Add a desktop mode to the Direct3d video output. This allow displaying video on a...
[vlc.git] / modules / gui /
2009-07-25 Adrien MagloAdd a desktop mode to the Direct3d video output. This...
2009-07-25 Ilkka OllakkaQT4: only scroll playlist to new item when it changes
2009-07-24 Rémi DuraffortUse var_TriggerCallback instead of var_SetVoid (the...
2009-07-24 Rémi Duraffortskins2: fix "control reaches end of non-void function...
2009-07-24 Jean-Paul Samanminimal_macosx: cleanup
2009-07-24 Rémi DuraffortUse VLC_VAR_CLASS when applicable.
2009-07-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix crash in customize toolbar dialog.
2009-07-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfUse native dialog for saving VLM files.
2009-07-24 Rémi Duraffortncurses: factorize (no need to use a macro here).
2009-07-23 Erwan Tulouskins2: cosmetics (for better reading)
2009-07-23 Jean-Baptiste KempfUse Brackets for global headers.
2009-07-23 Jean-Baptiste KempfIncludes corrections
2009-07-23 Rémi Duraffortfactorize.
2009-07-23 Rémi DuraffortFix previous commit about drag&drop.
2009-07-23 Besnard Jean-BaptisteQt : Add PLAYLIST_PREPARSE flag to drag&dropped items
2009-07-22 Besnard Jean-BaptisteQt : Fix the way playlist columns are saved
2009-07-22 Besnard Jean-BaptisteQt : Keep preparsed items synced in playlist
2009-07-21 Rémi DuraffortQt: add some missing const.
2009-07-20 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: forward-port [d0fbd04ce361f9dbc16d44dae09c168db...
2009-07-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: remove button duplicated in Classic style.
2009-07-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfCopyright correction.
2009-07-19 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: customize dialogs, fix a misswrite with the last...
2009-07-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Simple preference: update layout for updatesDays
2009-07-18 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Various updates on the simple preferences.
2009-07-18 Erwan Tulouskins2: correct skins failing to display a video passed...
2009-07-17 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: exporting with mp4a is no longer supported...
2009-07-17 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: let's have a large messages cache. It's not...
2009-07-17 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: sync option strings with 1.0-bugfix
2009-07-17 Erwan Tulouqt4: correct typo (xspf and not xpsf)
2009-07-16 Anthony Loiseaucosmetic: remove nullity test on free() and delete
2009-07-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix opening of VIDEO_TS folders from main menu
2009-07-16 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: implemented on-the-fly activation of the Media...
2009-07-16 Rémi DuraffortMissing file.
2009-07-16 Rémi DuraffortThat's safe to delete NULL.
2009-07-16 Rémi Duraffortqt4: use references to const QString.
2009-07-15 Rémi DuraffortFix dead assignement.
2009-07-13 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: FSC opacity control between 0.1 and 1.0
2009-07-10 Erwan Tulouskins2: For Linux, correct files that cannot be loaded...
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: v4l2 syntax isn't :v4l2-dev= ...
2009-07-10 Pierre Ynardskins: typo
2009-07-09 Pierre Ynardskins: missing include
2009-07-09 Pierre Ynardskins: typo
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis-CourmontWinCE: volume through playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis-CourmontSkins: control volume through playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4: control aout through playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis-CourmontWide nCurses: set volume on playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis-CourmontOSX: set volume on playlist
2009-07-09 Rémi Denis-Courmontaout_VolumeMute -> aout_ToggleMute
2009-07-09 Erwan Tulouskins2: on Windows, avoid requiring the main thread...
2009-07-09 Geoffroy Coupriefix copyright year
2009-07-09 Geoffroy CouprieWin32: Add support for Vista file associations
2009-07-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: avoid a crash with plugins dialog.
2009-07-06 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix albumart on Win32.
2009-07-04 Rémi Denis-CourmontOSX: adapt to error dialog changes (untested)
2009-07-04 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4: adapt to error changes
2009-07-02 Rémi Denis-CourmontRevert "qt4 - Make errors dialog Application Modal."
2009-07-02 Rémi DuraffortFix encoding when looking for subtitles (missing qfu).
2009-07-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: plugins dialog as a toggle one.
2009-07-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Close #2906
2009-06-30 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Remove some connect errors.
2009-06-28 Erwan Tulouskins2(Windows): fix sporadic vlc hangings at termination
2009-06-28 Erwan Tulouskins2(windows): correct playback not started automatic...
2009-06-28 Erwan Tulouskins2(Windows): add a command to start the first playl...
2009-06-28 Erwan Tulouskins2: remove unneeded code (already inherited from...
2009-06-28 Erwan Tulouskins2: add missing var_DelCallback
2009-06-27 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: fixed video output
2009-06-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix format security warnings (fixes: #2857)
2009-06-26 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: Don't try to guess a name anymore. This is...
2009-06-26 Jean-Paul Samanqt4: v4l2 input no longer support audio capture. Use...
2009-06-26 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: Fix file:// in the open panel
2009-06-26 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: implemented options to disable Apple Remote...
2009-06-26 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: fixed compilation warning
2009-06-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: make open dialog modal.
2009-06-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix remaining remeber-folder bug.
2009-06-24 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: Ignore attachment:// in Art uri for now.
2009-06-24 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: Just use openWithURL, instead of uri->path
2009-06-23 Erwan Tulouskins2: solve crashes due to releasing variables at...
2009-06-22 Erwan Tulouskins2: ensure the new SubX default skins doesn't crash...
2009-06-22 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: memleak due to unneeded strdup()
2009-06-22 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: NSScreen(VLCAdditions) does not leak.
2009-06-22 Derk-Jan HartmanRevert "macosx: NSScreen dealloc is not only called...
2009-06-22 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: NSScreen dealloc is not only called at end...
2009-06-22 Rémi DuraffortSimplification.
2009-06-22 Rémi Duraffortpodcast: save configuration when adding/removing podcas...
2009-06-21 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: use the native dialog for Save Playlist
2009-06-21 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: reinventing the wheel is always a good solution.
2009-06-21 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: be sure to use everywhere the saved path.
2009-06-19 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: store the filedialog path in Qt setings, instead...
2009-06-19 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: first step to fix directory remembering.
2009-06-19 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: cosmetics and comments.
2009-06-19 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: correct right click selection.
2009-06-18 Barry WardellRemove unused variables.
2009-06-18 Francois Cartegniemove pointer to .rodata
2009-06-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4: fullscreen controller should stay on top
2009-06-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: change_safe added by error (previous commit)
2009-06-16 Erwan Tulouskins2: add config_SaveConfigFile to retain changes...
2009-06-15 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: disable the font-selector button in case quartz...
2009-06-15 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: re-enable AppleRemote support for 64bit builds
2009-06-15 Jean-Paul Samanmacosx: remove unused Objc memory pool
2009-06-15 Jean-Paul Samanmacosx: Do not load resources when the VLC interface...