2009-06-09 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: ref_count should only be accessed in the lock.
2009-06-09 Pierre d'Herbemontmessages: Make sure banks is never == 0 before --;
2009-06-08 Felix Paul... macosx: updated cone in About dialog
2009-06-08 Rémi Denis... XCB screen: capture root window through translation
2009-06-08 Rémi Denis... XCB screen: update geometry as needed
2009-06-08 Rémi Denis... Cosmetics
2009-06-08 Rémi Denis... XCB screen: fix default height/width when x/y specified
2009-06-08 Francois CartegnieUI: simple prefs menu UI fixes and enhancement
2009-06-08 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx gui: fix selection of VIDEO_TS option in Open...
2009-06-08 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: remove unneeded hack.
2009-06-08 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: remove unneeded debug.
2009-06-08 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: code cosmetic.
2009-06-08 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: Fix cdda caching option in MRL generation.
2009-06-07 Felix Paul... contribs: WxWidgets is history
2009-06-07 Rémi Denis... XCB screen: fix error path
2009-06-07 Rémi Denis... XCB screen: do build
2009-06-07 Rémi Denis... XCB screen: some form of pacing
2009-06-07 Rémi Denis... XCB screen & window capture
2009-06-07 Rémi Denis... block_heap_Alloc(): create a block from an existing...
2009-06-07 Felix Paul... fixed package-macosx-plugin in case top_srcdir != top_b...
2009-06-06 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2009-06-06 Laurent AimarFixed a race condition in video filter wrapper.
2009-06-06 Laurent AimarDo not refuse to start when no logo is specified.
2009-06-06 Laurent AimarTemporary workaround for video filter wrapper in qt4...
2009-06-06 Laurent AimarTemporary workaround for video filter wrapper in qt4...
2009-06-06 Laurent AimarConverted wall to "video splitter".
2009-06-06 Laurent AimarConverted clone to "video splitter".
2009-06-06 Laurent AimarImproved video filter wrapper to allow loading "video...
2009-06-06 Laurent AimarAdded a new "video splitter" module type.
2009-06-06 Laurent AimarAdded a missing const to video_format_Copy.
2009-06-06 Rémi Denis... Enable Chorus filter
2009-06-06 Srikanth RajuChorus/Flanger audio filter Based on basic variable...
2009-06-06 Rémi Denis... Qt4: fix handling of IPv6 literal for RTP and UDP
2009-06-06 Yavor DoganovPort to new libmpcdec API
2009-06-05 Pierre Ynardcontribs: compile x264 and live555 as PIC
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarRemoved debug messages.
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarTemporary workaround for video filter wrapper in qt4...
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarConverted logo "video filter" to "video filter2".
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarUsed es_format_IsSimilar when needed.
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarAdded video_format/es_format_IsSimilar helper.
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarAdded amissing const to filter_Blend.
2009-06-05 Derk-Jan Hartmanrc: header inclusion fix
2009-06-05 Derk-Jan HartmanConvert some uses of key-pressed to key-action.
2009-06-05 Derk-Jan HartmanQt4: forward and back were using key-pressed where...
2009-06-05 Derk-Jan HartmanMissing include for vlm_Delete() usage.
2009-06-05 Jean-Paul Samanxulrunner-1.9.1 patch by Dominique Leuenberger <dominiq...
2009-06-05 Jean-Paul Samanfix wording: no --> not
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarRemoved useless date check when using vlc_cond_timedwait.
2009-06-05 Cyril MathéDeinterlace fix in liblc
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarUsed the filter blend helpers in logo.
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarRemoved unused variable (logo).
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarUsed new filter blend helpers in vout_subpictures.
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarAdded blend filter helpers.
2009-06-05 Laurent AimarAdded a const to source picture in blend module.
2009-06-05 Felix Paul... contribs: use http instead of ftp to download the Darwi...
2009-06-05 Rémi Denis... Fix potential infinite loop with multiple vouts (fixes...
2009-06-05 Sébastien Escudierp_vlm destruction fixes
2009-06-05 Erwan TulouQT4 menus : remove previous signal-slot connection...
2009-06-05 Erwan Tulouskins2: correct crashes when using zoom and multiple...
2009-06-05 Malte TancredVLCKit: url support for VLCMedia
2009-06-05 Pierre d'Herbemonttest: Use vlc's msleep. Only portable and working imple...
2009-06-05 Pierre d'Herbemonttest: Spend less time in the media_list_player test.
2009-06-05 Pierre d'HerbemontTest suite start to prove its usefulness. (oops).
2009-06-05 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Make sure we don't attempt to delete the curren...
2009-06-05 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Fix a typo in a memcpy and constify.
2009-06-05 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: pop_listener does not do its job.
2009-06-05 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: cond_wait can wake up without being signaled.
2009-06-04 Derk-Jan Hartmancore vout: Fix snapshots
2009-06-04 Laurent AimarFixed/workaround a segfault with (newer?) swscale version.
2009-06-04 Laurent AimarAdded support for old revision of SCT20 closed caption.
2009-06-04 Laurent AimarTemporary workaround for video filter wrapper in qt4...
2009-06-04 Laurent AimarConvert puzzle to "video filter2".
2009-06-04 Laurent AimarDot not quick select mod demuxer as it is not safe...
2009-06-04 Rémi Denis... preparser: shut threat down when not needed
2009-06-04 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: Fix configurability of some of the hotkeys
2009-06-04 Derk-Jan Hartmancore: fix time-offset and position-offset callbacks
2009-06-04 JP DingerCompile fix for win32 vlc_timer_t: update callback...
2009-06-04 Pierre d'HerbemontDisable non implemented code to get build bot back.
2009-06-04 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Make sure no event will be send after _detach...
2009-06-04 Pierre d'Herbemontrevision: No need for the -n in echo. Choke Darwin.
2009-06-04 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Get rid of the recursive lock.
2009-06-04 Pierre d'Herbemonttimer: Dummy work around for darwin. (dummy stub).
2009-06-03 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: Add icons on open dialog tabs.
2009-06-03 Cyril MathéUpdate test.html file with new features
2009-06-03 Cyril MathéActiveX: Deinterlace JS Binding
2009-06-03 Cyril MathéMoz-Plugin: Deinterlace JS Binding
2009-06-03 Laurent AimarFixed old naming standard splitted rar archive (close...
2009-06-03 Cyril Mathélibvlc API: Add Deinterlace Filter to libvlc in video.c
2009-06-03 Laurent AimarTemporary workaround for video filter wrapper in qt4.
2009-06-03 Derk-Jan HartmanPostproc: Set a description string for the postprocess...
2009-06-03 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacos playlist: fix a deadlock when deleting items.
2009-06-03 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: Fix postprocessing menu item
2009-06-03 Laurent AimarConvert magnify to "video filter2".
2009-06-03 Laurent AimarAdded a wrapper for "video filter2" as a "video filter"
2009-06-03 Laurent AimarAdded mouse support to filter_t and filter_chain_t.
2009-06-03 Rémi Denis... Fall back if this is not a git checkout
2009-06-03 Rémi Denis... fetcher: shut thread down when not needed
2009-06-03 Rémi Denis... fetcher: don't recycle the main condition variable...
2009-06-03 Rémi Denis... Repair libvlc_get_changeset()
2009-06-03 Rémi Denis... Print the changeset with --version