2020-02-21 Rémi Denis... thread: add generic futex-based muteces
2020-02-21 Rémi Denis... thread: use the common vlc_cond_t implementation
2020-02-21 Rémi Denis... win32: simplify vlc_join()
2020-02-21 Francois Cartegniecodec: dav1d: MDCV contains SmDm
2020-02-20 Rémi Denis... FreeBSD: add thread ID and atomic wait functions
2020-02-20 Rémi Denis... threads: add vlc_atomic_timedwait_daytime()
2020-02-20 Rémi Denis... thread: use a linked-list in condition variables
2020-02-20 Rémi Denis... thread: rationalise vlc_atomic_timedwait()
2020-02-20 Rémi Denis... android: remove useless semaphore
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: fix icon misaligned with on some systems
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: make MLFolderSettings instantiable from ml maindisplay
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: use system palette exposed from C++
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqt: expose system color palette from C++ QPalette
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: change cancel behavior in player
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: forward every keys as HotKey when the Player Toolb...
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: ensure album and artist labels don't collide with...
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: show the media title on top of the player view
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: remove negation in Player's boolean variable names
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: display user friendy url in Video detailed informa...
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: set the default focus on the content rather than...
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: provide modal dialogs instantiable from QML
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqt: allow MlFoldersModel to be instantiated from qml
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqt: update the current item in the PlaylistController...
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: refresh elements from ExpandGridView on data update
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: rename ExpandGridView.model to ExpandGridView...
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqt: notify dataChanged when a thumbnail is updated...
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: dynamically sets the labels on the Video miniature
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: provide default modelCount value in NavigableList...
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: move dblClick handler from AudioGridItem to MusicA...
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: directly open the player view when opening a media...
2020-02-20 Pierre Lamotqml: directly launch the video when pressing Ok key...
2020-02-20 Quentin Chateauplayer: fix source point system date on pause
2020-02-20 Alexandre Janniauxcodec: omxil: use switch lut for string conversion
2020-02-20 Alexandre Janniauxcodec: omxil: fix unused variable warnings
2020-02-20 Alexandre Janniauxcompat: lfind: fix warnings
2020-02-20 Alexandre Janniauxlibvlc-modules: remove stray commented attribute
2020-02-20 Quentin Chateaunvdec: fix typo
2020-02-19 Rémi Denis... thread: improve Doxygen
2020-02-18 David Fuhrmannauhal: Add debug message to check what audio device...
2020-02-18 David Fuhrmannauhal: Use encoded audio output if this was stored...
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... decklink: use vlc::threads for global lock
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... upnp: use vlc::threads
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... mkv/dispatcher: use vlc::threads
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... skins: remove useless mutex
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... qt/main: use vlc::threads
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... qt/singleton: use vlc::threads
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... taglib: use vlc::threads
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... thread: make vlc_thread_self() always work
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... win32: inline vlc_thread_self() internally
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... os2: inline vlc_thread_self() locally
2020-02-18 Rémi Denis... android: inline vlc_thread_self() internally
2020-02-18 Thomas Guillemes_out: refactor program deletion
2020-02-18 Thomas Guillemes_out: refactor program search
2020-02-18 Thomas Guillemes_out: refactor and add comment
2020-02-18 Thomas Guillemes_out: rename function
2020-02-18 Thomas Guillemes_out: remove no-op
2020-02-17 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: fix regression with unknown/probed...
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... threads: restore Doxygen on vlc_sem_t
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... Fix Makefile typo
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... vnc: use a semaphore instead of cancellation
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... mms: use semaphore rather than cancellation
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... thread: add vlc_sem_timedwait()
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... thread: remove vlc_sem_destroy()
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... thread: use generic semaphores on all platforms
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... thread: rectify atomic_uint-related assertions
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... thread: rewrite semaphores with an atomic variable
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... posix: add fallback vlc_atomic_* implementation
2020-02-17 Rémi Denis... posix/getaddrinfo: simplify
2020-02-17 Jonas Knöllinput: fix seeking for external subtitles when changing...
2020-02-17 Marvin Scholzopengl: Fix sub renderer shaders for non OpenGL ES
2020-02-16 Rémi Denis... libvlc: use flag instead of cancellation
2020-02-16 Rémi Denis... src: deduplicate Linux sources selection
2020-02-16 Rémi Denis... src: reduce nesting levels of OS-specific sources
2020-02-16 Rémi Denis... getaddrinfo: fix typo
2020-02-14 Steve Lhommedirect3d9: rename the decoder device to "dxva2"
2020-02-14 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: rename the decoder device to "d3d11"
2020-02-14 Steve Lhommenvdec: rename the decoder device to "nvdec"
2020-02-14 Steve Lhommemmal: rename the decoder device to "mmal"
2020-02-14 Steve Lhommelibvlc: rename libvlc_video_direct3d_engine_d3d9
2020-02-14 Steve Lhommelibvlc: rename libvlc_video_direct3d_engine_d3d11
2020-02-14 Steve Lhommetools: meson: don't use "allow-shlib-undefined" with...
2020-02-14 Steve Lhommetools: meson: use the latest 0.53.1 release
2020-02-14 Steve Lhommepackage/win32: build.sh: don't require a wine installat...
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: avoid focus loss when localMenuGroup gets hidden...
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: factorise navigation bindings
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: link to NetworkView when ml is empty
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: factorise medialibrary empty label
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: split the music genre view
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: add title in music genre view
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqt: track count of MusicGenre model was missing
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: handle cancel action using NavigableFocusScope...
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: cancel closes the playlist and restore focus in...
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: reset viewProperties when changing view
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: don't layout the expandGridView before it has...
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: restore the focus on the last artist when navigati...
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: restore the focus on the last video when navigatin...
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: restore the focus on the last album when navigatin...
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: add a helper method to clear the selection in...
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: add a positionViewAtIndex method in ExpandGridView
2020-02-14 Pierre Lamotqml: expose positionViewAtIndex in KeyNavigable{List...