2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... file: Be consistent with the rest of the world. Do...
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... access2_New code factorizaton
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... access2_New really does not need to know about preparsing.
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... Remove useless NULLity checks
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... Preparsing only works with file:// - only try files.
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... Remove access2 non splitted fallback. "://" cannot...
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... Remove misleading dummy "Interrupted system call" error...
2008-03-04 Rémi DuraffortRemove the Rating column from the inteface because...
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... Avoid dummy "unknown option dccp-service" error
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... Fix port release logic in case there are multiple channels.
2008-03-04 Rémi DuraffortFix an issu when sorting with the track number : the...
2008-03-04 Rémi DuraffortLast patch to close #1479 (add a column with the track id)
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... Remove the 1234 default UDP port hack
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... Add const qualifier
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... rtpfmt.c: fix file description
2008-03-04 Rémi Denis... Use ephemeral default ports for RTP, instead of clashin...
2008-03-04 Rafaël Carréfix #1404 (asf demuxer)
2008-03-04 Rafaël CarréFix vlc.exe building (using the right path to the ...
2008-03-04 Rafaël CarréClean qt4 windows "source" package (transition from...
2008-03-04 Rafaël CarréUse --arch=i686 when building ffmpeg for windows
2008-03-04 Jean-Paul SamanCheck malloc return values and small cleanup.
2008-03-04 Olivier Aubertpython bindings: do not link with unecessary libs ...
2008-03-04 Rémi DuraffortFix a little bug in the playlist sorting.
2008-03-04 Olivier Aubertpython bindings: provide useful defaults for linking...
2008-03-04 Rémi DuraffortUse the correct meta data to sort the playlist.
2008-03-04 Pavlov KonstantinWe're on git now, so show Git commit instead of svn...
2008-03-03 Pavlov Konstantintoolbox: check for other files instead of missing ones.
2008-03-03 Pierre d'Herbemontmisc/objects.c:
2008-03-03 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Fix tests.
2008-03-03 Rémi Denis... Remove the unneeded vlc_object_destroy logger hack...
2008-03-03 André WeberEnable the last parameter of the macros change_integer_...
2008-03-03 Rémi DuraffortUse (void) instead of VLC_UNUSED (with pierre agreement)
2008-03-03 Rémi DuraffortRevert "Include vlc_common.h to get VLC_UNUSED()"
2008-03-03 Rémi Denis... Fix a bunch of format string injection in the Real...
2008-03-03 Rémi Denis... Detect division by zero before it happens
2008-03-03 Rémi Denis... Use calloc() instead of malloc() - fixes integer overfl...
2008-03-03 Pierre d'HerbemontInclude vlc_common.h to get VLC_UNUSED()
2008-03-03 Rémi Denis... Remove the old port 80 hack in the network subsystem
2008-03-03 Pierre d'Herbemontnetwork/rootwrap.c: Unused args fix.
2008-03-03 Rémi Denis... Use 443 rather than 80 as the implicit Host: port when...
2008-03-03 Faustino OsunaMake sure there is a new-line at the end of the .gitign...
2008-03-03 Rémi Denis... Revert "Don't test for buggy libintl when NLS is disabled"
2008-03-03 Rémi DuraffortAnother check for malloc.
2008-03-03 Rémi DuraffortCheck only one time the return value of malloc.
2008-03-03 Rémi DuraffortCheck the return value of malloc.
2008-03-03 Rémi DuraffortCheck the return value of malloc.
2008-03-03 Rémi DuraffortRemove unecessary msg_Err according to rem remark.
2008-03-03 Rémi DuraffortCheck the return value of services_discovery_GetService...
2008-03-03 Faustino OsunaAdd more ignores for cmake and Mac OS X build folders.
2008-03-03 Faustino OsunaAdd more ignores.
2008-03-03 Pierre d'Herbemontsrc/input/decoder.c: More unused args fix.
2008-03-03 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrol/media_library.c: Fix more unused args.
2008-03-03 Jean-Baptiste... Win32 doesn't need the MMX patch...
2008-03-03 Pierre d'Herbemontdarwin_specific.c: unused warning fix.
2008-03-03 Pierre d'Herbemonttext/unicode.c: More unused warning fix.
2008-03-03 Pierre d'Herbemontinterface/intf_eject.c: Fix a unused param warning.
2008-03-03 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: Small fix and speedup
2008-03-03 Christophe... Don't test for buggy libintl when NLS is disabled
2008-03-03 Christophe... Don't check for headers. Pkg-config is enough
2008-03-03 Ilkka Ollakkaset i_start_time with AV_TIME_BASE, fixes streaming...
2008-03-02 Pierre d'Herbemontcmake: Add a small info.
2008-03-02 Pierre d'HerbemontMore Id and permission fixes.
2008-03-02 Pavlov KonstantinFix $Id$ (probably)
2008-03-02 Mark MoriartyA few more ignores in contrib.
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Set the DCCP service code(s) from RTP stream output
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Set the DCCP service code properly.
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... pkg-config support to libvlc-control
2008-03-02 André WeberMerge branch 'master' of git@git.videolan.org:vlc
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Ignore all object files, not just vlc.o
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Remove security-policy from config_ChainParse()
2008-03-02 Jean-Paul SamanAgain id weirdness.
2008-03-02 André WeberBugfix for #492: Audio output on Windows useing SPDIF...
2008-03-02 Jean-Paul SamanAdd more files to ignore.
2008-03-02 Jean-Paul SamanRemove useless error messages when allocation of struct...
2008-03-02 Jean-Paul SamanDon't leak memory when filling in p_stream->p_decoder_s...
2008-03-02 Jean-Paul SamanFix building of goom on Linux.
2008-03-02 André WeberRevert "#492 bugfix, for SPDIF audio ouput of AC3 and...
2008-03-02 André Weber#492 bugfix, for SPDIF audio ouput of AC3 and DTS sound...
2008-03-02 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrib/.gitignore: s/.make/.mak/.
2008-03-02 Pierre d'HerbemontSupports $ rewrite via .gitattributes
2008-03-02 Rémi DuraffortAvoid a segfault when services_discovery_GetServicesNam...
2008-03-02 Rémi DuraffortCheck the returned values of malloc.
2008-03-02 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrib: set .gitignore.
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Ignore files create by configure
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Attach the RTP access output grabber object.
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Remove the mmap debugging for now.
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Add the common libtool objects to the global ignore...
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Special case support --sout URL syntax for RTP demux.
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Use a single --sout-rtp-proto string rather than multip...
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Fix (trunk-only) integer underflow in MP4 0xa9xxx box
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Fix integer overflow in MP4 RDRF boxes
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Fix memory leak in case of corrupt MP4 box
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Ignore PO files
2008-03-02 Rémi Denis... Initial .gitignore
2008-03-02 Pierre d'Herbemontmisc/events.c: Removing an comment that does not belong...
2008-03-02 Christophe... use proper error trunk svn-trunk
2008-03-01 Rémi Denis... Simplify.
2008-03-01 Rémi Denis... Fix buffer overflow.
2008-03-01 Rémi Denis... Fix calloc usage
2008-03-01 Rémi Denis... Another malloc check