Avoid using msg_* when running out of memory.
[vlc.git] / modules / gui / maemo / maemo.c
2009-05-29 Rémi DuraffortAvoid using msg_* when running out of memory.
2009-03-04 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove invalid VOUT_REPARENT uses
2009-02-16 Laurent AimarRenamed playlist "playlist-current" to "item-current".
2009-02-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontVOUT_CLOSE is unsafe and pointless. Do not use it.
2009-01-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontSegregate vout window types
2009-01-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontCleanup vout window handle typedef
2009-01-17 Rémi Denis-CourmontAvoid using i_object_type
2008-12-09 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix vout window capability name
2008-11-13 Antoine LejeuneA new GUI for Maemo based on Hildon framework