2009-05-01 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: reset record button state when switching to a new...
2009-05-01 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: SPrefs, add a record path configuration option.
2009-05-01 Laurent AimarUsed currentIndexChanged for combo box changes (dvb).
2009-05-01 Laurent AimarFixed MRL update on dvb bandwidth modification.
2009-05-01 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: correctly update the MRL on DVB/Linux
2009-05-01 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: profile Editor, correctly select the Muxer
2009-05-01 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: Warn about Qt version 4.5.0
2009-05-01 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: use dvb://frequency= iso dvb:// :dvb-frequency=
2009-05-01 Anthony LoiseauAdd some options as safe, based on forum.v.o search.
2009-05-01 Anthony LoiseauAdd video-title-* options as safe
2009-05-01 Laurent AimarCosmetic.
2009-05-01 Laurent AimarCheck against invalid i_title_timeout value.
2009-05-01 Laurent AimarCosmetic.
2009-05-01 Laurent AimarAdd most of *-caching options as safe
2009-05-01 Laurent AimarFixed module_need in case a shortcut list was provided.
2009-05-01 Laurent AimarFixed "stats" decoder output format.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarFixed non compatible avcodec flac extradata.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarAllows selecting CC as soon as possible.
2009-04-30 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: Change the UI to allow startime in double.
2009-04-30 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: force positive values for width && height when...
2009-04-30 Sam HocevarAllow :start-time, :stop-time and :run-time arguments...
2009-04-30 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: don't set scale, width & height when empty
2009-04-30 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: Document and assert when needed.
2009-04-30 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: When changing a profile, use it right now.
2009-04-30 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: small UI change for width/height in Sout Profile.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarFixed typo in max pts_delay (60s not 601s)
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarClip pts_delay from access/demux to 60s.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarAssert against broken values in input_clock_Update.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarCheck for broken PCR value in es_out.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarFixed seek reset to avoid sending invalid PCR value...
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarRecognize VC1 for ASF muxing in record.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarFixed VC1 muxing in ASF.
2009-04-30 Laurent Aimar"Header Extension" is mandatory in asf.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarWrite aspect ratio only when defined (asf).
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarDo not dump corrupted blocks in "dump" codec.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarFixed VC1 probe function.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarBe sure to set b_packetized in demux_PacketizerNew.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarEnsure that VC1 I frame always have a sequence header...
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarFixed syntax for VC1 coming from some ASF (packetizer).
2009-04-30 Rémi Duraffortqt4: missing undefs.
2009-04-29 Dylan YudakenIncorrect time-offset type in rc module
2009-04-29 Dylan Yudakenfix qt crop synchronisation
2009-04-29 Rémi Duraffortcolorthres video filter: fix a typo.
2009-04-29 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: relayout the Toolbar Dialog for small screens.
2009-04-28 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: specify the frequencies in kHz in all DVB mode.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarMade sure that packetizer_Header will parse everything...
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarAdded a debug message on first entry point in VC1 packe...
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarAdded and used a packetizer_Header for packetizers.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarMoved and fixed all common code from video packetizers...
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarFixed extra data parsing with some VC1 streams.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarFixed VC1 EOS value.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarFixed asprint checks in mod demuxer.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarFixed coding style in mod demuxer.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarFixed decoder spacing mode selection.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarFixed record DelEs function.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarFixed b_out_pace_control value when using record.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarPrevent a 0 division when invalid frequency step is...
2009-04-28 Pierre YnardContribs: fix installation of live555
2009-04-28 Rémi Duraffortqt4: fix a memleak.
2009-04-28 basos gCLEAN QT4 fix some memory leaks. Reorgazine code
2009-04-28 Rémi Duraffortqt4: fix memleak.
2009-04-28 Rémi Duraffortqt4: typo + untranslated string.
2009-04-28 Nicolas Chauvet... Fix opencv module compilation - missing vlc_vout.h
2009-04-28 Rémi DuraffortFix playlist sort when using the flag "SORT_TITLE_NUMER...
2009-04-28 Rémi DuraffortFix a bug in input_item_GetTitleFbName (fix #2701)
2009-04-28 Éric Lassaugel10n: French update
2009-04-27 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: Show Encoded By in the GUI
2009-04-27 Jean-Baptiste... Mod: reindent.
2009-04-27 Konstanty BialkowskiExtra meta data from mod files
2009-04-27 Dylan YudakenAdd bounds checking to crop
2009-04-27 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: Open dialog, various changes on DVB opening on...
2009-04-27 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: DVB-T and DVB-C should be in Hz on Windows.
2009-04-27 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: get 10 recents items (was 8)
2009-04-27 Rémi Denis... Win32: watch for bugs in vlc_cond_(timed)?wait
2009-04-27 Rémi Denis... Remove dead code (only a buggy getopt could reach this)
2009-04-27 Geoffroy CouprieWin32: generate crashdumps everytime except if a debugg...
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... GnuTLS: add larger SHAs
2009-04-26 Jean-Baptiste... Qt4: FSC: increase the top of it for better grabation.
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... Check xcb-xv version
2009-04-26 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: FSC, don't move if you clicked on a button (and...
2009-04-26 Derk-Jan Hartmanconfigure: fix linking of libvlc on Mac OS X.
2009-04-26 Rémi Duraffortremove unneeded tests.
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... *Ahem*
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... Explicitly add formerly implicit submodule shortcuts
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... Force plugins cache rebuild due to previous commit
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... Submodules do not inherit shortcuts anymore (fix: ...
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... Dummy: vlc is only a valid shortcut for access/demux
2009-04-26 Rémi DuraffortAdd a function to get the Title and fallback to the...
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... module_GetModulesNamesByCapability: (partially) fix...
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... XCB: handle planar YVU (YV12) properly (untested)
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... XCB: allocate UV planes, fallback to HW scaling + SW...
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... XCB: develop picture core initialization
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... XCB: also set RGB masks in video_format_t
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis... Simplify context
2009-04-26 KonstantyAdds a few more types of MOD files
2009-04-26 Laurent AimarA really small optim (art fetcher).
2009-04-26 Laurent AimarComplete input/decoder.c review to use VLC_TS_INVALID.
2009-04-26 Laurent AimarFixed opencv video filter wrapper compilation.
2009-04-26 Ludovic Fauvetinvmem: fix a pts issue causing the output to stays...
2009-04-26 Ludovic FauvetInvmem: fix a crash when allocating pictures memory...