descriptionFFmpeg git repo
last changeMon, 23 Jul 2018 00:58:38 +0000 (02:58 +0200)
3 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravcodec/cdgraphics: Clear first frame only once master
3 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravcodec/tscc: Do not duplicate images
3 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravcodec/tscc: Move reading the side data palette before...
19 hours ago Paul B Maholavcodec/bink: set color range
20 hours ago Paul B Maholavcodec/bink: add 'k' version support
20 hours ago Paul B Maholavformat/bink: move code for skipping unknown fields...
32 hours ago James Almeravcodec/parser: move parsers list and related API to...
36 hours ago Danil Iashchenkodoc/filters: use radius instead of kernel in avgblur
39 hours ago Carl Eugen... lavc/fft_template: Do not define unneded functions...
40 hours ago A. Wilcoxlibavcodec/ppc: Fix HEVC AltiVec routines with --enable...
2 days ago James Almeravcodec/extract_extradata_bsf: make sure a Sequence...
2 days ago James Almeravcodec: bump micro version after previous changes
2 days ago James Almeravformat/movenc: add support for AV1 streams
2 days ago James Almeravformat/mov: add support for AV1 streams
2 days ago James Almeravcodec/libaomenc: export Sequence Header and Metadata...
2 days ago James Almeravcodec/extract_extradata: add support for AV1
4 days ago n3.2.12 FFmpeg 3.2.12 release
4 days ago n3.4.4 FFmpeg 3.4.4 release
4 days ago n4.0.2 FFmpeg 4.0.2 release
5 days ago n3.3.8 FFmpeg 3.3.8 release
6 days ago n2.8.15 FFmpeg 2.8.15 release
13 days ago n3.2.11 FFmpeg 3.2.11 release
2 weeks ago n3.4.3 FFmpeg 3.4.3 release
5 weeks ago n4.0.1 FFmpeg 4.0.1 release
2 months ago n4.1-dev Main development, master branch...
3 months ago n4.0 FFmpeg 4.0 release
3 months ago n3.3.7 FFmpeg 3.3.7 release
4 months ago n3.0.11 FFmpeg 3.0.11 release
5 months ago n2.8.14 FFmpeg 2.8.14 release
5 months ago n3.4.2 FFmpeg 3.4.2 release
6 months ago n3.2.10 FFmpeg 3.2.10 release
6 months ago n3.3.6 FFmpeg 3.3.6 release
3 hours ago master
3 days ago release/4.0
4 days ago release/3.2
4 days ago release/3.4
6 days ago release/3.3
7 days ago release/2.8
3 months ago release/3.1
3 months ago release/3.0
5 months ago release/2.4
23 months ago release/2.7
23 months ago release/2.6
23 months ago release/2.5
2 years ago release/2.0
2 years ago release/2.1
2 years ago release/2.2
2 years ago release/2.3