2009-10-25 Ilkka Ollakkaqt4: use longname to search activated input-item
2009-10-25 Ilkka Ollakkaqt4: rebuild tree on updateTreeItem
2009-10-25 Rémi Denis... XCB-XVideo: no need to detach segment explicitly before...
2009-10-25 Ilkka Ollakkaasx.c: check for </MoreInfo> tag also
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis... Comment.
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis... Remove the old .vlc/vlcrc after parsing
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis... ALSA: simplify and fix thread synchronization
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis... ALSA: vlc_thread_create -> vlc_clone
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis... ALSA: save one mdate() call per (debug) loop
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis... ALSA: allocate PCM status on the stack
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis... XCB window: add missing numpad keys
2009-10-23 Pierre Ynardlua: update the youtube script to the new version of...
2009-10-23 Marian ĎurkovičKill extraneous debug, we don't need the 2-nd and 3...
2009-10-22 Rémi DuraffortFix inverted logic introduced in 048e2d9104c8f6d948400e...
2009-10-21 Jean-Baptiste... libcaca update to beta16
2009-10-21 Jean-Baptiste... SDL and SDL_images updates
2009-10-21 Jean-Baptiste... Freetype update to 2.3.11
2009-10-21 Jean-Baptiste... libpng update to 1.2.40
2009-10-21 Jean-Baptiste... Contrib: libxml 2.7.3 -> 2.7.6
2009-10-21 Jean-Baptiste... Schroedinger update to 1.0.8
2009-10-21 Dylan YudakenFix sorting of plugin scores in the QT plugin dialog.
2009-10-21 Jean-Baptiste... Fix avcodec module build for FRWU.
2009-10-21 Rémi Denis... Blacklist glibc 2.10-2.10.1 for 686
2009-10-21 Marian ĎurkovičAdd .ifo to recognized extensions
2009-10-20 Rémi Denis... vlc_thread_fatal: disable thread cancellation
2009-10-20 Rémi Duraffortmotionblur: fix race condition.
2009-10-20 Rémi DuraffortRevert "video_filter_puzzle: remove unnedeed structure...
2009-10-20 Laurent AimarDo not call decode_URI on constant string.
2009-10-20 Laurent AimarDo not hold change_lock while loading the vout module.
2009-10-20 Pierre Ynardi18n: renamed file (maemo -> hildon)
2009-10-20 Rémi Duraffortremoteosd: remove unneded VLC_COMMON_MEMBERS.
2009-10-20 Rémi Duraffortpuzzle: add some comments.
2009-10-20 Rémi Duraffortpuzzle: draw the blackslot when needed (typo).
2009-10-20 Rémi Duraffortvideo_filter_puzzle: remove unnedeed structure (it...
2009-10-20 Pierre Ynardvod: remove useless include
2009-10-20 Rémi Duraffortgoom: switch to filter_t
2009-10-20 Rémi Duraffortprojectm: switch to filter_t
2009-10-20 Rémi DuraffortPOTFILES: add sftp
2009-10-20 Ilkka Ollakkax264.c: don't leak on getString
2009-10-20 Ilkka Ollakkax264.c: handle X264_BUILD 78 bpyramid change
2009-10-20 Marian Ďurkovičlibmpeg2: Fix aspect ratio calculation according to...
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Maemo: use left button by default for gestures (not...
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Maemo: enable fullscreen by default (good res, but...
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... contrib: libmpeg2 simplistic NEON acceleration for...
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... libmpeg2: enable non-upstream NEON optimizations if...
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Maemo: globalhotkeys wouldn't make much sense
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Maemo: the D-Bus inhibit plugin is not supported
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Revert to 50 Mb FIFO limit on ARM
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Assume liba52 is built as fixed-point if needed
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... linear resampler: use fixed-point as appropriate
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Disable audio time stretch if there is no FPU
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... HAVE_FPU: make constant
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Maemo: Freetype: use Nokia sans-serif bold font
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Maemo: assume UTF-8 codeset
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Add HAVE_MAEMO for N900 tweaks
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... Maemo: rename plugin to Hildon
2009-10-19 Laurent AimarFixed resize quality issue with direct3d vout (especial...
2009-10-19 Laurent AimarMore logical closing sequence (d3d)
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... XCB-XV: avoid slow packed YUV on OMAP adaptors
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... XCB-XV: fix memleak when port grabbing fails
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... XCB-XV: do not clobber video chroma is port grabbing...
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... XCB-XV: remove misleading comment
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis... XCB-XV: remove wrong comment
2009-10-19 Rémi DuraffortUpdate NEWS.
2009-10-19 Rémi Duraffortsftp: forgottent file.
2009-10-19 Rémi DuraffortNew sftp access module.
2009-10-19 Marian Ďurkovičdvdnav: Remove trailing backslash on Win32
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... Fix goofed inconsistent license text from myself.
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... screensaver: convert to inhibit plugin
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... screensaver: remove D-Bus code
2009-10-18 Rafaël Carrélast.fm no longer requires submissions to be local...
2009-10-18 Marian ĎurkovičAllow SSM to be used within QT4 Open Network panel
2009-10-18 Rafaël Carréavcodec encoder: sets last-metadata-block for FLAC...
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... Tie 770 SW scaler to OMAP FB, not to Hildon UI
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... OMAP framebuffer: I420 != Y420
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... ARMv6 JIT scaler requires libm
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... Typo
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... Remove old libosso support
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... OSSO: reimplement Maemo screen unblanking as an inhibit...
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... Grammar
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... POTFILES: hal -> udev
2009-10-18 Rémi Denis... V4L2: shrink PTS delay
2009-10-18 Felix Paul... minor typo
2009-10-18 Sébastien EscudierVLM : Fix a race condition when input event is triggere...
2009-10-18 Alexis Ballierv4l: attempt to fix strict aliasing warnings.
2009-10-17 Jean-Baptiste... Subtitles: small fixes and cosmetics
2009-10-17 Jean-Baptiste... Change a configuration name
2009-10-17 Jean-Baptiste... Subtitles detection: decode before testing the files.
2009-10-17 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: simpleprefs, fix caching combobox
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... HTTPd: stat -> utf8_stat
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... VCD: stat -> utf8_stat
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... OMAP framebuffer: path from config, ASCII path, use...
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... MGA: ASCII path, use utf8_open for close-on-exec
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... Framebuffer: path from VLC config, need utf8_open
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... Dynamic overlay: paths from VLC variables, need utf8_open
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... Dummy decoder: ASCII path, use utf8_open() for close...
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... Framebuffer OSD: path from VLC config, need utf8_open
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... VCD: path from VLC MRL, need utf8_open
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... V4L2: path from VLC, need utf8_open
2009-10-17 Rémi Denis... V4L: path from VLC, need utf8_open()