Fix a segfault (buffer overflow for win32 only).
[vlc.git] / modules / demux /
2009-06-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontXSPF: remove harmful base decoding
2009-06-23 Rafaël CarréAssume input_item_t->psz_uri contains an URI
2009-06-22 Rafaël CarréCloses #2875 : relative paths in xspf playlists
2009-06-22 JP DingerCosmetics in live555: Factor out duplicate code, avoid...
2009-06-22 Rémi DuraffortSplit the test for user/passwd and the test for the...
2009-06-22 Rémi DuraffortFix the previsous commit: if the user or the password...
2009-06-22 Rémi DuraffortThese header files are global and not local.
2009-06-22 Rémi DuraffortCleaning.
2009-06-22 Rémi DuraffortRemove duplicate code.
2009-06-22 Rémi DuraffortFIx a segfault: we need both user and password to be...
2009-06-21 Rémi DuraffortDead initialization.
2009-06-19 Rémi DuraffortNever print the password in the logs.
2009-06-18 Laurent AimarWorkaround buggy flv files (#2590).
2009-06-18 Laurent AimarDo not ask the user if we should build the avi index...
2009-06-17 Derk-Jan Hartmanavformat: better seperation between time and byte seek...
2009-06-16 David Flynndemux/dirac: don't send a chained set of blocks to...
2009-06-15 Rémi DuraffortUse add_password instead of add_string when applicable.
2009-06-13 Laurent AimarUse TrueHD codec in TS instead of MLP.
2009-06-13 Laurent AimarAdded .thd extension and force TrueHD decoder in raw...
2009-06-11 Ben Hutchingslive555: Discard truncated DV frames
2009-06-09 Laurent AimarFinished avi correction about disabled tracks.
2009-06-09 Derk-Jan Hartmanavi demux: don't disable tracks when they end.
2009-06-06 Yavor DoganovPort to new libmpcdec API
2009-06-01 Derk-Jan Hartmanmkv: Restore the priority of the mkv module
2009-06-01 Derk-Jan Hartmanvobsub: strdup memleak (stream_Add copies the format)
2009-05-29 Rafaël CarréFix xspf reading/writing
2009-05-28 Rémi DuraffortBe consistent with module naming.
2009-05-28 Rémi DuraffortProprifications, fix some issues and factorize.
2009-05-27 JP DingerWIN32: compile fix in playlist.
2009-05-26 Rémi DuraffortSimplification (and use only the needed memory).
2009-05-26 Rémi Duraffortwpl/zpl: really compile the modules and fixe some issues.
2009-05-26 suheavenAdd support for wpl zpl playlist
2009-05-26 Rémi Duraffortmkv: use DIR_SEP_CHAR when applicable.
2009-05-24 Ben Hutchingslive555: handle DV over RTSP
2009-05-24 Ben Hutchingslive555: handle buffer resize error cases
2009-05-20 Rémi DuraffortCreate a function to free the memory allocated when...
2009-05-20 Rémi Denis-CourmontMerge branch 1.0-bugfix
2009-05-18 JP DingerCosmetics.
2009-05-18 JP DingerRemove an extra base64 decode implementation and use...
2009-05-17 Rémi Denis-Courmontrawaud: default FOURCC with local rather than low endianess
2009-05-17 Rémi Denis-CourmontAvoid ?: GCC-ism
2009-05-16 Laurent AimarReplaced vout_InitPicture/Format with their equivalent.
2009-05-15 Laurent AimarUsed vlc_fourcc_GetCodecFromString where applicable.
2009-05-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfCopyright Update and cosmetic
2009-05-14 Laurent AimarAdded missing vobsub.h
2009-05-14 Laurent AimarAdded vobsub.h to
2009-05-14 John Stebbinsvobsub idx parsing in matroska tracks
2009-05-13 Laurent AimarUsed VLC_CODEC_* and i_original_fourcc when applicable.
