Add Khmer and Sorani
[vlc.git] / src / libvlc-module.c
2009-05-08 Christophe MutricyAdd Khmer and Sorani
2009-05-01 Anthony LoiseauAdd video-title-* options as safe
2009-05-01 Laurent AimarCosmetic.
2009-04-30 Sam HocevarAllow :start-time, :stop-time and :run-time arguments...
2009-04-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontThread-safe and more compact hotkeys initialization
2009-04-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix --vout-event value descriptions
2009-04-14 Rémi Denis-Courmontvout-event used to be called x11-event
2009-04-06 Rémi Denis-CourmontMissing comma (fixes #2634)
2009-03-26 Pavlov KonstantinAlso define KEY_AUDIODEVICE_CYCLE on OSX.
2009-03-25 Kaarlo Raihafix audiodevice cycle hotkey
2009-03-22 Laurent AimarMake meta-* option safe.
2009-03-19 Christophe MutricyMerge the l10n from 0.9-bugfix
2009-02-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfNew hotkeys for normal speed(=), faster(]) and slower([)
2009-02-25 Laurent AimarAdded hotkeys for fine playback rate control.
2009-02-18 Laurent AimarAdded a "key-rate-normal" to reset input playback rate...
2009-02-02 Jean-Baptiste KempfVout: Small rewording
2009-02-02 Joseph TulouCore implementation of --[no]-autoscale and --scale...
2009-01-31 Christophe Mutricyi18n: Don't translate language names
2009-01-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove trailing semi-colons
2009-01-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontCosmetic
2009-01-26 Jean-Baptiste KempfDon't change enum orders.
2009-01-26 Joseph TulouEnabling scaling activation/deactivation
2009-01-24 Laurent AimarAllow to select fast seeking with --input-fast-seeking.
2008-12-09 Laurent AimarRemove access-filter support.
2008-12-09 Laurent AimarAdded files/declarations for stream_filter module.
2008-11-17 Laurent AimarAdded timeshift options (input-timeshift-granularity...
2008-11-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfPatch to enable/disable key and mouse handling at vout...
2008-11-11 Laurent AimarRemoved stream immediate.
2008-10-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove most stray semi-colons in module descriptions
2008-10-22 Jean-Baptiste KempfDefine next frame to 'e' hotkey.
2008-10-22 Laurent AimarAdded hotkey code for input "frame-next".
2008-10-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfRevert "Try to not confuse between Dolby Surround ...
2008-10-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfRevert "Mark "force-dolby-surround" as deprecated"
2008-10-17 Christophe MutricyMark "force-dolby-surround" as deprecated
2008-10-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfTry to not confuse between Dolby Surround (2.1) and...
2008-10-08 Laurent AimarObsoleted minimize-threads option.
2008-10-08 Laurent AimarObsolete auto-adjust-pts-delay.
2008-09-22 Antoine CellerierRemove change_unsafe() no-op.
2008-09-13 Antoine CellerierActivate 2 more one instance mode optins with DBus
2008-09-12 Jean-Baptiste KempfChange the default hotkeys to avoid conflicts.
2008-09-11 Rémi Denis-CourmontSAP announce: rewrite, use one thread per SAP group...
2008-09-06 Christophe MutricyFix silly [8666615cc]
2008-09-05 Christophe Mutricydon't use the same shortcut as --list
2008-09-03 Laurent AimarDo not set sout-keep by default.
2008-09-02 Antoine CellerierIn fact it's the module name (as in MODULE_NAME on...
2008-09-02 Antoine CellerierAlso allow filtering based on module names.
2008-09-01 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Add a --verbose-objects option to select which...
2008-09-01 Antoine CellerierAccept partial matches with -p <module name> (aka ...
2008-08-28 Pavlov KonstantinSpelling: mili -> milli.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarAdded recording on the fly through sout.
2008-08-26 Laurent AimarAdded record support at the stream_t level in core.
