2009-12-20 Laurent AimarFixed invalid locking order when activating visualization.
2009-12-20 Laurent AimarDo not use vlc_cancel with vlc_cleanup* uses in projectM.
2009-12-20 Laurent AimarWorkaround VLC_TS_INVALID being 0 in avformat demuxer.
2009-12-20 Laurent AimarUsed VLC_TS_INVALID in avformat demuxer.
2009-12-20 Laurent AimarAdded VLC_TS_0.
2009-12-20 Pierre Ynardrtp sout: safer numbering of RTSP tracks
2009-12-20 Jean-Baptiste... NEWS updates
2009-12-20 Jean-Baptiste... Update LIST of modules
2009-12-20 Jean-Baptiste... WinCE was removed
2009-12-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update the ffmpeg configure.
2009-12-20 Jean-Baptiste... VLC 1.1: The Luggage name
2009-12-20 Jean-Baptiste... NEWS about deleted plugins
2009-12-20 Jean-Baptiste... Remove qte and opie modules.
2009-12-20 Felix Paul... osx/framework: added a bit more exception handling
2009-12-20 Felix Paul... osx/framework: extended API to cover titles, fps, playb...
2009-12-20 Pierre Ynardi18n: remove deleted files
2009-12-20 Pierre YnardRemove the WinCE GUI
2009-12-19 Rémi Denis... module_need: clarify b_strict
2009-12-19 Felix Paul... osx/framework: out non-colored debug only
2009-12-19 Felix Paul... configure: added a minimal-macosx item, which will...
2009-12-19 Jean-Philippe... Lua: document function vlc.stream : addfilter
2009-12-19 Jean-Philippe... Lua: vlc.stream has a new function: addfilter
2009-12-19 Jean-Philippe... Stream: Export stream_FilterNew
2009-12-19 Pierre Ynardrtp sout: implement rtptime parameter
2009-12-19 Felix Paul... osx/framework: minor rtp streaming improvement
2009-12-19 Felix Paul... osx/framework: fixed C99ism in previous commit
2009-12-19 Mike Schragload vlc config parameters from an array of strings...
2009-12-19 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed compilation if VLM is not enabled
2009-12-19 Felix Paul... osx/framework: changed configure flags and make it...
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx/framework: Export -[VLCLibrary changeset].
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx/framework: Export libvlc version.
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx/framework: Build vlc with debug symbols.
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx/framework: Assert that we correctly initialized...
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontautomake: Use CONTRIB_DIR instead of manually assuming...
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontconfigure: Remove broken \\\ in Sparkle include.
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontconfigure: Correctly use CONTRIB_DIR here.
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontconfigure: Fallback on hosts/`gcc -dumpmachine` if...
2009-12-18 Pierre d'HerbemontFix make clean.
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrib: Actually use the real prefix during iconv...
2009-12-18 Brian WeaverModified the iconv copy to work with the new hosts...
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx/framework: Don't run bootstrap after building...
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontcontrib: Allow multiple contribs install for multiple...
2009-12-18 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx/framework: Make sure we rebootstrap upon configu...
2009-12-17 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx/framework: Make sure base SDK is set to 10.5.
2009-12-17 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx/framework: Don't pass an empty framework path.
2009-12-17 Pierre d'Herbemontconfig: Use fsync on Snow Leopard.
2009-12-17 David KAdd support for the new Apple Remote introduced in...
2009-12-17 Felix Paul... osx/framework: fixed verbosity setting
2009-12-17 Pierre d'Herbemontmacosx/framework: Include 'vlc' executable in the Frame...
2009-12-17 Pierre d'Herbemontopengl: Fix the vout for Mac OS X.
2009-12-17 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Make sure we remove object observers in media_d...
2009-12-17 Pierre YnardBuild fix
2009-12-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: first proposal for a skinnable fullscreen contr...
2009-12-16 Laurent AimarCompilation fix.
2009-12-16 Laurent AimarRemoved es_format_t::i_aspect.
2009-12-16 Laurent AimarUsed a sar for picture_New/Setup.
2009-12-16 Laurent AimarUsed a sar for video_format_Setup.
2009-12-16 Laurent AimarUsed picture_NewFromFormat when appropriate.
2009-12-16 Laurent AimarUsed picture_NewFromFormat when appropriate.
2009-12-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: fix a bug preventing display in some conditions...
2009-12-16 Pierre Ynardvod: cosmetics
2009-12-16 Pierre Ynardvod: remove unused stuff
2009-12-16 Rémi Denis... Note that embedded video cannot go to fullscreen directly
2009-12-16 Jean-Baptiste... lpcm: abort() is a better solution here
2009-12-16 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: delete QVLCTreeView class and use event filters...
2009-12-16 Jean-Baptiste... TS: change a comment
2009-12-16 Jean-Baptiste... Check asprintf return
2009-12-16 Jean-Baptiste... Ignore cmake files in contrib
2009-12-16 Jean-Baptiste... lpcm: kill a warning
2009-12-16 Jean-Baptiste... Pulse: kill unused variable warnings
2009-12-15 Jean-Baptiste... Phonon: synchronise with KDE HEAD, part 1
2009-12-15 Erwan Tulouskins2(Linux): reactivate mouse on a video window ...
2009-12-15 Erwan Tulouskins2: add a type to windows (TopWindow, VoutWindow...
2009-12-15 Erwan Tulouskins2: new fullscreen implementation (currently intend...
2009-12-15 Rémi Denis... Move vlc_inet_pton, vlc_inet_ntop and vlc_poll to vlc_f...
2009-12-15 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Fix a leak in media_discoverer.
2009-12-15 Rafaël Carrévout_fb: cosmetics, else on the same line than closing }
2009-12-15 Rafaël Carrévout_fb: cosmetics, stick to orig coding style
2009-12-15 Rafaël Carréfix typo spotted by xtophe
2009-12-15 Rafaël Carrévout_fb: restore fb-chroma option
2009-12-15 Rafaël Carréplugins need to define __PLUGIN__ to build properly
2009-12-15 Rafaël Carrévout_fb: only store the pitch in vout_display_sys_t
2009-12-15 Rafaël Carrévout_fb: get pitch from line_length field
2009-12-15 Rafaël CarréDavinci contribs
2009-12-15 Rafaël Carréaccess_avio: cosmetics
2009-12-15 Rafaël Carréaccess_avio: unused variable
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierAdd meta for current track to the status.xml data.
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierFix lua error reported by ConfusedVorlon.
2009-12-14 Antoine Cellerierrepeat is a reserved lua keyword
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierAdd experimental album art support (localhost:8080...
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierFix segfault when closing http interface.
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierFix acl use in http interface. Change default host...
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierAdd osd menu api to lua (DVD menus).
2009-12-14 Pierre YnardFix make dist
2009-12-14 Rémi Denis... Comment typo
2009-12-14 Rémi Denis... Maemo: disable liba52 and libdca
2009-12-14 Rémi Denis... Fix A/52 decoding when liba52 is not present
2009-12-14 Rémi Duraffortlua: update documentation.
2009-12-14 Rémi Denis... Fix NULL dereference with -no-embedded-video (fixes...
2009-12-13 Laurent AimarUpdated vout display modules after ::get -> ::pool...