2009-05-12 Jean-Paul SamanUse pkg-config to detect libraw1394 and libavc1394
2009-05-12 Jean-Paul SamanCleanup whitespace.
2009-05-12 Jean-Paul Samansrc/control/video.c: Replace vlc_object_find with input...
2009-05-12 Jean-Paul Samanmozilla: fix integer types
2009-05-11 basOS GAdded and used text_style_* methods.
2009-05-11 Laurent AimarRemoved dead code.
2009-05-11 Rémi Denis... Merge branch 1.0-bugfix
2009-05-11 Felix GeyerKDE4 screensaver preemption (fixes #2730)
2009-05-11 Rémi Denis... typo
2009-05-11 Rémi Denis... qt4: kill unused askVideoToToggle()
2009-05-11 Rémi Denis... qt4: remove double check of isFullScreen
2009-05-11 Rémi Denis... Merge commit 'origin/1.0-bugfix'
2009-05-10 Niklas HayerPrevented QT4 gui from changing size while maximized...
2009-05-10 Niklas HayerPrevented QT4 gui from changing size while maximized...
2009-05-10 Hugo Beauzee... Changing libvlc_video_take_snapshot prototype
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... Merge branch 1.0-bugfix
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... PDA: useless redefinition
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... PDA: dummy input locking
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... Missing .gitignore
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... Missing .gitignore
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... PDA: broken dead code
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... HTTP: use DIR_SEP(_CHAR)
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... Merge branch 1.0-bugfix
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... XSPF: use make_URI, should fix #2731
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... test cases for make_URI()
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... make_URI: make a URI out of a path, if needed
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... decode_URI: improve documentation, add a return value
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... Remove useless checks
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... Remove static prototypes from header file
2009-05-10 Rémi Denis... Merge branch 1.0-bugfix
2009-05-10 Danny WoodPatch: Fix pulseaudio clicking and latency issues
2009-05-09 Christophe... l10n: Synchronize the files for RC1
2009-05-09 Christophe... Distribute packetize_helper.h
2009-05-09 Pierre Ynardwince: replace getpid by GetCurrentProcessId
2009-05-09 Geoffroy Coupriewince gui: remove wraptext
2009-05-08 Jean-Baptiste... Ensure make dist works correctly.
2009-05-08 Jean-Baptiste... Start of 1.1.0-git.
2009-05-08 Jean-Baptiste... 1.0.0 RC1 1.0.0-rc1
2009-05-08 Jean-Baptiste... NEWS and fix typo in LIST.
2009-05-08 Rémi Denis... XCB/X11: fix crop
2009-05-08 Christophe... qt4: we need qtr() else we have encoding problems
2009-05-08 Rémi Duraffortplaylist_ram: fix memleaks and use "const char*" instea...
2009-05-08 Laurent AimarFixed a race condition with input creation and events.
2009-05-08 Christophe... Add Khmer and Sorani
2009-05-07 Matej Urbančičl10n: Slovenian update
2009-05-07 Sidney Dorial10n: Brazilian Portuguese update
2009-05-07 Otto Kekäläinenl10n: Finnish update
2009-05-07 Khoem Sokheml10n: Initial Khmer translation
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarMoved date_Decrement to libvlc core from dirac.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarAdded icyx as http alias (some icy servers seem to...
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarUsed BLOCK_FLAG_PRIVATE_SHIFT for creating private...
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarReplaced DIRAC_EOS by BLOCK_FLAG_END_OF_SEQUENCE.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarSimplify and fix the block flag test in dirac packetizer.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarTry to workaround serialno change in ogg web radio.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarFixed usage of VLC_TS_INVALID (dirac packetizer).
2009-05-07 David FlynnPacketizer is capable of:
2009-05-07 Rémi Denis... XCB/XVideo: handle scaling, crop and A/R
2009-05-07 Rémi Denis... XCB/X11: handle scaling, crop and A/R
2009-05-07 Rémi Denis... XCB/XVideo: fix images with a planar format but without...
2009-05-07 Rémi Denis... XCB/XVideo: implement pf_control: handle zoom and stay...
2009-05-07 Rémi Denis... XCB/X11: implement pf_control: handle zoom and stay...
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarThe schroedinger decoder does support non packetized...
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarSet BLOCK_FLAG_CORRUPTED when reseting the packetizer.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarNo need to set b_packetized in demuxer using a packetizer.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarDecrease a bit the dirac demuxer (50) to avoid probing...
2009-05-07 David FlynnReads raw dirac streams, feeds into packetizer.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarReset the timestamp state on BLOCK_FLAG_DISCONTINUITY.
2009-05-07 Rémi Denis... Use utf8_rename
2009-05-07 Rémi Denis... Implement utf8_rename
2009-05-07 Rémi Denis... remove -> utf8_unlink
2009-05-07 David Flynncodec/schroedinger: don't reset decoder at corrupt...
2009-05-07 David Flynncodec/schrodinger: don't tag frames with missing pts
2009-05-07 David Flynncodec/schroedinger: fix segfault when schro_decoder_pul...
2009-05-07 David FlynnDisable glibc runtime check if configure passed due...
2009-05-07 Rémi Denis... Remove useless check for machine/soundcard.h
2009-05-07 Joris van Rooijoss: OpenBSD compile fix
2009-05-07 Rémi Denis... We need both priority scheduling and thread priority...
2009-05-07 Joris van RooijOpenBSD compilation fix
2009-05-07 Jean-Baptiste... Added dvh1 fourcc to ffmpeg
2009-05-07 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: preferences, fix Global hotkeys display
2009-05-07 Rémi Duraffortconfig: fix memleak.
2009-05-07 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: fix systrayIcon menu status to show correct tooltip...
2009-05-07 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: correctly implement the Global Hotkey saving.
2009-05-06 Laurent AimarAdded hdv6->8 fourcc to ffmpeg.
2009-05-06 Laurent AimarFixed VP31 in NSV files.
2009-05-06 Jean-Baptiste... Audioscrobbler: activate libre.fm capacity since last...
2009-05-06 Jean-Baptiste... NEWS.
2009-05-06 Laurent AimarFixed typo in avcodec audio.
2009-05-06 Laurent AimarTry to fix compilation with older ffmpeg version.
2009-05-06 Rémi Denis... Add rawaud to the list
2009-05-06 Jarmo TorvinenInitial implementation of Raw audio plugin
2009-05-06 Rémi Denis... Atomically update the cache file
2009-05-06 Rémi Denis... Remove useless parameter
2009-05-06 Rémi Denis... Make the config file lock per process rather than per...
2009-05-06 Rémi Denis... Config lock is pointless while reading/resetting the...
2009-05-06 Rémi Denis... Always take the item lock when reading/writing configur...
2009-05-06 Rémi Denis... Replace the configuration file atomically
2009-05-06 Rémi Denis... Look for fdatasync (OSX seems to lack it)