2008-08-25 Laurent AimarAdded new audio-time-strech option to insert scaletempo...
2008-08-25 Felix Paul KühneMinor spelling mistakes pointed by P.K2
2008-08-24 Antoine CellerierFix segfault on 64 bit archs. (0 != NULL)
2008-08-23 Christophe Mutricyl10n: New Bulgarian translation by Ivo Ivanov
2008-08-21 Antoine CellerierAdd help string for vout-filter option.
2008-08-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix typo. Close #1865
2008-08-07 Christophe MutricyActivates Punjabi translation
2008-08-01 Pierre d'Herbemontinput: Expose input_ItemHasErrorWhenReading.
2008-07-31 Jean-Baptiste KempfRemove unneeded space.
2008-07-31 Rémi DuraffortFix commit.
2008-07-31 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlccore: fix AUTO_ADJUST_PTS_DELAY short comment.
2008-07-16 Felix Paul KühneFixed l10n msg
2008-07-16 Felix Paul KühneWe agreed not to put sentences aka dots in non-longtext...
2008-07-06 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: --use-stream-immediate and --auto-adjust-pts...
2008-07-06 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: --full-help now displays an exhaustive help.
2008-07-06 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Fix video-title-position values.
2008-07-06 Pierre d'HerbemontRevert "libvlc: Add a --verbose-objects option to selec...
2008-07-06 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Fix --reset-config help message.
2008-07-06 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Add a --verbose-objects option to select which...
2008-07-06 Felix Paul Kühnel10n string fixes
2008-07-05 Laurent AimarWhitlist a bunch of safe options that could be usefull...
2008-07-05 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Typo.
2008-07-05 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Fix --auto-adjust-pts-delay help text.
2008-07-03 Rémi Denis-CourmontOups
2008-07-03 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix hide interface default shortcut
2008-06-25 Rémi Denis-CourmontRevert "Disable embedded window by default"
2008-06-20 Rémi Denis-CourmontDisable embedded window by default
2008-06-12 Felix Paul KühneAssigned cmd-R to 'Open Capture Device'
2008-06-09 Christophe MutricyUpdate and activate portuguese l10n. Thanks to Bruno...
2008-06-05 Pierre d'Herbemontinput: Add --auto-adjust-pts-delay, this allows to...
2008-06-05 Pierre d'Herbemontstream: Add a new method for buffering access: A*Immedi...
2008-06-02 Christophe MutricySerbian l10n by Marko Uskokovic and Gorana Milicevic...
2008-06-02 Rafaël CarréRemove support DBus & HAL APIs
2008-05-31 Rémi Denis-Courmontlibvlc: use vlc_common.h (libvlccore) instead of vlc...
2008-05-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontA lot of missing const in options lists
2008-05-08 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc_modules_macros.h -> vlc_plugin.h
2008-04-30 Rémi Denis-Courmont--mono does noes exist. Comment out the text for it.
2008-04-23 Rafaël Carrémeta-data handling cleanup
2008-04-22 Rafaël Carréplaylist-tree has only 2 meaningful values now
2008-04-14 Pierre d'Herbemontaccess: Rename access2 to access as access is no longer...
2008-04-14 Pierre d'Herbemontdemux: Rename demux2 to demux as demux is no longer...
2008-04-14 Pierre d'HerbemontReplace vlc_bool_t by bool, VLC_TRUE by true and VLC_FA...
2008-04-02 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Add a --ignore-config options that allow not...
2008-04-02 Antoine CellerierRemove stupid default 320x200 snapshot size. It now...
2008-03-28 Pierre d'Herbemontmodule: Use PATH_SEP instead of ':'.
2008-03-28 Pierre d'Herbemontmodule: Allow multiple paths in --plugin-path (Separate...
2008-03-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove excess initializers
2008-03-27 DylanAdd Hotkey to cycle through audio devices
2008-03-23 Felix Paul Kühneupdated the list of shortcuts not to be used on Mac...