2009-05-13 Laurent AimarUsed VLC_CODEC_* and vlc_fourcc_GetCodec when suitable.
2009-05-13 Laurent AimarUse vlc_fourcc_* helpers in avi demuxer.
2009-05-08 Rémi Duraffortplaylist_ram: fix memleaks and use "const char*" instea...
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarTry to workaround serialno change in ogg web radio.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarSet BLOCK_FLAG_CORRUPTED when reseting the packetizer.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarNo need to set b_packetized in demuxer using a packetizer.
2009-05-07 Laurent AimarDecrease a bit the dirac demuxer (50) to avoid probing...
2009-05-07 David FlynnReads raw dirac streams, feeds into packetizer.
2009-05-06 Laurent AimarFixed VP31 in NSV files.
2009-05-06 Jarmo TorvinenInitial implementation of Raw audio plugin
2009-05-05 Jean-Paul Samanlive555: Mark --rtsp-{http,mcast} as safe.
2009-05-05 Jean-Paul Samanlive555: Mark --rtsp-tcp as safe.
2009-05-05 Jean-Paul Samanlive555: Fix #2676 show proper time when pausing iso...
2009-05-03 Laurent AimarFixed PCR origin in ogg.
2009-05-01 Laurent AimarAdd most of *-caching options as safe
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarAllows selecting CC as soon as possible.
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarFixed seek reset to avoid sending invalid PCR value...
2009-04-30 Laurent AimarFixed VC1 probe function.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarFixed asprint checks in mod demuxer.
2009-04-28 Laurent AimarFixed coding style in mod demuxer.
2009-04-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfMod: reindent.
2009-04-27 Konstanty BialkowskiExtra meta data from mod files
2009-04-26 Rémi Denis-CourmontExplicitly add formerly implicit submodule shortcuts
2009-04-26 KonstantyAdds a few more types of MOD files
2009-04-22 Laurent AimarFixed cmov error handling avoid a later NULL pointer...
2009-04-21 Rémi Denis-Courmont(p?)gettext -> vlc_\1gettext
2009-04-20 Laurent AimarEnabled again timeout for win32 in live555.
2009-04-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfNSV: use VP30 instead of VP31.
2009-04-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfSupport for VP50 and Speex in NSV.
2009-04-20 Rémi Denis-CourmontMKV wants to include libintl.h
2009-04-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontTranslate meta data category properly
2009-04-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontDon't call gettext for stuff that's not translated
2009-04-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse gettext() as per gettext standard for non-constant...
2009-04-15 Laurent AimarDisable timeout usage under WIN32 with live555.
2009-04-15 Laurent AimarFixed TCP rollover.
2009-04-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfMKV: fix support of MLP tracks in MKV.
2009-04-14 Derk-Jan Hartmanavi: detect DivX XSUB subtitles.
2009-04-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontAvoid POSIX-deprecated asctime_r()
2009-04-13 Laurent AimarImproved a52 in wav detection robustness.
2009-04-13 Laurent AimarAdded support for buggy SubRip files that use dot inste...
2009-04-12 Laurent AimarAlways use swab.
2009-04-10 Derk-Jan Hartmanmkv: remove unmatche #endif introduced [b870bc9ddf45f01...
2009-04-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontMove remaining replacement to static import library
2009-04-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse stack array rather than alloca
2009-04-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove useless check for time.h
2009-04-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove useless (very partially used) check for errno.h
2009-04-09 Laurent AimarImproved wav multichannel support.
2009-04-08 Laurent AimarFixed integer overflow in avi index creation.
2009-04-08 Felix Paul Kühneavi: set title instead of message. This looks better...
2009-04-05 Rémi Denis-Courmontps: fix division by zero when seeking (fixes #2633)
2009-04-04 Rémi Duraffortram demux: fix potential crash and use EMPTY_STR.
2009-04-02 Laurent AimarProtect against unsupported/invalid wav speaker mask.