2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... Avoid NULL for %s
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... libvlc_media_player_get_media: missing lock
2009-07-12 Jean-Baptiste... Oops. Actually synchronise the resolution to 800x640...
2009-07-12 Jean-Baptiste... Increase Visualisation resolution to 800x480 (5/3)
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... config: if read-only, refuse to save the configuration
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... config: Remove temporary file if replacement failed
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... make_URI: handle Windows UNC paths
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... input "time" is a time variable, fix assertion failure
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... ISO-639: add a whole bunch of native language names...
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... SO friendliness
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... Do not decode URI in the name. It borks some types...
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... Treat directory items like file ones for URI->name...
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... Add missing non-file types
2009-07-12 Rémi Denis... GuessType: clean up and speed up
2009-07-11 Christophe... Typos
2009-07-11 Christophe... Use minus and not hyphen in man page
2009-07-11 Laurent AimarFixed seeking in mpeg1 files with libmpeg2 decoder...
2009-07-11 Jean-Baptiste... Correctly distribute shine files.
2009-07-11 Laurent AimarImproved a bit more asf pcr.
2009-07-11 Laurent AimarRemoved a stupid line in asf fixing some audio problems...
2009-07-11 Rémi Denis... Really handle sigwait() errors
2009-07-11 Rémi Denis... Revert "Handle EINTR from sigwait"
2009-07-11 Rémi Denis... Handle EINTR from sigwait
2009-07-11 Alexis Ballierxcb_window: Use sysconf to discover HOST_NAME_MAX.
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste... Use libass from greg's git.
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste... Yet again an issue in libpng.
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste... Bump gnutls to 2.8.1
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste... Speed up Schroedinger compilation
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste... XML version bump to 2.7.3
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste... Vorbis bump to 1.2.3
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste... Faac is NOT compatible with VLC
2009-07-10 Anthony Loiseaudemux/ts: remove redundant test (cosmetic)
2009-07-10 Rémi Duraffortupdate LIST.
2009-07-10 Jason Scheunemannpython bindings: .deb and .rpm packaging files
2009-07-10 Olivier AubertPython bindings: update e-mail address
2009-07-10 Rémi Duraffortmpris.py: fix volume handling (wrong event).
2009-07-10 Rémi DuraffortFix mpris python script: the commands are *Set*(Loop...
2009-07-10 Erwan Tulouskins2: For Linux, correct files that cannot be loaded...
2009-07-10 Rémi DuraffortRemove uneeded VLC_OBJECT().
2009-07-10 Rémi DuraffortRemove unused function.
2009-07-10 Rémi Duraffortplaylist_art: simplify.
2009-07-10 Rémi DuraffortFix make check.
2009-07-10 Sigmund AugdalMake the dbus plugin not sleep unless the event queue...
2009-07-10 Jean-Paul Samanmozilla: introduce new property text
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: v4l2 syntax isn't :v4l2-dev= ...
2009-07-10 JP DingerReplace for() (rand() & 0xff) with vlc_rand_bytes(...
2009-07-10 Pierre Ynardskins: typo
2009-07-09 Pierre Ynardskins: missing include
2009-07-09 Jean-Baptiste... NEWS about projectM
2009-07-09 Jean-Francois... Add .mpc to the file open dialog
2009-07-09 Pierre Ynardskins: typo
2009-07-09 Laurent AimarUpdated the length in rtsp on PLAY request only if...
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... WinCE: volume through playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... Skins: control volume through playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... Qt4: control aout through playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... Wide nCurses: set volume on playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... OSX: set volume on playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... DBus: set volume on playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... Typo
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... Missing #include
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... Remove stub functions
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... Cast for aout_EnableFilter
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... RC: big cleanup
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... LUA: set volume on playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... HTTP: set volume on playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... hotkeys: change volume on playlist rather than interface
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... gestures: change volume on playlist rather than interface
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... aout_VolumeMute -> aout_ToggleMute
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... Code factorization
2009-07-09 Erwan Tulouskins2: on Windows, avoid requiring the main thread...
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis... HTTPS out: handle cert paths from the sout chain, not...
2009-07-09 Rémi Duraffortprojectm: fix typo.
2009-07-09 Geoffroy Coupriefix copyright year
2009-07-09 Geoffroy CouprieWin32: Add support for Vista file associations
2009-07-09 Rémi Duraffortstream_out siwtcher needs avcodec (fix missing symbols).
2009-07-08 Rémi Denis... X11: I don't want random local users accessing my videos!
2009-07-08 Jean-Baptiste... Libogg update to 1.1.4
2009-07-08 Rémi Denis... Spell developer properly
2009-07-08 Jean-Baptiste... Update libvorbis to 1.2.2
2009-07-08 Jean-Baptiste... Contrib: Forgotten file
2009-07-08 Jean-Baptiste... Contrib: fluidsynth on WIN32
2009-07-08 Rémi DuraffortFix compilation of the switcher module.
2009-07-08 Rémi DuraffortFix configure to enable the stream_out_switcher if...
2009-07-08 Rémi DuraffortFix build.
2009-07-08 Rémi DuraffortAdd a visualization module using libprojectM.
2009-07-08 Rémi Duraffortrtmp: add an option to let the user set swfUrl and...
2009-07-08 Kevin DuBoisRTMP handshake compliance for clients
2009-07-08 Rémi DuraffortMove the test about variable (I will clean this later...
2009-07-07 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: avoid a crash with plugins dialog.
2009-07-07 Rémi DuraffortAdd a test for the vlc variables.
2009-07-07 Rémi DuraffortRemove unused define.
2009-07-07 Rémi Duraffortvariables: cosmetics.
2009-07-07 Rémi DuraffortFactorize.
2009-07-07 Rémi DuraffortMakefile: the wx inteface does not exist anymore.
2009-07-07 Rémi DuraffortFix typo.
2009-07-07 Rémi Durafforthttp: limit the number of redirection we can follow.
2009-07-07 Rémi Durafforthttp: remove trailing space.
2009-07-07 Rémi DuraffortFix an infinite loop if we redirect from http to https...
2009-07-07 Rafaël CarréFolder album art : use the correct config option name
2009-07-06 Rafaël Carréfolder meta data retriver: some enhancements