* ./debian/rules: moved the gtk_main and gnome_main plugins to the gvlc
[vlc.git] / modules / audio_mixer / trivial.c
2002-09-28 Christophe Massiot* Several stability patches for multiple input streams...
2002-09-20 Christophe Massiot* Fixed miscellaneous cosmetic issues with lpcm and...
2002-08-21 Christophe MassiotBig round of fixes in the aout3.
2002-08-19 Christophe Massiot* ./configure: Fixed double detection of gethostbyname.
2002-08-12 Christophe Massiot* Fixed a variable overflow bug in the audio output.
2002-08-11 Christophe Massiot* S/PDIF output should now be working (untested, though).
2002-08-08 Sam Hocevar * ./modules/audio_output/oss.c: compilation fixes.
2002-08-07 Christophe MassiotAudio output 3. Expect major breakages.