Mosaic wizard: audio stuff was missing
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2006-03-29 Christophe Mutricytypo
2006-03-24 Antoine CellerierAdd hide/show vlm helper button. Original idea by Alber...
2006-03-22 Antoine CellerierSlightly better IE and Firefox compatible version of...
2006-03-20 Antoine Celleriermosaic wizard: change layout & make VLM command batch...
2006-03-20 Antoine Cellerier* add "fake:" input
2006-03-19 Antoine CellerierA bunch of hacks to fix bugs on IE.
2006-03-19 Antoine CellerierFix typo
2006-03-18 Antoine CellerierAdd some comments and 'fix' display if the mosaic's...
2006-03-18 Antoine CellerierSpelling fix
2006-03-18 Antoine Cellerieradd some help and feedback
2006-03-18 Antoine CellerierCode the mosaic wizard
2006-03-18 Antoine CellerierHTTP interface: Display estimated item time when available.
2006-03-18 Antoine CellerierAdd services discovery handling in http interface.
2006-03-17 Antoine CellerierAdd small "close/hide" buttons on some of the dialogs
2006-03-17 Jean-Paul SamanRevert revision 14781 the sort button was already there.
2006-03-17 Jean-Paul SamanApply missing sort button to http interface. This was...
2006-03-17 Antoine CellerierHTTP interface playlist sort commands based on patch...
2006-03-15 Antoine Cellerierchange "" to "VideoLAN website"
2006-02-11 Antoine CellerierAdd some "title"s for image buttons.
2006-01-31 Antoine Celleriermisc IE and windows fixes or workarounds.
2006-01-31 Antoine Cellerierdefault show full sout interface
2006-01-30 Antoine Cellerier* Add "Stream and media info panel" ( http/dialogs...
2006-01-29 Antoine Celleriermain, functions.js, slider_*.png : add position slider
2006-01-27 Antoine Cellerier * : it's now possible to enter a batch of commands...
2006-01-23 Antoine Cellerier dialogs/vlm, js/vlm.js : add schedule support
2006-01-22 Christophe Mutricy.hosts: Provide a template .hosts.
2006-01-22 Antoine Cellerier all: handle VLM broadcast and vod elements.
2006-01-22 Antoine Cellerierbegining of a VLM interface and some code organisations...