Add vlc_GetActionId().
[vlc.git] / share /
2009-12-27 Antoine CellerierAdd vlc_GetActionId().
2009-12-27 Antoine CellerierDon't print welcome message if it's empty.
2009-12-27 Antoine CellerierImplement menu command. Disable eval command unless...
2009-12-27 Antoine CellerierSimplify lua http's custom.lua. Print any errors while...
2009-12-27 Antoine CellerierPrevent errors if item name is nil (I wonder why that...
2009-12-27 Erwan Tulouskins: update skins dtd (new loop parameter)
2009-12-21 Antoine CellerierBump a few copyright dates.
2009-12-21 Antoine CellerierAdd new common.volume(). Understands use of strings...
2009-12-21 Antoine CellerierCleanup playlist status.
2009-12-19 Jean-Philippe AndréLua: document function : addfilter
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierAdd meta for current track to the status.xml data.
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierFix lua error reported by ConfusedVorlon.
2009-12-14 Antoine Cellerierrepeat is a reserved lua keyword
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierAdd experimental album art support (localhost:8080...
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierFix segfault when closing http interface.
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierFix acl use in http interface. Change default host...
2009-12-14 Antoine CellerierAdd osd menu api to lua (DVD menus).
2009-12-14 Rémi Duraffortlua: update documentation.
2009-12-06 Mindaugas BaranauskasAdd Lithuanian translation to .desktop
2009-11-28 Geoffroy CouprieWin32: add some metadata to vlc.exe
2009-11-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontConvert "rate" variable to float everywhere
2009-11-20 Rémi Duraffortlua: also add some statistics.
2009-11-13 Rémi Duraffortluarc: oups.
2009-11-13 Rémi Duraffortluarc: implement stats command.
2009-11-13 Rémi Duraffortluarc: add frame by frame support.
2009-11-11 Jean-Philippe AndréLua: fix typo in rc.lua
2009-11-07 Jean-Philippe AndreLua RC interface: Fix info command
2009-11-03 Konstantin PavlovLUA playlist: add support for pinkbike videos.
2009-10-23 Pierre Ynardlua: update the youtube script to the new version of...
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis-CourmontMaemo: rename plugin to Hildon
2009-10-17 Ilkka Ollakkakatsomo.lua: add code to handle both treeId and progId...
2009-10-15 Ilkka Ollakkaadd katsomo.lua to makefile
2009-10-15 Ilkka Ollakkakatsomo.lua: remove debug
2009-10-15 Ilkka Ollakkaadd lua-script for urls
2009-10-06 Ilkka Ollakkaappletrailers.lua add the forgotten vlc lua edition
2009-10-06 Ilkka Ollakkaappleplaylist.lua: fix apple trailers again, change...
2009-10-06 Ilkka Ollakkaappletrailers.lua: trailers come from www nowdays
2009-09-25 Antoine CellerierRockbox FM radio presets parser script
2009-08-31 Jean-Baptiste KempfRemoval of gnome_main, gnome2_main, gtk_main, gtk2_main...
2009-08-19 Konstantin Pavlovshare/ distribute newly added lua playlist...
2009-08-19 Konstantin PavlovLUA mpora parser: fix copyright year.
2009-08-19 Konstantin PavlovLUA playlist scripts: add support for Vimeo URL parsing.
2009-08-19 Konstantin PavlovLUA playlist scripts: ddd support for MPORA URL parsing.
2009-07-28 Christophe MutricyFix distribution in share/
2009-07-21 Fabio RitrovatoDailymotion: fix double encoding in video description
2009-07-21 Fabio RitrovatoDailymotion: fix for other domains and description...
2009-07-06 Rémi Denis-CourmontDo not remove static data files when cleaning - fix...
2009-07-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove buggy rule, fix distcheck
2009-07-05 Rémi Denis-Courmontdist_ makes no sense inside automake conditionals
2009-06-22 Erwan Tulouskins2(SubX): correct a typo ("notdvd.isActive" =>...
2009-06-19 Martin PöhlmannNew default skin: SubX
2009-06-15 Vicente Jimenez... Removed references to the old HTTP interface removed...
2009-06-12 Derk-Jan Hartmanhttp: Removing the old http interface.
2009-06-12 JP DingerA simplistic parser for the new and improved anevia...
2009-05-29 Rafaël CarréFix xspf reading/writing
2009-04-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontCannot read from probe, not from peek
2009-04-14 Geoffroy CouprieAdd Koreus Lua playlist file
2009-04-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontTypo
2009-03-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontReally XML encode the playlist and status contents
2009-03-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse xml_encode instead of htmlspecialchars
2009-03-10 Jean-Paul Samanshare: ignore these files
2009-03-07 Jean-Paul Samantypo
2009-03-01 Laurent AimarCUE lua demuxer.
2009-02-20 Jean-Paul Samanlua playlist: add playlist parser for Anevia Toucan...
2009-02-17 Jean-Paul Samanmozilla: Recreate toolbar pixels to a smaller size.
2009-02-01 Daniel DreibrodtSkins2: change DTD to add possibility to store ID for...
2009-01-31 Vicente Jimenez... Removed link to old subdirectory not present in lua...
2009-01-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontSupport for tweaking package-part of install path
2009-01-26 Jean-Paul SamanRemove osdmenu configurations minimal and dvd pictures.
2009-01-19 Antoine CellerierUse config chain in lua intf module.
2009-01-19 Antoine CellerierSimplify.
2009-01-19 Antoine CellerierQuit after printing message in dummy lua intf
2009-01-19 Antoine CellerierImplement "@name var val" style commands in rc.lua...
2009-01-19 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove VLC_OBJECT_ENCODER
2009-01-19 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove VLC_OBJECT_OSDMENU
2009-01-19 Ilkka Ollakkalua: fix cornercase on musicbrainz-lua script.
2009-01-19 Rémi Denis-CourmontLUA: update object types list
2009-01-18 Antoine CellerierMisc fixes.
2009-01-17 Antoine CellerierImplement option usage/parsing in rc.lua.
2009-01-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontLUA: remove misc.signal() - this API does not make...
2009-01-04 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: add a new vlc.ico that supports Vista and Seven...
2008-12-06 Jean-Philippe AndreLua: youtube in HQ (when used with &fmt=18)
2008-12-01 Vicente Jimenez... Typo in README.txt file about Lua interface
2008-11-13 Antoine LejeuneA new GUI for Maemo based on Hildon framework
2008-11-11 Dominique LeuenbergerAdd support for iPLayer URLs (LUA Script)
2008-10-16 Scott LyonsProvide more item meta data to HTTP RPN.
2008-09-27 Dominique LeuenbergerSyntax error: missing closing bracket
2008-09-14 Sveinung KvilhaugsvikRegister that VLC can open flv files (on UNIX)
2008-09-12 Antoine CellerierOops.
2008-09-12 Antoine CellerierSimplify and fix some lua scripts.
2008-09-10 Antoine CellerierOops. (shouldn't change anything except remove a few...
2008-09-10 Antoine CellerierReimplement MB module in Lua.
2008-09-10 Antoine CellerierAdd new functions to Lua API.
2008-09-04 Antoine CellerierOops.
2008-09-04 Antoine CellerierFix google video playlist script.
2008-08-31 Antoine CellerierInclude all the lua README.txt files in DIST and fix...
2008-08-31 Antoine CellerierClarify user specific lua script path on linux.
2008-08-31 Christophe MutricyInstall scripts correctly.
2008-08-28 Pavlov KonstantinSpelling: mili -> milli.
2008-08-24 Vicente Jimenez... Added extension information to browse.xml