2021-04-22 Romain Vimontqt: playlist: use item title if available master
2021-04-21 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update libarchive to 3.5.1
2021-04-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update dvdnav to 6.1.1
2021-04-20 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update libdvcss to 1.4.3
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqml: Create VideoGroupsDisplay
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqml: Create MediaGroupDisplay
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqml: Create MediaGroupList
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqml/VideoAll: Add support for different models
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqml/VideoListDisplay: Add configuration for the 'mainCr...
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqt/mainui: Add QML group support
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqt/qml_menu_wrapper: Add group support
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqt/mlbasemodel: Add 'getData' function for QModelIndex
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqt: Create MLGroupListModel
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqt: Create MLGroup
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudqt/mlvideomodel: Add support for parented media(s)...
2021-04-20 Benjamin Arnaudmedialibrary: Add comprehensive group support
2021-04-20 Alexandre Janniauxskins2: window_manager: remove trailing lines
2021-04-20 Alexandre Janniauxskins2: window_manager: use std::unique_ptr
2021-04-20 Alexandre Janniauxskins2: window_manager: use C++ for: loops
2021-04-20 Romain Vimontvideo_filter: opengl: fix error handling
2021-04-20 Romain Vimontopengl: do not overwrite output size
2021-04-20 Romain Vimontopengl: determine shader version dynamically
2021-04-20 Romain Vimontopengl: fix missing flag initialization
2021-04-20 Alexandre Janniauxkms: fix use-after-free on device string
2021-04-20 Alexandre Janniauxconfigure.ac: simplify bitstream package check
2021-04-20 Alexandre Janniauxconfigure.ac: simplify GBM package check
2021-04-20 Alexandre JanniauxVLCOpenGLES2VideoView: use dedicated CFRunLoop mode
2021-04-20 Alexandre JanniauxVLCOpenGLES2VideoView: enforce initial frame size
2021-04-20 Alexandre JanniauxVLCVideoUIView: signal initial size during the opening
2021-04-20 Alexandre JanniauxVLCVideoUIView: report event in another thread
2021-04-19 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: change commands factory ownership
2021-04-19 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: fix possible bogus huge buffer level
2021-04-19 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: remove left indirect returns since...
2021-04-18 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: update dvdread to 6.1.2
2021-04-18 Jean-Baptiste... NEWS: update from 3.0.x branch
2021-04-18 Brad Smiththread: Have vlc_GetCPUCount make use of _SC_NPROCESSOR...
2021-04-16 Benjamin Arnaudmedialibrary: Fix and update the playlist 'Convert...
2021-04-16 Prince Guptaqml: use cached shadows in GridItem
2021-04-16 Prince Guptaqml: allow delegating cover background in GridItem
2021-04-16 Prince Guptaqml: implement GridShadow widget
2021-04-16 Prince Guptaqml: implement ShadowCoverGenerator
2021-04-16 Prince Guptaqml: remove unnecessary components from GridItem
2021-04-16 Fatih Uzunogluqt: fix controlbar profile model unique name generation
2021-04-16 Fatih Uzunogluqml: fix reference error in language menu control
2021-04-16 Fatih Uzunogluqml: fix qml error in ButtonsLayout
2021-04-16 Fatih Uzunogluqml: fix qml error in PlaylistListView
2021-04-16 Fatih Uzunogluqml: fix qml errors in OverlayMenu
2021-04-16 Fatih Uzunogluqml: fix binding loop detected warning in PlaylistDelegate
2021-04-16 Fatih Uzunogluqml: fix binding loop detected warning in PlaylistToolbar
2021-04-15 Alexandre Janniauxinhibit: add UIKit-based inhibiter
2021-04-15 Alexandre Janniauxavcodec: encoder: fix comment location
2021-04-15 Alexandre Janniauxtest: Makefile.am: compile vlccoreios for tvOS
2021-04-15 Alexandre Janniauxtest: iosvlc: disable pinchRecognizer on tvOS
2021-04-14 Thomas Guilleminput: rename vlc_input_event_times variables
2021-04-14 Thomas Guillemcdda: fix format-truncation warning
2021-04-14 Thomas Guillemcore: add --clock-master long description
2021-04-13 Pierre Ynardrist: add missing translations
2021-04-13 Pierre Ynardpo: add missing dav1d.c
2021-04-12 Alexandre Janniauxvideo_output: fix comment and move do_snapshot
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: add plane filtering to mock filter
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: add support for planes filtering
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: make direct sampler support multi-texture
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: add support for plane samplers
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: expose texture sizes in sampler
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: extract shader extensions
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: extract sampler and texture lookup names
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: replace multi-variables by arrays in GLSL
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: factorize sampler creation
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: use main shader for direct samplers
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: init fragment shader without interop
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: init swizzle without interop
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontopengl: explicit texture scaling computation
2021-04-12 Alexandre Janniauxblock: double the possible allocation size
2021-04-12 Benjamin Arnaudqt/mlplaylistmedia: Add the 'm_thumbnailStatus' initialize
2021-04-12 Benjamin Arnaudqml/PlaylistMediaList: Remove the 'onItemDoubleClicked...
2021-04-12 Benjamin Arnaudqml/PlaylistMediaDisplay: Remove deprecated '_actionAtI...
2021-04-12 Benjamin Arnaudqml/PlaylistMediaList: Update '_actionAtIndex' implemen...
2021-04-12 Benjamin Arnaudqt/mlplaylistmodel: Add the 'thumbnailUpdated' function
2021-04-12 Benjamin Arnaudqml/TableViewDelegate: Syntax cleanup
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontqt: improve volume slider control
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontqt: fix volume slider control
2021-04-12 Romain Vimontqt: improve right-click volume control
2021-04-12 Prince Guptaqml: fix foreground color handling in TabButtonExt
2021-04-12 Prince Guptaqml: draw background from Player for resume dialog
2021-04-12 Prince Guptaqml: correctly align CSD decorations in ResumeDialog
2021-04-12 Thomas Guillemcore: use "auto" as the default clock-master source
2021-04-12 Thomas Guillemcore: add the "auto" clock source
2021-04-12 Thomas Guillemcore: add the "input" clock source
2021-04-12 Thomas Guillemes_out: constify p_master_clock
2021-04-12 Thomas Guillemes_out: change clocks allocation order
2021-04-12 Thomas Guilleminput_clock: add the ability to drive the main_clock
2021-04-12 Thomas Guillemes_out: refactor clock_source cat selection
2021-04-12 Thomas Guillemcore: change the "--clock-master" type to string
2021-04-12 Mark Leelibvlc: fix title count conditional for chapter descrip...
2021-04-08 Tristan Matthewscontrib: rav1e: update to v0.4.1
2021-04-08 Alaric Senatinput: add url parsing of `input-slave` option
2021-04-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: delegate chunk source creation to...
2021-04-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: always create chunk with range
2021-04-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: add getter for chunk type
2021-04-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptive: add inheritable wrapper deleter