul B Maholavfilter: add aphasemeter filter
2015-08-04 Philip LangdaleMAINTAINERS: Add myself to vdpau maintainers
2015-08-03 Sebastien Zwickertavcodec: add new Videotoolbox hwaccel.
2015-08-02 Hendrik LeppkesMAINTAINERS: Add myself as maintainer for dxva2 and...
2015-07-31 Paul B MaholMAINTAINERS: update my maintership
2015-07-31 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: Remove myself as leader
2015-07-21 Zhang RuiMAINTAINERS: add myself as a maintainer for async protocol
2015-07-20 Ivan UskovAdding myself as maintainer for qsv*
2015-07-15 Arttu Ylä-OutinenMAINTAINERS: add myself as libkvazaar maintainer
2015-06-16 Christian SulowayMAINTAINERS: add myself as hls encryption maintainer
2015-06-13 Timo Rothenpieleravfilter/vf_colorkey: Add colorkey video filter
2015-06-09 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: add 2.7 n2.8-dev
2015-04-06 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: Add Lou Logan as server admin as he is...
2015-04-03 Lou LoganMAINTAINERS: add Reynaldo as a Twitter maintainer
2015-03-06 Michael NiedermayerAdd 2.6 to maintained releases n2.7-dev
2015-03-06 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: Remove 1.2 from the maintained releases
2015-03-02 Gilles ChanteperdrixMAINTAINERS: add myself as rtpdec_mpa_robust maintainer
2015-02-20 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: Add Oleksij as maintainer for DSS*
2015-02-15 Thomas Volkertavformat/rtpdec: DV depacketizer (RFC 6469)
2015-02-15 Thomas Volkertrtpdec: experimental VP9 depacketizer (draft 0)
2015-02-14 Gilles Chanteperdrixavformat/rtpdec_ac3: add AC3 RTP depacketization (RFC...
2015-01-11 Anshul MaheshwariAdding Closed caption accessories
2014-12-11 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec: Add NVENC encoder
2014-12-04 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: add 2.5
2014-11-25 Benoit Fouetdoc: add entry for APNG demuxer where needed.
2014-11-11 Marvin ScholzMAINTAINERS: Add myself as maintainer for Icecast protocol
2014-09-22 Thomas VolkertAdd missing entry for maintainer of rtpenc_hevc.*
2014-09-22 Deti Flieglavdevice: add decklink input support
2014-09-14 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: Add 2.4 to maintained releases, drop 2.3 n2.5-dev
2014-09-08 Stefano SabatiniMAINTAINERS: add myself as segment maintainer
2014-09-05 Paul B MaholMAINTAINERS: fix typo
2014-09-05 Paul B Maholadd silenceremove filter
2014-09-05 Giorgio VazzanaMAINTAINERS: add myself as lavd/v4l2 maintainer
2014-09-04 skalavfilter/vf_idet: MMX/MMXEXT/SSE2 implementation of...
2014-08-26 ThomasVolkertavformat/rtpdec: support for HEVC/H.265 RTP payload...
2014-08-24 ThomasVolkertAdd support for H.261 RTP payload format (RFC 4587)
2014-08-12 Daniel Oberhoffavfilter: ported lenscorrection filter from frei0r
2014-07-28 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: update list of releases i maintain
2014-07-20 db0companyMAINTAINERS: Add db0 for the website
2014-07-14 Anshul MaheswhwariAdding Maintainer for dvbsubdec
2014-07-13 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: Add ubitux for text subtitles
2014-06-21 Clément Bœschavfilter: add hqx filter (hq2x, hq3x, hq4x)
2014-06-15 Christophe GisquetMAINTAINERS: Add Co maintainer for huffyuv*, rv4*,...
2014-06-14 Timothy GuMAINTAINERS: add my (Timothy Gu's) PGP fingerprint...
2014-06-13 Tim.NicholsonMAINTAINERS: Added Tim Nicholson's key fingerprint
2014-06-11 Timothy GuMAINTAINERS: numerous grammar and discrepancy fixes
2014-06-05 Muhammad Faizavfilter: new multimedia filter avf_showcqt.c
2014-05-31 John Peebleslibavformat: output cues for each subtitle block in...
2014-05-26 Lou LoganMAINTAINERS: add Trac maintainers
2014-05-24 Lou LoganMAINTAINERS: remove myself as website maintainer
2014-05-22 Vignesh Venkatasub... maintainers: adding myself as a maintainer to webm...
2014-05-04 Michael NiedermayerMAINTANERS: update snow/ffv1/nut entries as these are...
2014-05-04 Lukasz MarekMAINTAINERS: add myself as lavd/xv maintainer
2014-05-04 Matt OliverMaintainers: add myself for msvc and icl.
2014-04-22 Derek BuitenhuisMAINTAINERS: Add myself as FIC maintainer
2014-04-11 Thilo BorgmannAdd AVFoundation input device.
2014-04-02 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINER: Add CC for dshow maintainer
2014-04-02 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: add gdi maintainer
2014-03-30 Vadim Kalinskylavd: Add QTKit input device.
2014-03-23 Nicolas Georgelavu: add myself as dynarray.h maintainer.
2014-03-18 Marton BalintMAINTAINERS: add myself az mpegts demuxer maintainer
2014-03-01 Michael Niedermayerupdate for 2.2
2014-02-17 Nicholas RobbinsMAINTAINERS: add myself as vf_dejudder.c maintainer
2014-02-14 Reynaldo H. Verdej... MAINTAINERS: add myself as ffserver maintainer
2014-02-13 Derek BuitenhuisMAINTANERS: Add myself as libx265 maintainer
2014-01-28 Lukasz MarekMAINTAINERS: add myself as opengl_enc.c maintainer
2014-01-22 addr-see-the-websi... avcodec/cinepakenc: fixes and improvements
2014-01-03 Anssi HannulaMAINTAINERS: add myself for spdif* and hls.c
2013-12-29 Maxim PoliakovskiATRAC+ decoder
2013-12-23 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: drop 2.0 from the releases that i maintain